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Default Wives, exs, girlfriends enjoyed by others

Texts and images relating to the wife, ex, or girlfriend who has enjoyed the sexual efforts of another guy. I make no specific definition of cuckolding, sharing, etc., leaving that to the discretion of the poster.
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In fairness to others, I begin this description of how I came to realize I had been cuckolded multiple times by my ex with an apology to others in similar circumstances. I do not present myself as an expert. As will be seen, it is more accurate to describe my performance as pretty amateurish in the matter of securing your wife’s sexual performance. I don’t assume that my experiences equate with anyone else’s, or that they represent the usual experience of being cuckolded. I understand that various ways a wife might have sex with other guys is often not described as cuckolding at all: men who engage in wife swapping do not regard themselves as cuckolds I think. And I would not claim that my experiences are the same as those who encourage their wives to get fucked by other guys, or are turned on by watching their wives being taken. My own experiences at being made a cuckold are simply those occasions when some other guy got the opportunity to treat my wife to the enjoyment of his erection. But in the times this was done with my wife, I was never aware that any of it was happening. There is a shared element of humiliation (unavoidably) among the experiences described as cuckolding, particularly when it happens multiple times. But the engagement of a husband in encouraging, setting up, or even participating in his own cuckolding means that he is getting something out of the experience at the time, and has some agency in the matter. As far as I can see, at the time the events I shall describe were unfolding, I got nothing out of the experiences, which I had to fit back together after the fact. But I also must concede that having come to recognize the cuckoldings I got, and to admit to them, is an enormous turn-on now in recounting them with the details as far as I know them.

There were of course suspicions of what was happening. And it was a characteristic of my ex-wife that there were hints or taunts at times thrown at me. But when we got married, I had no thought at all that I was ever going to become a cuckold. I wasn’t some hyper-male; it just never occurred to me. Over the ten years we were married, I have to admit to a considerable level of naiveté and willingness to deny. I can’t realistically say that I’ve been made the world’s biggest cuckold. Some guys surely must have taken it worse. But I’m also sure some would say I got cucked far more often than someone should have allowed, if I had only been more perceptive; and the humiliation I’ve been given I deserved. How that confidence in the safety of my self-esteem at the beginning of our marriage turned out not to be the case for me is the subject of these accounts.

The great break in my ability to deny what had been going on behind my back came when we were in the process of splitting up. She called me up, and I assumed this was going to be another testy discussion on some detail of the divorce. Instead she said she wanted to relate something which she said she “should have told me long ago.” It was during a business trip in Paris. I was to join her there shortly after the incident she described to me. She had a room in a pensione run privately by a very nice middle-aged woman. My wife said she was feeling discouraged at the solitude of a foreign city, and went down to the local café one evening. She said she was approached by another American, a sailor who had taken the train up to Paris from wherever his ship was docked. He was new in the Navy, on his first tour, only 18, and the next morning was leaving to get back to his ship. That would make him about 10 years younger than her at the time, and they spent the evening drinking (something she very rarely indulged in). She drew my attention to how young he was I imagine as a matter of pride that a young stud would try scoring with her. And I guess it was to let me know that a guy a lot younger than me was, as I was about to find out, in fact going to be scoring big time with my wife. According to her, when he walked her back to the pensione, they got into it along the way, and he drew her into a building’s doorway and he fucked her right there. The one other bit of information she gave in her description was that the owner of the pensione was furious with her the next day.

I have no reason to doubt the authenticity of this incident (as you’ll see on another occasion, my ex didn’t have much of a sexual imagination). It is difficult to see what advantage she got during the divorce process of admitting to being taken by another guy. But on reflection I have some problems with the details. The pensione owner was very nice to me when I arrived, probably because she knew the humiliation I would feel in staying in this place where some people, staff or guests, must have know that some teenager had been banging my wife. But how would she have known that my wife had been fucked in some doorway? Also, this was a sailor, just off a tour and about to ship out again, and 18! If he was lucky enough to pick up some girl who would let him get her pants off, would he really be satisfied with just a quick fuck in a doorway? Even if one believes (I doubt it) that they could pull this off on a street of a busy city like Paris, and he found a girl ready to enjoy his erection, why would he limit himself that way? Why not invite her back to his hotel where he could, shall we say, store up the sexual enjoyment of my wife for the coming voyage. And at 18 a quick fuck would hardly seem likely to exhaust his sexual energy.

It occurred to me that since her goal with this phone call was to make me know with no option of denying it that she had treated me to the humiliating experience of knowing some guy had plowed my wife, it was only needed that I understand that he had had his aroused cock in her to achieve her goal, not necessarily revealing the full length of pleasure she experienced while I was being given the cuckold’s horns. I realized that the probable reason why the sailor happened to be in that local café that night was that he too was staying in the same pensione as my wife. This would also give him an opening if he knew they were staying at the same place. It would also account for how the owner could have known my wife had cuckolded her husband (the proprietress had strict rules about no guests in the rooms). She, or one of her staff, likely saw her going into his room that night, or perhaps coming out the next morning. Realistically, I had to accept that at 18 he could probably get hard without end all night, especially as he had just finished a shipboard tour. The minimal situation I had to deal with from this revelation by my wife was that another guy had taken her, and probably enjoyed her all night. That forced me to consider the suspicions that had accumulated over the ten years we were together.

