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Alan DeMoss
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Default Donna Edmondson discussion

Found this cut-and-paste on an old 1.4 MB hard disc, probably from a Yah00 Group. Verbatim:


06 March 1998

moderator: Everyone please welcome to the Playboy Cyber Club the 1986 Playmate of the Year: Donna Edmondson.
donnaedmondson : Hi everyone, it's nice to be back. I hope you have lots of questions for me! {action} waves

Highvelocity : Hello Ms. Edmondson. How are you?
Diverdown : Hi Donna! Welcome to the Cyber Club.
donnaedmondson : I'm doing just fine! Thanks for asking.

Richardjr : Would you consider doing a Playmate Revisited pictorial if asked?
donnaedmondson : Actually, they just contacted me a couple of weeks ago to submit some recent photos, so I think there will be a Revisited article in an upcoming issue very soon. I wouldn't pose again right now because I'm pregnant. Also, my kids are so young now that I have to give all of my time to them.

Billarvola : Hi Donna! How many people do you have on your Christmas card list? You must not be very choosy if *I* am on it. :-) By the way, R says she got her package, thanks for playing Postgirl.
donnaedmondson : Oh, good! I'm glad she received it. Hi Bill. I hope you're doing well and I hope you had a Merry Christmas. My Christmas card list has about 200 people on it. It's kind of my "keep in touch with people" list. Aren't you supposed to be teaching right now, Bill? {action} smiles

Diverdown : You're pregnant? Congratulations! Best wishes to you and your husband.
donnaedmondson : Thank you! It's number three.

Diverdown : Wonders if Bill ever teaches, he's here so often. LOL
Billarvola : My classes are all concentrated in the morning this semester, so I'm all yours. Speaking of class, what did you study in school?
donnaedmondson : I was at school for Financial Management.

Richardjr : Since you were Playmate of the Year have you pretty much done everything you wanted to do and traveled to all the places you've dreamed of?
donnaedmondson : Not at all. There are tons of things that I want to do in my life, especially with my husband. I would love to go to Europe; Greece, Italy, Switzerland. I'd love to go to Australia. There are so many things that a person can do, so many places to go to see.

Highvelocity : What have you been doing since '86? Are you still into modeling?
donnaedmondson : No, I don't model. I did travel around with Playboy until about '90. Then I got married in '90, had two children... you guys know the story from there.

Whiplashx : Hello Donna! You've always been one of my all-time favorite Playmates! How long have you been married?
donnaedmondson : It'll be eight years in July. I lucked out and got a very nice guy.

Richardjr : Are you enjoying the renewed attention given to Playmates with the E! Playmate specials, the trading cards, "The Playmate Book," and the Playboy Cyber Club?
donnaedmondson : Well, it's been exciting. With the Glamourcons you can see that you're always going to be a Playmate. Before the trading cards came out, I felt like the promotions were going away, but after they came out I've been busy with promotions.* I really like doing promotions. I usually only do them when I feel like them. I don't think you should be out in front of the public if you're not up to it, because then you can come off looking or seeming unflattering. So, I make sure that I am up for them and I've enjoyed every one that I've done.

Quickrod : Have you thought of putting up your own homepage on the Web?
donnaedmondson : No, I haven't actually because Playboy is going to put one up for me on the Playboy Cyber Club.

Diverdown : Since we haven't seen you since last November, how are you and your family? Did you have a nice winter holiday and is your New Year shaping up as planned?
donnaedmondson : Yes, my New Year's was wonderful. I got pregnant in January, so that started out my year. Actually, I've had a good life, not just a good year. I've been very blessed.

Richardjr : Do you plan on doing the Glamourcon circuit this year? If you do, will you be in L.A. in June?
donnaedmondson : No, I won't because I'll have to be with my family. I will get back into Glamourcons after my kids are a little older. I love doing the Glamourcon shows, so I'll definitely get back into them. I hear that there will be a Glamourcon in Atlanta this year and I would love to go to that one.

Lpadilla : Donna, since you were a virgin when you posed for your Playmate of the Month layout, was that the first time a guy had ever seen you nude?
donnaedmondson : No. {action} smiles
donnaedmondson : That's a very private question, but the honest answer is no.

Richardjr : Were you happy with your PMOM and PMOY pictorials?
donnaedmondson : I liked both of the pictorials. There are always a couple of pictures that you don't like. You're always critical of your stuff, but I think Playboy did a great job on both of them.

