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Classic Pornstars Hardcore (magazine) models and adult film performers that started their career in 1995 or before.

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Default Tiny Tove - Information and History

The following post is the 'TinyTove.txt' that was available from HornyRob a couple years ago. It is split up over a couple of posts:

From: (Dirty-Dan)
Subject: Ping All: CJ's Original Post outing Rob and Tove
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 04:28:49 GMT

C.J's original posting from Summer 2000 when he put the
clues together. Posted in

As many of you know, CJ has been doing a lot of digging here and there
for information about Anna. He has been finding a lot of information
about other stars as well -- much of which he has decided is not
appropriate material for release here since it is off topic and these
stars have private lives of their own.

One of these stars is Tove who is on-topic here, but who is a
respected private citizen now and CJ's not going any further with he
research in that direction -- he knows too much now as it is.
However, he found some interesting information about how she got
started in the business and with who. This information has been
gathered from many places.

To bring this story to you in person, Heeeeeeeeere's CJ.

[CJ enters stage left to thunderous applause]
[Stands on his star and takes a bow, thanking the massive audience]

Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you.

I just flew in from Pittsburgh, and boy are my arms tired. [bada

Welcome super-sleuths to this gripping episode of "Name that Star".

Let's get right to work. Man your lap-tops with their cellular
modems. Let's start by doing a quick but thorough browse through this
little known web site dead link removed

Done? Did you also note that there was information above Tove's on
Anna and there was a message in Tove's section from Pidde that had
information about Anna's movie shoots in Stockholm? This info
predates our discoveries here and would have helped a long time ago in
our search for the AR videos.

So, that gets me to thinking about who it is that was mentioned on
this site with whom Tove started in the movie business. Have you ever
had that feeling that there was something right under your nose but
you couldn't quite put your finger on it. Not there yet? OK, let's
keep nosing around to see what more we can find.

So, let's continue with the oldest known appearances of Tove. Tuffy
could help on this one. From a post of his, I have the following:

>Tove's films by date (last updated: 1999-12-10 by TUFFY)
>1. Little Sexy Eva 1979
>2. Lolita Climax 1979
>3. Film Orgy 1979
>4. Lolita Orgasm 1979
>5. Teenage Orgy 1979
>6. Teenage Tricks 1979
>7. Teach My Sister 1980
>8. Always Prepared 1980
>9. Young Flesh 1980
>10. Young Thai Tourist 1980
>11. Educating Tina 1980
>12. Birthday Surprise 1981
>13. Piss Service 1981
>14. Doctor Feelgood 1982
>#1 is on EuroTeens video.
>#6 - 14 are on different Color Climax videos.
>I haven't any info about #5.

Wow. I don't have clips of more than four of these and stills from a
couple more. Very fertile ground with which to start hunting for
clues, though. So, for argument's sake, let's start with "Always
Prepared" since it is the most widely scanned and posted. By chance,
it is also the first of HR's regular series scans (hr-001). You will
notice that HR didn't include the male star's face in most of the

[From the back row a voice cries out] "CJ, you dunce, I didn't come
here to look at guys!"

....but the first one that does is hr-001-E. Gosh he looks familiar
doesn't he? In hr-001-L he and Tove are exchanging looks that
indicate more than just a professional relationship -- they look like
good friends having a good time (actually, you can see this in a
couple images).

[Educated voice from the front row] "So, where are you going with
this, CJ?"

Good question.

[Various voices from the audience can be heard mumbling]
"I haven't seen this guy before."
"What is CJ talking about?"
"He doesn't look familiar to me."

That gets me to thinking. As many of you know, I spent a lot of time
in HR's group for three or four years prior to helping reclaim ABPEA
from the spammers. So, if he looks familiar, maybe he was one of the
male models I had seen there. So being logical sleuths, "Let's start
at the very beginning... A very good place to start..."

[Voice from the back row again] "Look at this guys, he's gone over the
edge! He's singing the ABC song from "The sound of Music"!

So, starting with the oldest of the scans from HR's group, we have the
stuff CRC'd in oldwork2.crc. By chance (or not?), one of the earliest
scan sets is of Tove (tove#rms) -- the very same scan set we already
looked at, but a lot older. He must really like Tove. And look, in
the lower right hand corner of the image on the projection screen,
he's included a picture of himself instead of the usual Horny Rob
logo. He looks kind of familiar too... That's right, he was featured
in the T&T scan set a while back and he looked much the same at the
time. If you have the series, go take a look. I'll wait patiently
for you to find it on your 100Gb drives and do a quick slide show....