I arrived just a few days later. And while I was wholly unaware of the thorough fucking that my ex had just enjoyed, what I now know clarifies some of the odd behaviors I ran into during my stay there. My ex’s remark that the owner was furious with her as I said probably accounts for why that lady seemed to be so pleasant to me: sympathy for the guy who is walking around with cuck horns and completely unaware of it. But of course the news that the young sailor had spent a night enjoying my wife could hardly be a secret. There were two young girls on staff. Whenever I passed them in the hall I would say hello, and their response was to exchange quick, awkward glances and then giggle nervously. At the time I assumed they thought my French accent was amusingly bad. But in fact these girls probably knew I had just been made a cuckold, and by a teenager only slightly older than they were. They may never have run into a cuckold before and were uncomfortable in the presence of someone who surely would be deeply humiliated if he knew the facts. My situation, even if I didn’t know about it, made them uneasy.

More pointed was the treatment I got from three college students (Americans) who were sharing a room. They often left their door open and when I passed it, or when I passed them in the hall, one would softly make the sound of a rooster crowing, followed by the laughter of the other two. Unlike the French girls these guys were in no doubt about how hilarious they thought my situation, and were eager to toss me hints that they knew about it. At the time I just thought they were being jerks for who knows what reason. If I knew then what I know now I have to admit I would have found it quite embarrassing to realize these guys knew I had been made a cuckold. However, without intending, they also revealed that in fact I had been spared an even worse humiliation. If the sailor had taken the opportunity to put his cock in my wife’s pussy, then surely one (or all three) of these students would have done the same if they had gotten the chance. They were only a year or two older than the sailor. And if these students had managed to score with my wife, surely that is what they would have been keen to let me know, in some pointed way. That they were trying to humiliate me with the sailor’s success fucking my wife was an indication that they, at least, had not managed to get into her pants. (I certainly hope I’ve got this right.) It is a consolation, if a small one, that it must have irked them badly that the sailor had succeeded in burying his erection in her, while they had not.

After my ex had revealed that she had allowed some teenager to make a cuckold of me on this occasion, for all my skills with denial and ignoring the evidence, I had to face the reality that I was pretty certainly made a cuckold multiple times over during our marriage. The occasion with the young sailor I had had no hint of before, but on the other occasions the evidence was there. I had just not been willing to face it. Forcing me to reconsider the evidence in front of me was my discovery shortly after we split up of photographs taken of my ex by her college boyfriend, I guess about a year or two before I met her, and apparently spread all over the Internet by him. What was shocking to me about them was not simply their pornographic content, but that they demonstrated how far I had been misled. When we met she was insistent that I know she had never had sex. I hadn’t asked her about this as it was not my concern. And in fact I found it rather odd that someone had gotten all the way through college without having been laid. But I accepted her story, and it did seem to fit the rather prim and sexually reserved way she presented herself generally, although I should point out that she also was fond of showing herself off to men throughout our relationship.

The photos by her boyfriend have been frequently re-posted, but I have collected all the ones I know of and attached them. Not long after we split and I found these, I was in contact with her about some detail of property. I was the only time I have been in contact with her since we split long ago. I asked her if she knew that there were these nude photos of her all over the Internet. She wasn’t aware, but also not at all put out, commenting that even if anyone could recognize her “at least there are nude photos of me.”

The first two, where she is lying nude on the carpet in front of a fire must be the earliest. Her breasts are slightly larger than in the others, and she seems less certain of how to pose herself, with only one photo showing the slightest peek of her labia. She was then a college student living at home but he apparently owned a house, consistent with her description of him as somewhat older than she was. The décor of her boyfriend’s place reveals a great deal about him, but more of that in a moment. The next, longer set were taken in her parent’s house (I recognized the furniture). And now she is perfectly comfortable showing herself off in the most graphic poses: most of the shots have her posed with her legs spread wide open, several on her bed, on the floor spreading apart her labia, in a chair, and in the bath tub. Someone who re-posted one of the shots even pointed out that there is a hickey on her right breast. The complete comfort with broadcasting her sexual allure is consistent with that fondness of hers of showing herself off to other guys, a habit which I think contributed greatly to my getting cucked by a number of them.

The final photograph he took of her on another occasion has her posed again at his place and again with her legs spread wide open, leaning back as if about to take her lover’s erection. The wallpaper here is that same gaudy flower pattern as in the first two photos. But the interior décor of his house is amazing: she’s lying on a circular bed with a purple velvet cover, with matching purple velvet curtains and red shag carpet, all better suiting a bordello than an ordinary bedroom. I think it is pretty clear that since this guy was into photographing his girlfriend repeatedly in pornographic poses, and her comfort with presenting herself erotically in them, this was an intensely sexual relationship, and her story about not having had sex was simply a front for my benefit.

This former boyfriend held onto these photos a couple of decades before it was possible to distribute them over the Internet. He obviously had a continuing interest in what she represented sexually to him. The only thing my ex related to me about their breakup was how quickly she was into another relationship, with a boy who lived next door to her parents, whom she had known for some time, and who was a bit younger than she. I mention him because he re-appears later in my story. She claimed this new relationship developed very quickly but that they never had sex. Given the misleading account of her relationship with her older boyfriend, I’m confident this next guy in fact was in her pussy in short order. But the relationship was brief since she left town by the end of the summer to attend another school.

