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Classic Pornstars Hardcore (magazine) models and adult film performers that started their career in 1995 or before.

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Always Lindsay Honey when he was 'acting' & even when he directed Rock & Roll Ransom in the early 80's it was under this name. He & Linzi are also given credit, as associate or executive producers, under their real names on the films Buttman did in the UK. They got the girls for him & he used their house for a lot of the scenes. As far as I can tell he began using the Steve Perry alias when he directed 'Anal Manor' for Private in 1993 and has used it ever since as his directing alias.
Apparently he was driving Buttman to London airport after he's just filmed 'Bouncing British Babes' and he suggested to Lindsay that he should do similar type Gonzo productions with an English slant. He took his name from the Buttman 'Bend Over' series & the rest, as they say, is history.
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Default Re: Linzi Drew

Linzi in national outfits.*

I'm looking for CLUB Internationl models and images. I like models with short hair and I also like body stockings and hats.

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Default Re: Linzi Drew

The last pic has Marie Harper.

Enjoy.* ;D
I'm looking for CLUB Internationl models and images. I like models with short hair and I also like body stockings and hats.
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Default Re: Linzi Drew

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Default Re: Linzi Drew

Just came across these few pics for the fans...

Posting in the Forum is like making love to a beautiful woman....first you have to have a good look, get a feel of things, pick the right spot, then slip one in. is your friend.

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Default Re: Linzi Drew

* * * *LINZI DREW, one of the sexiest and most photographed models in the world, writes exclusively in Club International...

* * * * * *I’ve often wondered what makes you randy lot pick up a hitch-hiker — is it for the company, do you feel sorry for them, or is it that plunging neckline, high heels and those tight, tight denim shorts? Well, I
suppose you would only stop if they were dressed like that; and it wasn’t a geezer! I used to travel a lot that way, usually dressed very provocatively, showing plenty of leg, titties and thumbs stuck well out. These days the only hitchin’ I do is confined to saucy photos. And I’m wearing less!
A few months ago, I was photographed for an album cover entitled* * "The Pros and Cons of Hitch-hiking."

* * * * It featured a very sexy full-length back shot of naughty, naked Linzi hitch-hiking, wearing only a backpack and red high-heeled shoes. Life-size posters were plastered all over London, and I was always greatly amused to read all the various graffiti that seemed to be added to them every day. Randy guys drew* huge cocks between my open legs, and frustrated feminists stuck ‘This Is Degrading To Women’ stickers all over my ass!
* * * *It caused quite a lot of controversy in the Press, yet nobody knew who the model was.* * It was sort of a surrealistic fantasy shot that didn’t reveal my face at all, just my heavenly body (the photographer’s words, not mine!).* * It’s funny though; those few days’ modelling brought back all my hitching memories.
* * * *From about the tender age of 18, took to the highways and byways of Britain. Most weekends I would set off with a girlfriend or two, hopefully in search of a leary weekend. I was always attracted by the bright lights of London, so this was a favourite trip of mine, and I met some really interesting people along the M4!

Meaty Girlfriend
* * * *Even when I was just on a night out in Bristol, I never bothered with cabs:* *it was always a case of sticking my titties and thumbs well out!* * * I never really ran into much hassle, although I rarely hitchhiked alone.* *I had a very big, meaty girlfriend who seemed to frighten all the nasties off! We travelled in all sorts of style —from Rolls-Royces to Ford Anglias, cement lorries to ambulances — up and down the* motorways of England and Wales.
* * * *I met a smashing guy from Leicester on the hard shoulder of the M5. Some loony driver had dropped myself and my meaty mate Tracy off there after a horrendous journey in his old banger. He kept bragging to us how his wonderful car could do a ton, but by the time he reached 60mph, I wanted out! So we got out, and were left stranded on the hard shoulder, which of course is illegal (naughty 01’ me!).

* * * * *Anyway, as good luck would have it, along came my knight in shining armour, a good-looking blond guy, driving a silver Rolls-Royce, who looked just like a pop star. He wasn’t, but what the hell, who was being fussy at a time like that!
* * * * We were on our way to Birmingham to see a band play, but we ended up in Leicester, where Linzi did a little playing with hunky Peter, the Roller driver.
* * * Anyway, back to the hard shoulder. ‘Hop in, girls’ invited Peter, so in we hopped. I sat up front as usual, as Tracy had an annoying habit of falling asLeep, leaving me to entertain the driver with polite conversation.
* * * * But this time, the conversation took on a very suggestive theme. Every time he touched his gear stick, his hand brushed against my thigh. This was especially noticeable as he was driving an automatic!

* * * I judged him to be about 28, and as I was still under 20 this made him an OLDER man! Whatever next?
* * * *When we went into his house in Leicester, the presumptious bastard slipped straight into something cooler — well, a towelling dressing gown.* * *But I soon got rid of that (and my skimpy clothes as well). Tracy had woken up to make her sleepy entrance into the house and then promptly snuggled up on the couch to continue her snooze.* * * Very exciting, eh? Still, it left the coast clear for me. ‘cos I certainly wasn’t into threesomes at that age. Peter was just about all I could manage!
* * * * We had a wonderful fuck on the rug in front of a roaring gas fire, while Tracy was still out for the count. I went off to shower and Peter followed me in, his cock still sticking out like a flagpole. I knelt down and sucked at it hard, as the hot water beat down on my face and his warm, sticky come spurted all over me.
All dried and cosy. we clambered into his big bed and I snuggled up to him, and began to do a Tracy — but Peter wasn’t
finished yet.* *

* * * * I could feel the tip of his warm cock rubbing me from behind as I drifted off to sleep. I must have been asleep for just a few minutes when I awoke to feel his rampant cock penetrating my wet pussy lips. I’m sure everybody loves those gentle sleepy fucks and I think that was probably a first for me as I didn’t stay out all night very often.
* * * * * *I just lay there helplessly as Peter pounded his hard shaft into me for what seemed like hours before his hot spunk mixed with my own come. Then I cuddled up and drifted off to sleep, his cock still, tightly inside me.