Done? Good. Other than being real jealous of HR, did you happen to
notice that while he blurred out his face, he does look a lot like the
previously mentioned photo. Actually he appears in a lot of scan sets
Manilla, Bulgaria... speaking of which, there is a more recent photo
of him in Bulgaria with one of his young girl friends around here

Hey Hezekiah! Are you in the audience today? There he is over by the
door trying to lurk un-noticed. Is Bulgaria on-topic or off-toping in
HR's group? I don't know if he ever posted it there. I have to thank
a friend for the one image I have of that scan set.

[Hezekiah says he'll get back to us - he has to check]

There I found it. Do you have it too? [CJ asks in his best Mr.
Rodgers Neighborhood accent] I knew you could. You know, HR looks
real familiar in this photo set............ Could it be? Naaaaaaah.
Couldn't be. Could it?

OK. To prove we are not going nuts here (or at least that CJ isn't
going nuts) our assignment is to put all of the mentioned images
together in a one image collage and do a comparison. Now. Facial
features are one thing and can change a bit over time, especially as
one's weight fluctuates. As most of you super-sleuths know, body hair
patterns are almost as distinctive as fingerprints, so throw in a few
of those images as well. So, what we have looks like this:

+ +-----+ +
+ +rms97+ +
+ +Tove + +
+ +-----+ Various images from "Always Prepared" +
+ +--------+ +--------+ +-----------+ +
+ + + + + + + +-------+ +
+ + Face + + Face + + Body + + Two + +
+ + + + + + Hair + + Girls + +
+ + + + + + Pattern + +-------+ +
+ +--------+ +--------+ + + +
+ From T&T +------+ +-----------+ +---------------+ +
+ +----+ + + +-----------+ + + +
+ +Face+ + Face + + + + + +
+ + + + + + Body + + Two + +
+ +----+ + + + Hair + + Girls + +
+ +------+ + Pattern + + + +
+ +-------------------+ + + + + +
+ + + +-----------+ + + +
+ + Face + +-----------+ +---------------+ +
+ + from + + Body + +
+ + Bulgaria + + Hair + +
+ + + + Pattern + +
+ + + + from + +
+ + + + Manilla + +
+ +-------------------+ +-----------+ +

What's that I hear from the back row? Oh, you don't have some of
these images? Well, do you expect me to do all your work?... Oh.
[CJ mumbles to himself - You ask a stupid question, you get a stupid
answer] OK. I'll post the results for you to look at.

Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm exhausted. I think we'll
have to continue this discussion tomorrow. So, to coin a phrase,

To be continued..........

[Announcer as CJ exits stage left to a chorus of boos] Stay tuned for
the gripping conclusion to this unfolding drama. Is he or isn't he.
Discover the corroborating facts from the internet and other sources.
Can this mild mannered scanner have known the starlets he scans in a
more personal way than just through the magazines he scans? Find out
tomorrow -- same time, same place, same channel.




Welcome super-sleuths to the conclusion of this episode of "Name that

As many of you are aware, CJ broke some big news yesterday and has
promised [Narrator switches to a Paul Harvey accent] to give us the
rest of the story -- page one.

And now, to bring the rest of this story to you in person,
Heeeeeeeeere's CJ.

[CJ enters stage left to thunderous applause and an air of breathless
anticipation -- stands on his star and takes a bow, thanking the even
more massive audience]

Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you.

What a crowd. What a crowd. [bada boom!]

Welcome super-sleuths to the conclusion of this gripping episode of
"Name that Star".

When last we met, I had made the preposterous seeming claim that HR
has starred with Tove and others in the CCC films and photo sets from
the late 70's and early 80's.

[Voice from the back again] "You said it brother! I won't believe
this without a lot more information."

Alright, if it's more information you want, it's more information
you'll get. Before we get into it, however, I have to say that I have
several sources for some of the material which I will present. I have
to protect my sources, though. So, if you don't see a quoted source,
you can thank some behind the scenes source that does not wish to be

First, a bit of background information gathered from a lot of
different places. Let's get right to work. Man your lap-tops with
those cellular modems and do a quick but thorough browse through
dead link removed

[Everyone gets to work busily and Yuksel, as usual, is done far
earlier than anyone else and engages CJ in a sidebar conversation
about the forbiddensights web site from yesterday]

>Yuksel: "I dont know if it is first time you saw that site. But at
>least 1 years ago I saw it but there was not that email and Agnes
>info. Most of the rest was the same."
>CJ: "I have seen this site before and think that the Agnes
>information is new too. There is more info on Tove too than I
>remember. It seems as if he had some of the same sources I do.