The pornographic nature of the photos the older boyfriend took over several occasions, along with his lurid interior décor suggests that they must have engaged in some pretty kinky sexual adventures on that circular bed. Since he kept those photos for decades, and she was being banged by a young neighbor quickly after she left him, I’m guessing she cucked him with that younger guy. I hope I am not exaggerating, because I don’t want to be the first guy she cuckolded, but there does seem to be a pattern similar to her performance with me only slightly later. The selection of an older and then a younger sex partner, for example, parallels the range of studs she fell to in cuckolding me later. I fully get that in holding onto those photos her boyfriend was turned on by thinking of having been cucked by her, since in the same way I now find it a turn-on to think about those guys who cucked me with my ex.

Confronted now with the fact as she related to me that she and some teen sailor cucked me, and those earlier pornographic photos, I had to accept the incidents I was aware of in our marriage, where I had various evidence to suspect that my wife was enjoying the erections of other guys. I shall present them in the order I believe they occurred. I include this first one not because it is very extensive, but only since it may be the first time some guy cuckolded me. Just a couple of years into our marriage we had moved to a small city we had never been in before for my wife’s new job. A nice couple, one of whom was in the same line of work (I no longer remember which one), invited us over for a welcoming dinner. As I say they seemed very nice, about 10 or 15 years older than we were. Later that year the guy and my wife were together in some amateur theater production, the kind of thing that doesn’t interest me, so I paid no attention to the long nights of rehearsal. It did provide them a lot of time together, though presumably with others usually around. All I remember of the production is that it involved a lot of characters lying on top of other characters on a sofa, so lots of opportunity for him to experience lying on top of my wife, if at least clothed. Shortly after that my wife informed me that the guy told her that he was leaving his wife, and asked if he could stay at our apartment for a short time until he could find some place to live. He and his wife had been nice to us, so I figured why not.

We all did some drinking the night he arrived, or rather he and I did as my ex did not really drink much, and the next morning I left for work. The encounter I describe here is my wife’s account she related to me in rather excited terms when I came home that evening. The guy was then gone. But in the morning he was still in bed in the extra room when I left. My wife was doing something in the kitchen when she heard him in the shower. Shortly after, he came into the room and called to her. When she turned around she saw him standing there with only a bath towel around him, which he immediately dropped to the floor to reveal a huge erection. In relating this she was fixed on how she admired and found his erect cock so sexy, with its strong, horizontal projection, and the problem of how far she should go with him. Whether he plowed her that morning or not I simply can’t say. My hesitancy now in just dismissing the whole event as unrelated to my later humiliations in being cucked is that she could have let the whole thing pass without a mention and I would have been none-the-wiser. But perhaps this was her way of avoiding having to explain, should a story ever get back to me that this guy had plowed my wife, by having already told me her more innocent version. Given the later occasions when she did enjoy guys having her pussy, I think it’s not out of the question that this is where it all began. She did want me to know that she was impressed with this guy’s erection, and was at least thinking about how nice it would feel in her. Whether it was all just harmless on her part, or a full-blown cuckolding, I just don’t know. But with what I have come to learn is my record of being cucked repeatedly, I can’t shake the suspicion. This incident was just a couple of years into our marriage. So if it was the first time I got cuckolded by some guy with her, it means that she must have decided fairly early in the marriage that she could have me cucked rather easily.

There is one bit of further information suggesting that indeed this was the first time I was made a cuckold. I never met the guy again, but his best friend was a member of my working group. He was an odd guy who over beers after work liked to pump other guys about their wives’ sexual performances and details of their bodies. It may have been his way of demonstrating how sexually liberal he was, but I think it was really a substitute for his not getting much sex, and wanting to imagine himself fucking any of the wives of the rest of us. He would ask one of the group probing questions about his girl’s body or sexual performance, and offer his own guess, to which the husband’s response would provide the information for him later to jerk off to later. I thought him a complete ass, so I never responded to his probes. His fantasy guesses for answers to the questions he put to us not surprisingly were almost always wrong. After the incident in the kitchen, his attention seemed to be focused on my wife. But in the case of my ex, although he had never met her or even seen her, he got all the sexual details exactly right: the thickness and shape of her bush, the shape and specific hue of her labia, her facial expression when an erection first slides into her pussy, her flushing strongly along the top of the chest when she cums. I had to control my anger when such a creep seemed to know precisely how my ex appeared and behaved when she was getting fucked. But I fear what I was confronted with here were the descriptions of my wife being plowed in the kitchen that morning, which her lover happily passed on to his friend so they both could have some fun with the cuckold husband.

What I think would be the next cucking I got was one my wife regularly teased or taunted we with by hinting at what was going on. But it was her habit when she would do this to claim immediately that she was just joking. I guess when she decided early in our marriage that she could easily have me cucked, she was free to toy with me about it. She had enrolled in a graduate school in another city from where our apartment was. This would require her to be there for the academic year, except for holidays, and back at our apartment in the summers. The summer before this she had decided to go the entire summer with her pussy shaved. This was a couple of decades before a shaved pussy became the fashion among girls. She also had bought a tiny string bikini. We lived no where near any water, but she liked to lay out in the public space of the apartment sunbathing. It was part of her showing off her body, a feature that as I said probably contributed to the trouble I got into with guys cuckolding me. As her shaving her pussy was new, and one of her best features was the shape and protrusion of her labia, you can imagine this was pretty hot. And having taken ballet, she was really skilled at spreading her legs wide and showing off those labia. I of course had assumed that I was the only one who got to enjoy this view. The mistake I made here was in not realizing the danger that when she left in the fall for graduate school, she had not let her bush start growing back, and was still shaving her pussy.