Djmartin : Donna, do you keep in contact with the Playmates of 1986?
donnaedmondson : No, actually, but when I do Glamourcons or VSDA in Vegas, you have this bond with the girls from your year. I saw Ava Fabian at the last VSDA show and we sat and talked. It's kind of like a sorority, and it's so nice to see them. Lynne Austin and I did a video together and she was probably my closest friend from my year.

Lpadilla : Since there were apparently a few other Playmates who were virgins when they posed, particularly from earlier times, had you ever discussed the issue and "compared notes" with any of them?
donnaedmondson : No, I really haven't. The most I've ever discussed my virginity was with the public when people ask questions about it. I actually wasn't aware that it was going to come up in the magazine. I didn't know that it would ever be such a big deal.

Richardjr : When your pictorial first came out how did your family and friends handle you appearing in Playboy?
donnaedmondson : My family has always been 100% behind me. The only uncomfortable situations have resulted from me being from the bible belt, not from my family though. They were even in my PMOY video.
My friends love it. My best girlfriend from high school thought it was just hilarious that I got in the magazine. She actually sent me flowers at the Mansion when I got PMOY. I was voted "Most Likely to Be a Bunny" in high school, so everyone thought it was great.

Diverdown : Before the Internet, e-mail and Glamourcons did you ever suspect that you had such a following of fans?
donnaedmondson : Actually, I noticed the fans of Playboy when I was doing promotions for PMOY. There were so many people at video stores and places like that. There were so many people at these shows. You wonder why all these people are standing in line to have you sign something for them. But I know that Playboy has such a huge following and they are responsible for the draw as well.

Diverdown : Do you and Lynne still keep in touch. If so, how is she?
donnaedmondson : I was never able to get in tough with her this past year, so I really don't know. I know she has a child.

Bairrister : Donna, are you tired of answering questions about your sexuality at the time of your pictorial? What don't we know about you would like for us to know because we're all caught up in your sexuality and therefore don't ask about?
donnaedmondson : {action} laughs
donnaedmondson : That's a nice question! Hmm... let me think.
donnaedmondson : That's a tough question. You are free to ask anything you want of me. I'm not one to really talk about myself, but I do much better answering questions people ask than to tell someone about myself. I'm a nice person. I love cranberry juice with lime in it. Lots of lime. It's my favorite drink.

Diverdown : It's true, Playboy does have a following and quite a following at that. However, speaking for myself and Bill, when you're around the following is for you, not Playboy. LOL.
donnaedmondson : That's very nice of you Diverdown! Thank you very much!

Billarvola : Last time Corinna Harney was here, she made a few jaws drop by referring to loving to shoot her AR-15 rifle. Being buddies with Corinna, do you have an "ordnance" preference?
donnaedmondson : Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but I don't enjoy shooting guns. In fact, I've never shot a gun. I'm just not comfortable with them, so I don't really put myself around them. But to each his own.

Diverdown : When you finally find time for yourself; grandma is watching the kiddies, hubby is off doing the things that hubbies do, what is it that you like to do?
donnaedmondson : I like to be with my hubby. Hubby likes to be with me too. When we have a baby-sitter we go out to dinner and have adult conversations, which I miss tremendously, because I'm with the kids all week. I think my favorite things to do are go to the beach, read a book, go to a movie... the same things everyone else likes to do. Quiet time. Anything where children are not involved.

Billarvola : My Mom, a fellow North Carolina girl, says the Carolina beaches are the nicest in the world. Do you concur? Are or were you a "beach bunny"?
donnaedmondson : I do concur. The beaches are beautiful and I go there annually. Yes, I was a beach bunny. I went to Myrtle Beach a lot in college. I'm sure my kids will end up going there too one day.

Diverdown : Donna, do you have a fan mail address? If so, could you share it with us? Bill's not the only one in these here parts who would like to be on your Christmas card list.*
donnaedmondson : {action} laughs
donnaedmondson : Actually, John O'Neill keeps up with all my requests for pictures at this point until I get my web page up on the Playboy Cyber Club. He's at My page should be up in the Cyber Club soon, though.

Richardjr : We all have heard of the wild parties at the Playboy Mansion. Do you have any standout Mansion memories you can share with us?
donnaedmondson : No, I really don't. I think by the time I came around the wild parties were pretty much over. When I was around, Hef was with Carrie Leigh and it was just like every other household. There were celebrities that came over for things like Sunday Night Fight Night, etc. It was more of a cocktail party atmosphere. There wasn't anything like parties in the jacuzzi or in the grotto.