[Ed B, having finished, adds his two cents worth]

>Ed: I knew about that site around the time you began to work in ABPEA.
>I had bookmarked it on my old Mac. Like most things in life the saying
>"out of sight, out of mind" applies. I did not recognize the url until
>I went to the site. If I had be more vigilant in my Anna duties we
>might have found Anna's third and fourth movies even sooner. I made
>the error of assuming you and other Anna fans knew about it already. I
>should always remember that when you assume, you make an ass out of
>"u" and "me."
>Anyway, I was stunned to see that Horny Rob himself appeared with
>Tove. I never would have guessed it in a million years. It's sad that
>HR didn't work with Anna too. I wonder what we could have learned from
>such a "coupling." You have certainly covered lots of ground in your
>Yuksel: You can see him in two other CCC clips with young and
>beautiful girls.
>CJ: "Thanks for the information and the kind words guys, but it looks
>like everyone else is finishing up."

[CJ turns back towards the audience]

Done? I could have related this to you here, but nothing better than
a story coming from the man himself. It saves me a bunch of time and
writer's cramp too.

So, on to the second point. I want to draw your attention to a
passage that you may have glossed over in your quick browse through
HR's site.

>Few People know it, and it has not till now been publicly disclosed, but Rob
>has worked with Euro adult production companies since the 70's. Many of the
>things in his collections he scanned he actually was part of the productions
>crews who made them, so he feels a close attachment!

It seems that HR has stolen the march on me or has come to the
realization that there was enough information and enough curious
people around, that he would eventually be found out. At least it
seems that way to me.

[An educate voice from the front row - peering into the glaring spots,
CJ can make out the visage of the ABPEA's multi-media Guru - mark310]
"So, CJ, what does all this mean."

[Before CJ get's a chance to reply, a raspy voice from the peanut
gallery belonging to none other than Anna says] "Post all
multi-media to ABME where it belongs!."

[A brief pause in the action while the sergeant-at-arms escorts him
from the hall for not raising his hand before speaking.]

I'm glad you asked, Mark. That takes me into my third point. Allow
me to fill in some of the blank areas for you. Mind you, some of this
historical information is un sourced, so take it for what it's worth.

When HR was 18 years old, he used to hang out with Tove's mother who
was a stripper in a night club in Hamburg Germany. He lost his
virginity to Tove's mother. She later introduced him to Tove. They
became friends and, along with some other friends in the neighborhood
(Christine ring a bell to anyone?), they started a production group.
As you will see in the older CCC photos and movies, HR is one of the
most common male models and had the fun of enjoying many of the
gorgeous female models we now worship.

HR was a part of about 50% of the older CCC stuff -- either on the
production team or as a performer. He does sort of mention this on
his site. Check out the Christine series that HR appears in. HR had
this on one of his oldest movie CDs. I may post them in ABPEA
sometime if ABPEH considers them to be off-topic.

All of this information has been in plain sight all along and will now
appear to be obvious to all. It appears that Rob has just been
laughing at all the folks who think he is just another scanner. He's
been in the adult industry longer than about any other person around.

Whether HR ever acknowledges this information to be true, is an
entirely different matter and beyond the purview of this discussion.
As many of you know, CCC and HR have never been friends [uproarious
laughter from the ABPEH crowd in the audience]. This might shed an
entirely different light on their relationship since CCC may not know
the above information either.

[An inquiring voice from an individual who is careful to raise his
hand first] "So why did HR go from being in production to being a

Good question, and that brings me to my final point.

After HR finished with the production group (about the time Tove went
on the around the world cruise mentioned in the site viewed
yesterday?), he, for some reason, decided that it would be fun to scan
images from the productions that he had a hand in.

Knowing this, take a look at his early scans. Most of them are all
from early CCC productions. Many of them were obviously friends. I
have heard all sorts of rumors as to why he did these scans and why he
and CCC never got along, but I'll let this expose end here on this

HR is obviously a resourceful and experienced individual when it comes
to the world of europorn. His scanning is a hobby which he has stated
that he will continue so long as it remains fun. He has chosen to
scan his friends and acquaintances from the past for unknown reasons.
He now scans his current exploits. I, for one, thank him much for his
contributions to USENET and the Internet adult community. If there
were an adult award of some kind for contributions to electronic
media, I would nominate him in a heartbeat.

[Announcer as CJ takes his bows and shakes hands with the front row of
the audience before exiting stage left]

There you have it folks. HR, one of the most legendary names in
europorn scanning is also one of the most legendary europorn film
stars from the late 70's and early 80's. He's had his hand in porn
production and performing, behind scenes and in front, in Europe and
abroad. Now you know the rest of the story.