She got a room in a graduate dorm, and at the end of the first week, sure enough, another new graduate student came around to her room to get to know her. He was just starting out, and considerably younger than she was, but as you know from the sailor in Paris, taking the erection of a younger guy was something that appealed to her (but not a requirement, as you will see later). What I know of this incident is from those taunts of me at times of tension between us, providing me (if I wasn’t so naïve) with just enough detail for someone with more sense to realize what was being done to his wife (and her enjoyment of it).

As she described it, his approach at this first meeting was to start talking to her about sex, in a more generalized way. So he “confessed” that he had a problem with sex in that it was hard for him to cum, and he would usually have to go an hour before shooting his load. It was obvious even to me when she told me about it that it was simply a ploy to let a girl he was interested in know that a night with him would be more than a quick bang. My wife’s response she related to me was revealing in that she did not point out that she was married and change the subject, but let it continue, something more like an invitation. In her later taunting of me she said she explained to him enthusiastically that what he described was not a problem, but a great asset, presumably to suggest to him that she was comfortable with and experienced at sex.

Those guys who laugh at me for the multiple cuckings I’ve gotten I’m sure would point out my inability or unwillingness to see through her references to what was happening is exactly why I deserve all these cuckings. I guess at some level I did see the evidence, but wanted to ignore it. I remember feeling uncertain and confused about what was being suggested, but of course I didn’t want to believe it. At the time I was more desperate to dismiss or excuse the details as not adding up to much. Big mistake.

The various comments she made about the details of this guy fucking her are difficult to place in a timeline because this particular cuckolding went on continuously for two full years! She told me that at that first meeting he had a go at her she was wearing overall jeans with a t-shirt, and no bra, and that while they sat together he slipped down the overall top of her jeans to get at her breasts. At one time or another she teased me that when sitting on a bed with him, he began to feel her up and “he got to everything” but that she didn’t just stop him because she wanted “to see how far he would go.” At one time she did mention the fact that she was impressed with his erection, explaining that “he had a curved one.” Apparently she expected that I would be so cowed by her knowing this, that I would not ask how she came by this information. Her descriptions of these events sound like the slow approach of a first time, but I can’t be sure that it wasn’t any other time in the two years he was enjoying my wife’s pussy. Whatever way he began feeling her up that first night, I’m sure that when his hand went down her panties to discover that she still shaved her pussy, it became inevitable for him that this was going to be a full cuckolding of me, not just some feel-up. And on top of the humiliation of this younger guy getting to enjoy my wife in only the first week of the term, he also became the last guy to plow my wife’s shaved pussy, replacing what should have been my privilege. More embarrassing, he continued his fucking of my wife that whole term, as she let her bush grow back. Perhaps he even encouraged her to grow it back, so he could have her through the stages of its getting thicker.

In the case of this particular guy it wasn’t even that I had only the evidence she taunted me with. One night some weeks into the fall term I telephoned her. By this time she had moved in to share an apartment with another student. As I tended to stay up quite late, the call was not much before midnight. Her roommate was shocked and just a little bit annoyed that I would want to talk to my wife so late. So she blurted out I couldn’t speak to her because she was over at this guy’s apartment. I did meet this girl once, and she was as innocent and naïve as I was, so she probably did believe that my wife was studying this late with him. But they were not in the same program and shared no courses. Given what I have to assume she was enjoying from him that night, it would be interesting to know the number of orgasms she took from him in that hour he claimed he needed to plow her before would he cum in her.

I had the occasion to be in that city only once while my ex was there being pounded by this guy. We went together to some student party. Most of the people there were girls, and one in particular was very slim, attractive, and friendly. At some point my ex said there was someone she wanted me to meet, and brought over this guy who was banging her behind my back. Of course nothing was actually said of his enjoying of my ex’s pussy, but some of the people there must have had some knowledge of what was going on between them. During the conversation, she announced that it would be fun if we went home with different partners, and put her arm around this younger student. I was caught without any idea of what to say. Fortunately, that other student saved me by volunteering to take me home with her. In typical fashion, my ex pivoted to treating the whole thing as a joke, but it is now pretty clear to me that she took some pleasure in humiliating me before her friends, some of whom must have known that this guy was screwing my wife. The event does suggest that my ex’s interest in cucking me, in addition to the sexual pleasure she was taking from these guys, was also about how easy it was to toy with me about the humiliating position she put me in, and then deny the whole thing if it became too obvious.

After this guy had been enjoying her pussy for the entire academic year, she returned for the summer to our apartment. Not long after she got a postcard from him showing a giant phallic symbol, some marble column in the city where he lived. He wrote on the card that if she was ever there, she should be sure to take a look at it. As he must have known when he sent a card with the giant phallic symbol that I would see it, it could only mean that he assumed either that I was too dim to recognize the reference to his cock in its erect form, or that he was perfectly happy with my knowing he was cuckolding me, and that I could do nothing about it. My ex had only informed me in her taunting way that his erection was curved and that it lasted a very long time; I guess he wanted to be sure I also understood that he thought he was quite large. He presumably also recognized, perhaps with the encouragement of my ex, that I was someone who could be easily cucked. And sure enough, he continued to have my wife through the entire next academic year.

