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The last time I looked there seemed to be more European models than Aussies. And none of the shoots seem to be in Australia, I think it's all Amsterdam now. One video I saw was shot on a houseboat, one outside shot at the start of another video was of a woman walking down a street beside a canal.

If abbywinters was forced to leave Australia because of these strict laws regarding pornography then how do girlsoutwest, ishotmyself and ifeelmyself continue to operate there?
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Here's a link to Nikki The Horny Housewife.

mod edit: dead link removed

Sorry for taking so long to get it up.
Get it before it's removed (again).
Please ENJOY.

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thegavel - how old is that Nikki the Horny Housewife video? from the 90s?
Definitely Abby Winters and Girls Out West are the 2 main sites for Aussie stuff along with Gday girls site. It's good to see some sites making porn for men as well as women and having respect for the girls.

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I have posted Nikki the Horny Housewife #3 & #4 in the classic movie section
Nice girls are nice but BAD gals are much much better

Please Pm me with any of my links that are not working. Please do not repost my links
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I think is now owned by
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A good even better question...and a variety of answers, most of which hit the nail on the head. I would offer another from my own experience, having been born and bred here...( I've often wondered about that saying...I would have thought it made more sense if it were the other way around...anyway...)
My Old Mans Stash of Porn Mags...( once discovered, was often raided by my Brother and I..always careful to be replaced in the EXACT ORDER in which it was found!)...didn't have any Ribald or similar Australian was mostly of English Magazines such as Mayfair or US Playboy etc...and softcore at that. ( they got harder as time went by but I was buying for myself by that stage)

Aussie Porn ( in the form of paper publications) were on display at any news stand if you lingered long enough to spot them...and finally having the chance to "read" one or two...understood why his stash was what it was. The quality was rubbish...the participants quite under-whelming when compared to a summers day at a local beach...reams of construed stories designed to excite with a few poorly shot pictures as a garnish...a real disappointment. I believe that low-quality relates directly to the size of our market, the size of the markets overseas and our earlier fascination with places far from us.

The size of a home market overseas might have been 200 million in the US alone...the amount of porn amount taken-up by that market may well have been 3 x times the size of our Entire it would have been profitable ( and was ) to produce a decent volume of reasonable production qualities over there...but the profits from local productions could never has financed anything that was competitive...hence the short-span, low budget attempts from within our shores over the years. As an Aussie...what local stuff I did view was just that....poor. Add to that the laid-back attitude of Australians in general....( here, the squeaky wheel gets the oil, the rest of us have a life to live ) and the laws passed by many states...the industry never had a chance from year dot

I live in Victoria...strip clubs, adult shops, legal brothels and a miriad of legal escort services in most of it's varieties is readily available and is offered in legal, discreet ways...unfortunately, very, very little is locally made...which isn't a big issue in my mind...far better to "cut one from the mob" and screw each others brains out than sit and wish the Shiela you are watching getting laid on a screen lived next-door...

I have noted the conversation about Internet "filtering"...a joke when seen in the light of day....the Mob in Power now are taking steps to try and do the same thing to Terrorist websites....and if you ask any 25 yr old IT Kid....they almost laugh out loud!

Just like the junk mail we are all forced to block every time we open our "mailboxes"...any site that wishes to be seen on the net can change its colours like a seen from any country it decides it wants to...exist in the nothingness that is The Net. The Only Filter that actually on the PC, tablet, phone or laptop you use....anyone who purports to be able to "filter" any content on a general a grandstanding fool...ffs..there is a "blacknet" most people have no idea about....and the dinosaurs that lead us think they can filter it?....

I would like to thank the posters that commented on the beauty of Australian women....I doubt they understand just how tough they are, despite their appearances, for that they are!, take-no-prisoners Women...tough, resourceful, and the Biggest Challenge I have ever faced...( bless em)...but....every group of people on this planet has amazing, remarkable...absolutely stunning women...and thanks to a few geeks a long time ago...I can sit here in the comfort of my study...flick a switch...and fill my eyes and imagination at the sight of thousands of them...sharing their delights with me for money or dare...English roses...American Girls next Door...Danes, Swedes, Germans, Italians et al...that they aren't locals isn't an issue...that I might be constrained from viewing them the barricades I will go, like a Miner at Sovereign Hill 2 centuries ago..and if that doesn't work....there is a way around it.

P.S...if I was any more laid-back...I'd be dead..:-)
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