So folks, that's all until the next episode of "Name that Star".

[Fade to black]



With large thinks to Yogi for unearthing this, as otherwise it had
been lost to HDD fragmentation! Robs complete interview and
answer to the group after C.J. did such a good job of spotting him
as the one with Tove (though Rob dropped alot of hints) C.J. was
the first one to see it. Rob has alot of respect for all of you and
this group and it showed by his willingness to be so open here.

As posted back in Sept while Rob was on vacation here:
Post #1

Here is a unexpected surprise for the group as Rob is here
on Holiday and we read this together! Rob is sitiing by me and
you are going to get a very exclusive chance to ask him a few
questions as in an interview.

Rob i ask.... was Tove stoned when she did these movies?

No mostly drunk, just enough to see the fun of it says Rob.

Now i ask... did she have a good time or what doing these.

Only on the first 2... then was starting to have questions
about wanting to do this as a profession... she was not
made to do anything, just wanting more out of life than
being a porn star following in her mothers foot steps
as she did not respect her mom much.

Rob.. what about her mom..... what was she like?

Robs says quickly.. dirty bitch... she screwed donkeys
and all kinds of ugly stuff as she got older and more of
less was always trying to tell Tove how wonderful it
was to be in the adult biz.. it was when Tove did get
involved and learned all the stuff her mom did she
was disappointed and did not want this to be her
future and voewed to go to school and make
something of herself.

Rob i ask, what was Tove like...

Adorable, sweet, kind, and somehow still like a child,
although she was allready 18 at the time... I simply
loved her, but more like a sister you like to protect.

Rob, is it true that you had something to do with her
leaving the business?

Well that's where I say "off-limit" I still have contact
with he and she don't like to be remembered, she
has a great life, and I can only hope I've contributed
to that, and about those 3 kids, correction, there are
only 2, 2 beautifull girls. She has no desire for her
family now to be aware of her adult life back them or
even worse the truths about her mom.. no regrets,
she just has moved on in life and is no longer at
this point.

Rob beside me as he always does get very warm
and full of fond memories when he thinks of her...
there you go gang, your first real interview with
Rob about Tove.... hope you enjoyed!

Okay... Rob has agreed to answer some questions as
long as they are not personal... and they do not
compromise her privacy... This also can include any of
his other girlfriends of the period, Christine, etc, etc as
you can see him with in the different series.

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Default Re: Tiny Tove - Information and History

Post #2

>1. About the Super 8 films.
>There are some films with Christine and Tove in the
>Master film catalogue. Are these films made by HR's
>production group ? Who has the copyrights ? These
>films never were in the CCC catalogue. Were they made
>in Germany or in Denmark ? Some of these films
>are on videos but with different producer name all
>the time.

These for years have been as a profession pirated from CCC,
they have battled and fought for years in the courts... seems
somone might have sold CCC some films and then sold other
masters when the ~world~ was smaller, and legally CCC owns
copyright, but the other company (out of UK) has driven them
nuts for years... odd you ask this question as was just being told
about this last month in a meeting.

>2. About Christine.
>How many films did she make ? Are they on video
>too ? I've never seen such video.

6 or 7... Master Series Color Climax Productions
~Youngest of All~ also was used as a title by CCC
that was a collectotion of 8mm shorts and about 50mins
in kength featuring Christine. (Rob has a master of this)

>What happened with her ? What is she doing today ?

She worked for about 4 months (In Copenhagen) and
dissappeared without much notice, it was assumed that
a guy she met she left with and she had enough of doing
the work... you are not exactly required to file a notice
before you quit, and she had built up some savings.
Rob never has heard from her since then and himself
wondered what happened.... she too was a hippy free
spirit and as such this was not odd behavior back then.

>CCC has a photoserie with her, it was published in
>the Teenage Sex #6 magazine with the title
>'Healing hands'. it's the school doctor story. But
>where is the video ?

The video was published under a few names to appeal
to different markets. The video has been well circulated
over the years but is out of print as no one renewed
copyrights on it.

>3. About Tove.
>There are two group of Tove films, the Master films
>and the CCC films. CCC has published photoseries
>about their films but what about the Master films ?
>Are there pics about these films ?

Master Films to the best of our knowledge is just
copyright infringements on CCC... no one else
unless they licensed them (and they never mentioned
doing this to us) owns rights to use them... i think
this goes back to the comment about company in UK.