From my ex’s taunts, I learned the details of only one other specific time he had her over those two years, but precisely when I don’t know. She said he had escorted her back to her apartment from a student party, where she admitted she had done too much drinking and toking (if true neither is characteristic). They entered into the kitchen and apparently he decided that it would be fun to have my wife right out where one of the roommates might walk in on them. So he pulled down her pants, and gave her his erection right on the kitchen table. Again, after she related this, she immediately claimed she was joking.

I can’t say how often he had my wife; who knows? But it does appear likely that during those two school years he was having her pussy more than I was. I’d like to think that this guy’s cucking of me was the longest one I had to endure. Would it be more humiliating if it turned out there was someone who cucked me even longer? Maybe given the length of time and number of times I endured cuckolding over those ten years it makes no difference. From what I know, though, he gets first place in the contest of which guy got to fuck my wife the most times. My inability to recognize much less do anything about the serious cucking I got from this young student is pretty embarrassing, but also, now, a terrific turn-on.

At the end of the summer between the two academic years in which this younger student was cuckolding me, the same summer he sent her the phallic symbol postcard, we had traveled to visit her parents. Unknown to me she had gotten in contact with that neighbor with whom she had cuckolded her first boyfriend in the brief fling before leaving town. One’s wife getting in contact with a former boyfriend should have been a red flag, but again I chose to ignore it. She arranged an evening together with him and his wife. When they arrived she wasn’t ready, but after some minutes came into the room in full makeup and perfume, wearing the tiniest and tightest shorts and a halter top, ran up to him and pressed herself fully against him in a hug. We spent the evening playing cards, talking and drinking. I learned then he had a keen interest in photography, an important point as you will see. Days later she came in from shopping and handed me a pile of photographs, which I have attached here.

She told me that she had gone to a photographic studio to have a portrait done for her parents. As I went through them she made various explanations as to how these increasingly graphic shots came about, and what the photographer was saying. I kept my observations to myself. The first shot of her does look like a typical formal portrait, although I noticed from the several of them that her blouse was buttoned below her breasts, and she was not wearing a bra, a little odd for a portrait for one’s parents.

The next photo indicates that she changed her blouse at that point to a vest she had found a few years before in a town abroad known for its traditional lace makers. When she had tried it on in the shop, the proprietor was falling all over himself to get a good view, since its openwork made it entirely see-through. That it covered nothing meant that she had never had occasion to wear it before. So it seemed very odd to me that she brought it along for a formal portrait for her parents. The photographer also took note, and pointed out to her that he could see her nipples through it. She said he told her that he had some makeup he could put on her that would mask the effect. It was not clear to me whether he was referring to the nipples or the tan lines around her breasts, but in effect he seemed to be proposing to feel up my wife’s breasts. Her account didn’t clarify whether she at that point allowed him to or not.

She said that after the shots in the see-through vest, while she was changing again, the photographer came over to the changing room and asked if she would like to do some nude shots. She agreed and took off her clothes. From this point on, she let me know, the photographer was sporting a large hard-on, another red flag given her history of being attracted by erect cocks. She explained her willingness to get nude because he proposed to do “art photos.” She had been an art major in college where she had told me the students would pose for each other to save on model fees. So in agreeing to do art photos I guess she expected me to understand that this photographer was really interested in the elevated world of art. Of course I don’t know how he could have known of her art background, one of a series of inconsistencies in her account of that afternoon. But the artistic perspective would allow me to overlook that after a few shots of her nude from the waist up, the photographer was getting increasingly close to her, and taking close range shots of parts of her body, presumably artistically.

After the first shots of her nude from the waist up, they became increasingly graphic, and now excluded her face. He first photographed her from behind, standing, and in a ballet pose. And then did a frontal shot of her torso. I noticed that the point of focus was one of her breasts, viewed in profile, and in the next she was now seated on the floor, and the point of focus was the other breast. But now there were some changes that made me uneasy. The breasts were swollen, and the nipples and areolas tightly erect. Her hair was pushed back off her chest, and I observed that the necklaces she was wearing were now gone. The only way I could fathom that her breasts would go from relaxed to fully aroused so quickly was if the photographer took this opportunity to fondle them. I imagine he told her the necklaces should come off, and since she was seated he could help her from behind, and then pull her hair back off her chest for the next shot. The evidence of his fondling her seemed pretty clear, but I didn’t question her about it, and she let it pass without comment.

When I got to the shot where he is standing over her photographing her nude torso, she was now prone, leaning back on her elbows. He seemed interested in the tan lines around her bush and breasts. She told me that from this point on he kept telling her that he really like her bush and wanted to lick it. It seemed consistent with his having fondled her breasts, but I was too intent to inquire why a photographer would make such an offer, even if he might well be thinking it, and why she was comfortable with letting the situation continue to develop.

In the next shot she must be fully prone, with one leg slightly raised and spread open, exposing her pussy. The photographer must have been on the floor next to her and focused the camera directly on her pussy. With her one leg spread open, one can see her labia and I think a slight glisten as if they had become damp. She pointed out to me here with some pride that she was laid out with her bush “all trimmed down.” True enough, it had been trimmed short, but I guess she felt she needed to draw my attention to this obvious fact in order to avoid the awkward question of why she had prepared herself in this way. The previous summer was the one she had shaved her pussy, but she was not in the habit of trimming her bush short, as it was here. And she failed to notice that having trimmed her bush before the photo session was hardly consistent with her story that the whole thing was a spontaneous agreement to do nude “art photos.”