Ever Persistent
* * * * *It was daylight when I woke, and the ever-persistent Peter was pumping his ever-rigid cock into me yet again:* * I wondered if he had ever stopped?* * *Not that I was complaining. mind you; I’d never had it so good! After he had come yet again, he went down on me and sucked and licked my pussy until I began to shudder uncontrollably - my shouts were so loud, they even woke Tracy up!
* * * * *She came and got into bed with me, while Peter the Poke showed off some of his other talents and made us a slap-up breakfast. Another shower, yet another fuck and Tracy and I set off for Birmingham. I could hardly walk; that I can remember very clearly!
I don’t know about Peter. We left him to his own devices, but I’m sure he must have been* shagged out too. Mind you, Birmingham wasn’t half as much fun as Leicester, where I sampled the delights of Peter’s five-star bed and breakfast!

* * * * Another bunk-up I had while hitch-hiking was with a long-distance lorry driver.* * *He had all the facilities right there in his cab: two made-up bunk beds (one for me and him, and one for Tracy). She was underneath!* * Funny place to spend a night, in a lorry park at Heston services.* *Come to think of it, I
haven’t had a bunk-up in a bunk for a long while!
* * * * * * * Mind you, I turned the tables and picked up a hitch-hiker myself a few weeks ago when I was driving to Devon to be photographed for a calendar.* * *Its a long boring motorway drive of over 200 miles, so when I spied this cute-looking student-type holding his ‘Exeter please’ sign, I pulled over and picked him up.
* * * * *He was indeed a student. I judged him to be a little younger than me, maybe 21 or 22. Goodness me — first an older man and now I’m cradle-snatching!* * *Not that I had actually seduced him or anything, but I was working on it. Time was flying by as we sped along the M4 and then joined* the* M5.

Naughty Activities
* * * * It was nearly lunchtime as we reached the services near Exeter, so we stopped for a cuppa, and a kiss and a cuddle. As you’ve gathered we were, by this time, getting along very nicely.
* * * * * * * Unfortunately, I had to. be in Cheriton Bishop by three o’clock to start flashing my titties for my calendar shots, which left me with very little time for naughty activities. Of course, I’ve never been averse to the old quickie — but where? It was too bloody nippy to disappear into a field, and we’d have to find one that didn’t havestrange animals wandering around.

* * * * * Thank heavens for the hatchback car! I had recently changed my sports car for a Metro Turbo, complete with a wonderful amount of space (once the back seats were down). It was just right for having a romp, although I had* yet to try it out!

Erotic Student
* * * * * *We set off in search of a lonely spot, which we found en route to a village called Top-sham. I parked up, and my erotic student, whose name was Andy (naturally nicknamed Randy Andy) dragged me over the front seat into the back.
It was all very feverish. We didn’t bother to undress, just tore at each others clothing to reveal the interesting bits. He had a short, fat cock, which grew rapidly between my fingers as I grabbed at it and began to wank it up and down. I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth, so I manoeuvred myself into a 69 position. It was a major operation, but well worth the effort. His quick darting tongue worked wonders, and in no time I was coming like crazy.
* * * * *He whisked me around and began to fuck me. I lay flat while he straddled me, pushing his fat cock deep inside my twitchng pussy. As we both began to come together, poor Randy Andy kept hitting his head on the car roof. I’m not sure if hiscries were from ecstasy or pain from all that head-banging! But I certainly enjoyed our quickie.

* * * * *Even so, it was a good job my calendar photographs were all front shots, as I had a few grazes in the small of my back as a telling reminder,* *Wonder if Randy Andy had a headache?
* * * * * *Apart from my hitch-hiking escapades, I’ve been fairly busy this month on various modelling assignments. Last week I was working on the Cannon and Ball show, dressed as an air hostess in a slapstick comedy sketch, revealing as much cleavage as is
allowed on London Weekend Television. Yesterday I was dressed only in a nightie, frolicking with Little and Large in a prison cell! You never really know what their names are referring to, do you?
* * * * * Talking of nighties, I was recently modelling for an
underwear catalogue called Scintillation, where, apart from dressing up in numerous baby doll nighties, I also modelled some great novelty gear. One little outfit I was particularly struck on was a three fig-leaf costume, sold as Eve.
Well, I had been invited to a fancy dress party just after that assignment and I thought my three fig leaves might just cause a scintillating sensation. It did, and I found a gorgeous
Adam who carried me off to have his wicked way with me in his jungle den (well, his flat in Peckham!). Mind you, he did have leopard skin sheets on his bed, and he beat his chest when he was ejaculating! I think he got it all a bit mixed up with Tarzan, but who cares?
Well fellas — gotta fly now; keep hard at it, and don’t forget to write in and tell me all about it’ I’ve had some wonderful letters from you leary lot, and* we’ll be publishing them every month in Club along with my column, so do keep a look out for yours if you’ve written in.
* * *Hope you all have a happy New Year and stick to your New Year’s resolutions. If you make any really dirty ones, do keep me informed.
* * * * By the way, to start the New Year with a bang, Club’s Big Boss, Paul Raymond, will be opening his new spectacular, Razzle Dazzle Burlesque Show* at the fabulous La Vie en Rose, and little 01’ me will be topping the bill for a while.
* * *So why not take a break and come along and watch me tantalize you with a little sexy undressing? Hope to see you there! Until next time, be good.

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Default Re: Linzi Drew

scanned from dreaming lips 2

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