Rob chimes in behind me about photos, during each
video shoot there were 100's of images taken and
while many might have been crap.. he thinks a VERY
large volume of photos are unaccounted for.

>Some pics were published in the 'Teenage I'm an asshole'
>and the 'Teenage Climax' magazines by the
>Verlag Hans Moser. What is the connection
>between this company, the Filmlaboratoriet A/S
>and CCC ?

100% infringement.... is just a much smaller world
and is quicker to detect... he stole complete series
for decades and sold extremely cheaply and was
crappy quality. Color Climax always spent the bucks
to make quality mags.

Does not seem odd... we pulled 3750 bootleg copies
of our videos from Ebay and 1700 from Yahoo last
month alone. Saw a company called Carnival Video
selling CCC and Seventeen videos with paper
flyers till 1998,

Times change... in NYC a Chicago company selling
crappy copies of pirated videos was just busted
and settled for $250K... alot of litigation is now
underway with commercial infringements that
went undetected till last few years worldwide...
I think as of today know about 30 investigations
of companies selling goods such as you mention,
every few weeks are raids and new litigations
underway as all these companies now have
international law offices and Berne allows good
recoveries in the courts. My email is littered
with this chaos now daily.

>Tove has four early films:
>'Little sexy Eva', 'Lolita Climax', 'Film Orgy' and
>'Lolita Orgasm'. These films were made in the
>same studio and maybe in the same time. Are
>there pics from these films ? (not vidcaps)

Some pics of all films have been seen in CCC
mags says Rob... and yes most were shot over
4 days in an apartment that was at the time a hippy
pad that belonged to a friend of theirs and made
into a studio.. you see it used in other films also.

>Who is the other girl in the 'Always Prepared',
>is she Tove's mom ? If not how does Tove's
>mom looks like ? Any pics ?

Name???? He does not recall her name. She
was ~there~ and appeared in that one movie,
she was the typical... i give this a try and see
if i like it... but maybe afterwards had 2cd thoughts
as she was never seen from by anyone there again.
This happens alot in this industrt to this day... call
it a one hit wonder. Rob is trying hard to recall
her name.... been along time ago!

>Did HR some films with Tove's mom ?

No... only the stage performances before she kinda
went downhill fast and hard.... later when they all
were aware of what she was doing, they avoided
her as it was kinda upsetting to know about. She
was losing her looks and taking silly offers from the
production stringers. Robs crew never worked with
her past this point... they knew other people had
afterwards and sold to CCC as mentioned, but she
was no longer the same beauty that 10 years before
graced the original CCC pages when they first
started to publish.

>When HR made the hr-001 serie he used the
>Blue Climax #52 magazine. (May 1992) There
>are more original pics about Tove in the
>Teenage Sex #6 magazine with the title
>''Raffle Revelry'. Does HR have these or
>other not published pics ?

Hr has all Tove pics and he had a vested
interest in "collecting these" as published.
Heck, i think i have all the Tove films here
myself too, short maybe only a few clips.

>How many Tove films has HR ?

Rob has all of them of course... :)
We both just laughed... but all of the
clips equal only about 1 hour plus.

>If the bearded guy in the film 'Always prepared'
>is HR where are his glasses ?

Rob says he can find the hole without glasses :)
Seriously, Rob only wore glasses "full time" as he
entered his 30's... not his 20's. And mentions that
his site is now even worse from all the time he has
spent working with computers

Post 3

Good Morning from us past 3pm!

Tuffy... saw the JMISS photo.... BTW these were scanned in
Europe and some idiot at Windy City BBS purchased them
and thought they would own exclusive copyright circa 1988....
was the period when Amatuer Action BBS and WindyCity
flooded all the other BBS systems with "questionable"
scans and now is obvious they were pirated. ( about the pic later )
Same with the PW series.

Then came Delphi, and usenet, and finally POW we all had the
net as we know it today with more websites than stars in the sky,
and these all are everywhere on it, but the world is a smaller
place and people detect piracy like this now almost INSTANTLY.

New Wet Hot Teeny babes ~cute-spam-notour11.jpg equals problems
for the posting website in hours when detected.

JMISS ran 5 years in the BBS days with WindyCity and AA BBS
raking in the bucks from these at 14.4 max in the hayday :)

Your questions below will be answered tonight... Rob and i are
going to a gun show.. and when he is in the U.S. loves playing
with AKs and Uzi's here.... sold all my class-3 weapons... but still
have good friends who keep the license paid up and have
large collections... so we are going shooting. We been thinking
about doing a HR teens with full autos video just for laughs.
The HR army :)

Can't wait to pull the "this is my weapon, this is my gun, this is
for hunting and this is for fun" gag on him tonight.