The photographer then positioned himself between her legs taking a straight-on view into her pussy. Her head is turned to one side, and one leg drawn up to block the view of her face. This position was the last shot, but she told me that after it he then “kept getting closer and closer and closer.” Her description is interesting. I doubt he could have moved any closer and still been able to keep her pussy in focus. But since he took no more photos, that wasn’t his goal anyway. With her head turned and the camera blocked from her view by her bent leg, she could not have seen that he was moving closer to her pussy, so her knowing this can only result from what happened next. Her account of the photoshoot just stopped at this point, and she said she got up and got dressed, without detailing what took place. I think that her telling me that he kept getting closer after he finished photographing was taunting me again, since his continual closing in would quickly result in his mouth being pressed against her labia, and he could fulfill his expressed desire to lick her pussy.

It does seem to me from the inconsistencies of her account, the graphic visuals and her own descriptions of his coming on to her that the result here was that I got cucked again. What does strike me as odd is that a professional photographer would take the chance of being so overt in telling a client that he wanted to lick her bush. On her side, she posed in a see-through lace vest, trimmed her bush before the session, and noticed his erection during it, which suggests that she was also hoping for a sexual culmination. While the setting and the quality of the photos are consistent with a professional, it occurs to me that the photographer may have been that former boyfriend, since after all she did contact him before we arrived in town, so there was some reason she wanted to see him. He had been her lover before, so having her again may have been simply expected on both their sides. Of course the results for my having been made a cuckold again are the same whoever the photographer was that got to bone her. And the chronology here is also revealing. Within two weeks of her letting the photographer cuckold me, she was back at school, and that younger fellow student, who had sent the phallic symbol postcard letting me know that he intended to continue cucking me, would be fulfilling his promise for the entire next school year.

The last cucking that I know of I can’t place precisely during my marriage with my ex, though I think it probably comes later. She had told me about this middle-aged guy in her line of work who was a fixture at their business conferences. This was a guy of significant prestige among his business associates. But she said he had a reputation for hanging out in the hotel bars and either getting drunk or hitting on the younger women at the conferences, apparently with some success. And she mentioned that he had repeatedly talked her up, too. While I certainly think that a guy might well be keen to take advantage of her pussy if it were available, it is striking that she would be hanging out in a hotel bar, since she knew he was hot for her, and of course would be there, and since she didn’t drink much, more warning signs I missed. The guy was apparently handsome enough, and she may have heard from other girls about his skills in bed. In the other times I got cuckolded (that I know about anyway) she seemed to be driven mostly by the opportunity to enjoy some new guy thrusting his cock into her pussy. Here, however, her lover’s status in his profession I think was an additional incentive.

I should explain that my knowledge of this particular humiliation comes from a combination of her continual hinting by mentioning his repeated hitting on her, and a description she gave me. In a prelude to sex I asked her once to describe a fantasy of having someone fuck her. What I failed to realize in making this request is that she actually had very little in the way of sexual imagination. Since the “fantasy” she described lines up exactly with this guy (middle-aged, conference, bar, hotel) I think what she really described was the time this guy triumphed in his efforts to take her into his bed.

So, she said this middle-aged guy was persistent in hitting on her in the bar, and she decided that a good fucking from him seemed an exciting prospect. She agreed to go up to his room. She did not mention anything about the elevator ride up, but presumably he started to kiss her and feel her up, because by the time they got to his room door, she claimed, he had already begun undressing her. Since conference hotel rooms are not very big, the removal of her clothes took place quickly on the way to the bed. First her jacket, blouse and bra were opened up the front so he could fondle her breasts. By this time, they were at the bed, onto which he pushed her back, and as she described it “he had my panties and stockings off in a flash.” The desire by this guy to start fucking my wife, and her willingness to take his cock were apparently so urgent, as she described it, that he began plowing her with her jacket, blouse, and bra still on, though fully opened. This energetic fury impressed her. Fortunately for her, his lust for having her did not interfere with the quality of his performance: making my humiliation worse, she reported in her account that “he fucked the hell out of me.”

It must have lasted some time, because as she described it, by the time he blew his load into her, her jacket, blouse and bra had long come off and she was under him taking his thrusts completely naked. After he had thoroughly fucked my wife in that first session, they lay together she said, with him continuing to kiss and fondle her breasts. She could of course have left at this point, but given what he had just done to her, why wouldn’t she wait around to see what comes next? And in short order she watched him begin to pop another erection. Fully erect, he rolled her over so she was face down on the bed, pushed her legs apart, and kneeling between her legs thrust his erection into her again. She never reported in her description of this night which position she found more gratifying, taking his cock from the front or from behind.

The detail in which she described this double fucking, and the fact that this second position, face down and legs spread, is not one that she and I used, leads me to conclude that this was not some imagined fucking, but a fairly accurate description of yet another occasion in which I got cucked. The detail in which she recounted this fucking sure suggests to me a description rather than fantasy made up on the fly. I should add that apart from her willingness to take another guy’s cock, (which she had shown multiple times before) she got a practical advantage out of having this guy sliding his erection into her bush. Though she never held a position under him (I mean employment, not lying beneath him with her legs spread open) he wrote her a recommendation which got her first really good job.

