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Classic Pornstars Hardcore (magazine) models and adult film performers that started their career in 1995 or before.

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Default Re: Marie-Christine Covi

She turns in :
"La Doctoresse a de gros seins." - "La Femme en Noir" - "Moana la scandalosa" - "Vietnam Store Parte Prima"

I see pics of her in C****-C***** #105.

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Marie-Christine as Chrissie taking a bath on the pages of Men Only – wet, soapy and very hot; scanned and posted by loveT&A:

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Default Marie-Christine Covi, aka Sophie David: 20 clips

Hi everyone! After getting lots of great material from this site I figured it's about time to contribute. So I have cut all the scenes I have from one of my all time favorite actresses and I'm sharing them for your viewing pleasure. All the clips come from movies which are available on this forum (I have not ripped any of them, so credit to all the uploaders). In some cases I have cut unneeded footage. For instance, if there is another couple appearing simultaneously with the covi action, it's edited out.

This is all the footage I have featuring her. If anyone in the forum has something else, I'd love to see it. So far, what's missing is material from the following movies (according to EGAFD):

L'Animale da letto - 1980s, Dir. Antonio d'Agostino as Richard Bennet
Carne di lusso - 1989, Dir. Lorenzo Onorati as Lawrence Webber
Girls of France - no info
Mania bestiale - 1990, Dir. Lorenzo Onorati as Lawrence Webber
La Moglie e la bestia - Dir. Antonio D'Agostino as Richard Bennet
Offerta speciale - Dir. Lorenzo Onorati as Lawrence Webber
Prendilo ... per la gola - 1990, Dir. Sam Fox
Vulva Visitors - 1989

If you have any of these movies, go on and share it, we'd all love to watch them.

What this post contains is all the Marie-Christine appearances in the following movies:
Boat People c. - 1990 Dir. Dino
La Doctoresse a des gros seins 1988 - Dir. Alain Payet as John Love
La Femme en noir 1988 - Dir. Michel Ricaud
Inside Paris c. 1990 - Dir. Dino
Moana la scandalosa 1988 - Dir. Riccardo Schicchi
Una Scatenata moglie insaziabile 1988 - Dir. Giorgio Grand as Double Gi
Vietnam 1988 - Dir. Mario Salieri
Il Vizio preferito di mia moglie 1988 - Dir. Giorgio Grand as Double Gi

EGAFD shows her as appearing in Wietnam parts 3 and 4, but I downloaded them and she is not in any of these. Also, not listed in EGAFD is a clip in black and white from a 'classic busty' movie, which was posted in this forum as well.

One thing this post is missing is snapshots. I'm working on ubuntu and couldn't figure an easy way to generate them. Anyway, if you like this girl, you already know what's in the videos, so really it's not that necessary as with other videos.

Also, I'd like to take this oppoortunity to ask for an old movie I can't find anywhere: it's 'Surf, sand & sex' featuring Barbara Dare. If anyone cared to post it I'd be eternally thankful.

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