Your questions below will take both of us to answer... Rob about
Tove, and myself about business.. and is going to take alot of
thought as what we are told verses sometimes what we learn to
be actually way things were done can vary as often these
companies themselves do not know what their left hands are
we had people at Seventeen tell someone they have no U.S.
associates and create chaos.... we usually answer to the presidents
and vice-presidents and we know things as they tell us are happening.

Till later....

================================================== =
post 4

OK. I take this one again because it's not clear for me.
>First I tell you what I know about the Super 8 films.
>I have two film catalogues:
>Film Index '78 made by CCC
>Strandlodsvej 61
>DK-2300 Copenhagen
>Film Index 1979 made by Filmlaboratoriet A/S
>Rentemestervej 56
>DK-2400 Copenhagen

Rob worked with Film Labs... so you narrowed down a
name, they are the ones who licensed (sold) this to
CCC. They would be considered the producers, CCC
the buyers.

>The first one has no Tove and Christine films. The
>first films with Tove are in the Film Index '80
>(I don't have Film Index '79)..
>But all the Tove and Christine films are in the
>Filmlab catalogue as Master Films and Pornorama

Master Films are in Germany, Pornorama traces back to
Holland and like Scala is a production company that does
tasks between companies and keeps "count"
>It means that there are two different companies and only
>the second one has the Tove films.

That actually is sorta correct but all the ways things work
in Europe are ~very~ complex. (Tax reasons!)

>Now I repeat my questions:
>What is the connection between these two firms ? Who
>has the copyright to the Tove films ? You said that the
>Christine films were made in Copenhagen. Then the
>Tove films were made there too. It's the same place.
>But how about Tove's mom and Hamburg ?

Thats easy, CCC purchased and owns these media,
minus a few pictures... if other films are out there
the wear-abouts are known to none of us.. and what
Rob has is the same footage.

About her mom? She started off in Hamburg doing stage
work, as she was aging this ended and she moved to
Copenhagen where she did animal sex for bigger money
including once live on stage with a donkey in Tivoli...
(in that day the biggest amusement park in the word)
great fun Rob says with normal fair shit and clubs,
but not to forget liters being drunken of Carlsburg
bear sold to all no matter how old you were if you had
the money... . but to an aging women who refuses to quit
being a porn star... not the best life. (We maybe crossing the
line here so this is where info about this stops!) And as
anyone can imagine not what a daughter wants to find
out mom was doing at work today.

>Pics from the first four Master films with Tove were
>never published in CCC mags but they were published
>in the german Teenage I'm an asshole magazines. They had
>ads for the Filmlab catalogues too. What is the
>connection between the Hans Moser Verlag and the
>Filmlab ? Why have they the films and photosets and
>why hasn't CCC them ?

Rob has no clue to understand what you call the first
4 movies... explain better what you ask, or even
describe the films and Rob will know what you mean.

>here is my list: from the Filmlab catalogue:
>1. Master Film # 1721 Fucking Lolita
>2. Master Film #1722 School Doctor
>3. Master Film #1730 Lolita Special
>4. ?

No.... they were named quite a few ways differently...
No idea as this was out of his area and he has no
clue all the ways they were marketed... though Rob
really likes the one on the boat for personal reasons >:-)
Film is published as "Der Bootfahrt" 2 Guys, 2 Girls,
and a Smiling Captain. Published on Topsy film.
Problem with Christine, is that F A/S made a shitload with her, but sold to
different companies. Schooldoctor was the only one, sold to CCC. Master has
most of the rest, and on video, they did publish that last one again. But if
you see the video, the colors change several times, the original 8mm was only
8 minutes long and they editited with original cutted material back to the
original 15 minutes., and age and condition were not the best perserved.
(HR Typed the above paragraph)

>Could you complete it ?
>>Master Series Color Climax Productions
>>~Youngest of All~ also was used as a title by CCC
>>that was a collectotion of 8mm shorts and about 50mins
>>in kength featuring Christine. (Rob has a master of this)

>There isn't Master series in the CCC catalogues and
>no such title as 'Youngest of All'. I have almost all the Film
>and Video indexes and I've checked them very carefully.
>I need more info to find this film or video.

Master series "Christine, Die Jungste von allen!" 55 min
video with about 45 minutes of her (3 movies)

(Sorry Tuffy i type English only and translated what he said...
thats the Euro name spelled by Rob correctly!)

>I didn't find the video that's why I asked for more info.