This incident is the last where I can say I know of some guy having my wife. All together, I can’t avoid admitting to myself that I’ve been made a pretty thorough cuckold. The number of times, and how easy it seems to have been for them to pound my wife is by itself humiliating but in finally admitting them to myself, I find them deeply arousing. I’m not sure how I feel about those guys who cucked me. They certainly didn’t hold back or show me any consideration in what they must have known would eventually be the humiliation I would face when I was willing to admit it to myself. To be fair, as far as I can tell, the guys who cucked me all did exceptionally good jobs when the got the chance to try out her pussy. And while I might admire their workmanship, it probably also added to my situation. Had they fucked her less well, maybe she might not have been so eager to continue her pattern of letting others have their turns in cucking me. Once she made the decision apparently early in our marriage that I could be cucked easily, it wasn’t their job to hold off putting their erections in her pussy just to save me the humiliation. If I couldn’t see the enjoyment my wife repeatedly was getting from other guy’s cocks, I have to admit that responsibility is on me, so sure was I at the beginning of our marriage that I would never be in the position of being a cuckold. And it’s true that they probably didn’t know that there were all those others who also got to have her. Just as I didn’t imagine I could ever get cucked, perhaps each thought that only he got the opportunity to have his cock in my wife.

As to the motivations of my wife, surely in part she just had a real liking for a new erection and how it would feel in her. But her habit of hinting at the cuckings I was getting, the regularity with which someone was in fact cucking me, and the multiple times some of them got to cuck me must indicate that, apart from the sexual pleasure, she also took great pleasure in knowing the humiliation I would be subjected to, and that at some point I would have to admit it all to myself. Perhaps she expected, as a friend has suggested to me, that if I realized what was happening, I would accept my situation and be willing to take up that role of just watching while my wife enjoys some other guy. I will never know, as that option never occurred. The various hints she gave me, or her supposed joking about one of these guys having cucked me I imagine were to generate those suspicions that would gnaw at me. It was the incident of the teenage sailor fucking her (of which I had no previous clue) which was the one she at the end openly confronted me with, rather than confirming that one or more of the hinted cuckings had actually taken place. That I had no inkling of that sexual conquest of my wife of course raised the possibility that there were others like it of which I had no suspicion. Five guys having my wife in ten years of marriage seems like a lot to me. But the friend to whom I related these events, pointed out to me that someone who was so brazen as to get picked up by a teenage sailor and spend the night getting plowed by him is someone whose sexual audacity I am seriously underestimating. He suggested that in actuality I should easily estimate that I got cucked “two or three times more” than those five I know of. He may be right, but as I have no evidence to describe those other cuckings, I will leave the total number to the discretion of the reader.
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The very first time I ever shared a partner was my first real girlfriend when I was a lad, I had had girls who were friends before, but Shirley was my first proper partner.

I had been enjoying masturbation for years but Shirl was the girl I lost my virginity to and I was only her second (so she said).

We found it was really hard to get with each other, my house was no good, we did go to Lou’s house (Louise was my best friend since were were in primary together) but Shirl would never do more than kiss in front of Louise or our gang of friends.

We snatched a few intimate moments at places like youth clubs if we were careful, and on trains (on the old-style carriages with no interconnecting doors) where if we were alone as the train pulled off, we had privacy till we hit the next station at least, but we both were desperate for a place we could be alone.

It was John (a neighbor of mine) who offered us the solution, he said we were welcome to use his house whenever we liked and the idea of a bed, and a closed door was perfect for us.

I had not told Shirley he was just the weird guy I mow the lawn for and do odd jobs for.

She asked why I said "weird" and I told her, he wasn’t really weird as such but I know he was a naturist and when alone he liked to be as he called it “textile free”.

She was very interested and asked me if he was ever naked when I was there? and I said “a few times, but it didn’t bother me as I was just doing the work I was being paid for and didn’t pay him any mind”.

She joked with me about it and asked was his cock big or small? and I lied and said I never watched him to see at which she laughed.

So we took him up on his offer and we had ourselves a house literally on my doorstep (she lived a few miles and 2 stops on the local trainline away) where we could explore each other and eventually had full intercourse on John’s bed.

John would always greet us but remain downstairs or in the garden, he never tried to watch us or be a part of anything we were doing he was totally happy at providing us a venue for our sex.

After we had sex, we used to join John for a cup of tea or watch the telly and after the first few times where Shirl felt very embarrassed, it started to be easier for her and she never felt like he was thinking “I know what you’ve just been doing” lol

After a few months, she asked him one day after a particularly heated pounding from me, why he was never naked as she thought he was a confirmed naturist.

John said he was but would not be naked where it might make someone feel uncomfortable (meaning her) and I leapt on this by saying “I couldn’t care less!” to which he laughed “oh thanks, so I have your approval then?” we all laughed and the Shirl said what I had been hoping for, that it was ok with her too.

I was very pleased, I so wanted her to see his cock, it dwarfed my tiny cock, I wanted to see her eyes widen as she took his length in (so to speak) I was small, about 5½ inches long, but reasonable thick, (enough to make her squeak on occasion lol) but I was genuinely so eager to see her admire his beast of a penis.

He said that if we were sure, that he wouldn’t cover up in future and we both said “cool” or something to that effect.

The next time we visited, she had been going on about his nudity all day to me, I was certain she was actually getting herself into a state imagining this old man naked in front of her.

We were welcomed into his house as usual he had a robe on to answer the door and as we moved into his lounge, he took off the robe and was naked for the first time in front of Shirl.

I could see her eyes were locked on his huge flaccid cock, his heavy balls and his length slapped on his thighs as he walked and as he made us all a brew and brought it in, Shirl was not even discrete about her interest in his length.

I was loving her attention she was giving and I knew what might happen to John, as I knew his love was being watched, and here he was with 2 teens watching him, one of them a pretty blonde girl.

At first however he remained limp and Shirley asked him about his naturism and how long, etc how he knew he liked it etc and then asked did he not get embarrassed if he got excited?

John explained that naturism for him wasn’t a sexual thing, it was a lifestyle thing.
If he did get an erection, he would “either ignore it, or deal with it” which we all laughed at.
“If I’m at the beach, for example, I might go in the water to reduce the effect or lie on my front, its not the done thing to push your arousal in peoples faces” he told us.

He said if we wanted to try the lifestyle out, his house is a safe place to see if we like it and that we were welcome to be textile free or clothed as we wished.

When we were alone upstairs later Shirl was full off questions from me, “would you go nude? Did you see how big it was? Imagine that erect! Do you think he wanks a lot?” I said in a cowardly way that I would if she would and after a few minutes she replied with that she would if I would first.

“what, do you mean?” I asked (knowing full well) and she said that if I dared to strip naked and visit him downstairs, she would take her clothes off too.

She added that she would go to bra and panties at least, and I knew that I had her.
I got up and said “come on then, prove it” with a laugh and left the bedroom and went don’t where John was watching the horse racing on telly.

I said how we had come to join him and without a further word I stripped off my jeans, t-shirt and pants and stood next to the sofa with him looking up at me from his lounger and Shirl bright red in the face and nervous.
I was erect and my short length was rock hard as she seemed to think about things, then she amazed me (and John) by walking in front of the telly and looking at John as she took off her sweatshirt and her jeans leaving her in a pair of white cotton panties and her white bra.

I was so turned on I knew I was going to cum soon if I touched myself, John was intent on looking at her body, her long blonde hair was partly covering her small breast mounds and her thick bushy pubes were clearly visible through her panties, although covered up she was so sexy looking and I saw John’s cock begin to swell as he enjoyed my girlfriend.
He stood up as she moved to the sofa and lay down as the two of us stood over her admiring her sexuality and her half nakedness.
Her eyes were fixed on John’s penis, it grew for her and I knew it was her gaze on him that was arousing him so much.
I did not last long, after just a few minutes I shot a sticky load onto her panties and tummy.

John was now stroking his shaft, his helmet wet with precum and pointed at my girlfriend’s face. She was enjoying his actions I could tell and was rubbing my mess into her undies which made them see through in places.

He was jerking his meat and as I sat down on the sofa at Shirl’s feet, I had a grand view of her as she pulled her gusset aside and showed my pensioner friend her pussy.

She didn’t masturbate on that day; she just offered him a view of her spunk moistened sex and watched him intently as he jerked off for her.

I could see her tiny little bullet sized nipples were erect through the thin bra material and was loving the sight of these two pleasuring each other.

She suddenly slipped her wet panties off her legs and spread her legs and holding her labia lips apart showed John how wet her pink pussy hole was.

I was in heaven; my girlfriend was exposing her most intimate area to a man who was going to cover her in sperm any moment.

I desperately wanted him to push that monster cock in her hole and fuck her senseless but I knew it wasn’t on the cards.

I did have the pleasure of seeing her wriggle to the edge of the sofa her legs wide to allow him to drop to his knees and have his cock more at her level.

He pointed his cock at her wet pink pussy and I watched as he moved it closer and closer to her moist hole, I was loving this, and I heard her say “do it!” to John, I watched him as he did. He ejaculated a huge stream of his hot semen onto her sex, followed by 3 or 4 more jets spraying her blonde pubes and belly, hitting her chest, her bra, her body and legs. It was amazing, I was so convinced she was inviting him to fuck her, but it was even better, to see her made a complete mess of.
His cum had covered her and she had never looked sexier or more lovely.

As she took her bra off to be as naked as us 2 guys, his seed ran down her body and as she looked distracted and a bit puzzled, she left the room and we heard the shower running up stairs.

Shirl was in the bedroom after her shower and we stayed there till we dressed.

She was not ashamed at all, but was, I think embarrassed at her own desire to behave so brazenly. It bothered her for some time and was sadly never able to overcome her feelings.

She enjoyed it, was eager, wanted more (so I found out later) but after she felt dirty and couldn’t properly engage with her deeper desires or fantasies.

She did play on about 2 more occasions, both after a party so was definitely alcohol fuelled, one time, even masturbating for John! Which was very special.

We remained friend for ages after but she always felt a bit awkward, going back to John’s house so we started to find other venues for her peace of mind.

over the years I have shared both my wives and several girlfriends and to this day much prefer to masturbate as I watch rather than have intercourse.
I arrange my wife's sex with a longtime friend or occasionally with people we meet at a club, it is a life that won't suit many but it works for us
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