Rob has never seen the Master releases of Tove videos,
again describe them and he will know what they are.
Scenes, people in them, etc.. descriptions on films are
rubish and generally fantasy.

>The Master Films came on video first in 1980 in Sweden
>and in Germany. The catalogue called
>'Scandinavian Video-Guide 1980'.
>These videos were 30 minutes. The next year came the
>60 minutes videos. Later the 10 stories videos called
>'Lolita #1 - #10. The latest versions are 90 minutes videos
>called 'Schoolgirls #1 - #6'. They came in 1995. No other
>later productions.
>A question here: What about the EuroTeens videos
>in Holland ? What is the connection with them, they are
>also from Master Films.

Master just publishes all they can find, borrow, or
aquire on a low budget, because the tapes are really
cheap... questions of chain of title emerge quickly.
If you do not understand the term "chain of title"
mean that Jmiss copyrights were sold to Windy City
BBS from someone who had no right to do so...
often this happens... chain of title is the paper work
showing the chain of business that proves the party
selling you such title has athority.. like a deed of
title on a house... now Master buys legit and sells
in certain areas of license, such as in Sweden only.

>Another question. Holland's biggest porno firm is
>the Scala BV. Do they have some Tove or Anna
>stuff ?

Scala is a dist. they own some content.. but they
create deals between companies and produce
physical products under license most often and
do the bean counting and paperwork mostly.

Post 5 (final)

>Thanks DD and HR for the answers.

This has been fun for us... Robs been going down
memory lane...

We wait for your list and will show him your 2
posted photos.

>This donkey story is funny. I think that you mean
>Carlsburg bear = Carlsberg beer.
>Btw what is HR's favorite beer Heineken or Grollsch ?

Spelling is my fault... Rob says E and I and A and E
and makes it hard as letters sound different in
America and Europe.

My favorite beer is Hertog Jan, Palm or a nice
"Trappisten biertje" ;-)

(safe to say DD did not type that line above!)

>I numbered the Tove films from 1 to 12 in order
>as they are in the catalogue. Here is the list:
> 1. Master Film #1794 1979 Little Sexy Eva
> 2. Master Film #1801 1979 Lolita Climax
> 3. Master Film #1802 1979 Film Orgy
> 4. Master Film #1804 1979 Lolita Orgasm
> 5. Pornorama #607 1979 Teenage Orgy
> 6. Color Climax #1348 1979 Teenage Tricks
> 7. Diplomat #1027 1980 Teach my Sister
> 8. Teenage Sex #708 1980 Always Prepared
> 9. Teenage Sex #712 1980 Young Flesh
>10. Teenage Sex # 716 1980 Young Thai Tourist
>11. Danish Hardcore #545 1980 Educating Tina
>12. Color Climax #1381 1982 Piss Service
>Is it correct or there are more Tove films ?

We think not and Rob is going to call Tove and go
over this with her when he gets back home and
ask a few questions of her so we have first hand
answers if he can't get her from here, but Tove
will not know any of the titles, but he has questions
just like you as why she did some films such as the
piss ones.... was not her nature, Rob did not know
about this till now and was kinda shocked when i
showed him and she never mentioned it to him.

>>>here is my list: from the Filmlab catalogue:
>>>1. Master Film # 1721 Fucking Lolita
>>>2. Master Film #1722 School Doctor
>>>3. Master Film #1730 Lolita Special
>>>4. ?

Boat one mentioned was only one Rob knew the title from

Everyone knows SchoolDoctor, but he thinks Lolita Special
is the same as SchoolDoctor in a different name.
Christine always looked so much younger than she really

>>No.... they were named quite a few ways differently...
>>No idea as this was out of his area and he has no
>>clue all the ways they were marketed... though Rob
>>really likes the one on the boat for personal reasons >:-)
>>Film is published as "Der Bootfahrt" 2 Guys, 2 Girls, and a
>>Smiling Captain.

>>Published on Topsy film.
>Is this film or video ?

Yes video as Rob owns it... when he gets back to Europe can
give you all the details off the cover... but he is 100% sure of
this info.

>I noticed that the quality differs even wih the CCC videos, the worst
>are the Sexorgy videos.

He agrees.... recall all were made on low budget 8mm with no
sound... no one has really heard Toves voice as sound was
added later in post production when dubbed to tape. These
all were first sold as 8mm shorts.

>You say 3 films does this mean that the 'Boat' film is a separate film
>and the 3 films are the same 3 films in my list ?

Yes, and the 3 films that list are on one tape NOW.

>'The girl guides have met to plan their next weekend trip
>but the smallest of them is feeling very very horny and talks
>the other three into having a little sexorgy.'.
>It's a pity that these pics were published in the German
>magazine because the quality is very bad. I'll post an index
>you can see that..

Okay will show him now....

Piss Service:
Okay Rob says just looking at her hair he can tell this was about the
same time as the Thai films and absolutely was one of her last and
was sorta done without him being aware... was right before he was
asked by her "to take her away" so seems odd to him to see these
as he had no connection to them and plans to ask her some questions.
(though she might tell him this is the past and leave it this way as has
happened before)

As to the other image set Teen Orgy, this was one of her first try out
This may well be her true first ever on camera sex and she was almost
a virgin before these were done, maybe lost her virginity days before.

Sessions and was not done with filming as far as he knows.... he thinks
it was made about a week before the films / photo sessions were done.

>Rob answers here about the pic I posted. The question was
>where did this pic come from ? Maybe this story (the toilet)
>was also published in a German magazine. CCC has not
>this pic that's why I asked.

That was published in both CCC mags and CCC video... Rob'
adds 100% absolutely.

>I asked here about the 'Piss service' film. This was
>released last. I'll post an index about that.

Already answered.... You said piss and he thought the
toilet scene in film mentioned... but are a first and end
thing and a long time apart, maybe 5 months?

>I didn't remember which langauge HR can't speak so I guessed.
>On the web site the missing language is Danish.

Robs laughing....he says will update when he gets back :)

>HR was in the following films:
>Expo Film No. 53 Lustful Lovers (3 girls + 3 men)
>Expo Film No. 92 Big Thai Tits (2 girls + 1 man)
>Expo Film No. 98 Anal Orgasm (1 girl + 2 men)
>Blue Climax No. 1229 Pussy Passions (3 girls + 2 men)
>Teenage Sex No. 729 Fuck my Uncle (2 girls + 1 man)

Rob just looked at me and said "was i?" The reason
is he has no clue what all the names are of the final
productions.. he just knows when he sees it what was
going on and the date and details.

>In the last film (TS #729) Esther was one of the girls.
>She was a black haired girl who had 10 -15or more films,
>she was very popular. This story was
>published in the Seventeen's Teenager #15 magazine
>1989-10-23 with the title 'Esther and Linda'.

Rob has no idea who this is.. find a pic and you get an
answer..... but this was 25+ years ago and Rob only still
has a few friends from the gang and not all is he going to
have been that close with like Tove.

>How about this ? This story is on the CCC video
>Teenage Bestsellers No.251. Was CCC who sold
>it to Seventeen ?

We have no clue... These videos circuated and were
sold and resold... CCC just ended up buying them up
in the end and all stories on them are B.S. They infact
had no clue this was Rob until we started talking. Much
of porn is fantasy in this industry the text is added to
complete an idea and the person writing often has no
connection to the actual production.

Final Notes:

As a result of the interview Rob published.. an old friend he worked with
heard of it and made contact with him after 24 years. So many people had
never made the connection HornyRob was their old pal from these old
productions, he was actually an HR fan and did not know HR was his old
friend. (You never know who is lurking silently in these groups!)

So they visited... and as a result (as the man had accidently made contact
with Christine again) Rob was able to get in contact again. She amazingly
is still a hippy free spirit living in a hippy commune in a hippy city, and
has a hippy family..... and says she has no regrets and she has lived
happily ever after :)

(*) Not the kinda results the Ashcroft/Meese commission would wanna
hear when investigating the impact of porn on women :)
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Default Re: hello everyone! question about a scandinavian actress

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Default Re: Tiny Tove

Someone (I thought at the time that it was Horny Rob but I could have been mistaken) ran a series entitled "Farmyard Fun" that purported to star the mature Tove. There were at least 38 images of which I found 5 and a compilation one (the first posted here).
Have a look at the ones I found and see what you think...

The photoset looks as though it might have come from a Rodox publication (see the font in the second photo) - does anyone have any idea which one?

I found these in August 1999 and the website mentioned was already dead.
If anyone else managed to get any more I'd love to see them.
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Default Re: Tiny Tove

Sorry, I don't speak English
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Default Re: Tiny Tove

Maid In Heaven
Sorry, I don't speak English
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Default Re: Tiny Tove (CeeCee model)

Here are some other photo's from the loop "always prepared", here with a different name.
I have some more if there is intrest.

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Default Re: Tiny Tove (CeeCee model)

In the meantime , here are some aditional pictures of Educating Tina wich I didn't yet see in this topic

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