Richardjr : During your spare time what sort of movies/TV programs do you enjoy watching? What sort of music do you like listening to?
donnaedmondson : I love all kinds of music actually. Lately I've gotten more into jazz, relaxing, calming music, but I love any kind of music. The other night I watched Garth Brooks on TV. He's a great entertainer.
Movies, I like love stories and adventures, even action, but not scary movies. I loved Titanic. I love John Travolta! I really want to see Primary Colors.

moderator : Well, we have only a few minutes left, so feel free to get in those last minute questions for Donna.
Djmartin : Donna, have you swapped your sports car (seating for 2+2), for a station wagon, now that number three is on it's way?
donnaedmondson : Actually, I still have my Corvette. It's an '87 and it has 24,000 miles on it. I store it in my garage. I will never sell it, it's a collectors item. I've had so many offers on it. My husband and I plan to drive it around when we're 50. The kids are going to hate us.
{action} laughs
That was the best part of the PMOY thing. Forget the money, I just wanted the car.

Ace : Donna, are you involved with any charities? If so, could you please explain?
donnaedmondson : I do lots of work with the March of Dimes because it involves children and birth defects. I love working with children and I do that frequently throughout the year. I contribute to other charities, but not in the same capacity as I do with the March of Dimes.

moderator : Thanks Donna, you've been a great sport.
Djmartin : Donna, thanks for the chat, '86 was a vintage year.
Ace : Thanks for stopping by again Donna, it was a pleasure again. -Ace
Billarvola : Bye Donna! Thanks for chatting [again.] If your child is a boy, you could name him Bill or even Diverdown. :-)
donnaedmondson : {action} laughs
Richardjr : Aloha Donna! Thanks for the chat! I hope to see you at the L.A. Glamourcon in June. Come back soon!
Diverdown : Donna, thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello again. I had a great time and I hope that you did as well. Congratulations again on soon to be number three. I hope to see you here again soon or perhaps in Atlanta if you can make it. Till we meet again -- peace and all good things to you and your family.
Blofeldt : Thanks for chatting Donna. If numero three is a boy, can you call him Nigel?

donnaedmondson : Goodbye everyone. I really enjoy chatting and I would love to do it again. The questions are always so nice! Thank you so much for all your support for me. I'll have to let you guys know what I name my baby the next time I chat.
{action} laughs
donnaedmondson : gives everyone a big hug.
donnaedmondson : waves at everyone.

moderator : Thanks again Donna! You're a wonderful women. See you soon in the Playboy Cyber Club. See everyone else in the Events Lobby.
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Alan DeMoss
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Default Cyber Chat Feb 8 1999, verbatim

[Donna has a big following on VEF, and some of these questions are really good, so I'm reluctant to edit any of this. The mods can if they wish. - AD]


moderator : Let's welcome Donna Edmondson to this evening's chat!
donnaedmondson : Hi everyone! Sorry I am late! It is nice to be back on the chat line. I had to take my son to the doctor, and he has scarlet fever!
flipsides : Hi Donna.
joeymurphy: Hello.
chipwich : Hi Donna.
babyface69: Hi Donna, how are you?

robert0259 : Donna, how are you this evening?
donnaedmondson :Right now, I am very tired, and it hasn't been the best day! Well, as for this evening, I am now in my car driving my sick son home. He is so tired and quiet!

graydrake : Do you have any new projects in the works?
donnaedmondson : Well, I am going to be at the Atlanta Glamourcon! And I have a new baby, and that is a new project in all! I am just busy with life in general! I'm really not doing anything with Playboy right now, I wanted to do a Revisited, but I hear they stopped doing that for now. So you guys need to get on the ball and let them know that you are interested in seeing some of us older girls. {smiles}

moderator : A few more simple greetings....
lpadilla : Hi, Donna! Glad to have you back with us! Hope your son gets better real soon!
donnaedmondson : Oh that's nice...thank you!
babyface69 : Hi Donna, are you the only, beautiful Donna Edmondson?
donnaedmondson : Well...I don't know of any other Donna Edmondson, but that is very nice!

john1971 : How has your husband handled your Playmate status?
donnaedmondson : He has been very supportive. I think when Playmates get married that they have an understanding that that is a part of my past, and he is very accepting of that and very supportive. Obviously if he is going to watch my three kids while I go to Atlanta, that means he is very supportive. He is so sweet!

robert0259 : Donna, since we are not getting any younger ourselves...we really appreciate "older" natural beauties like you!
babyface69 : My friend's dad never got rid of the 1986 Playboy issue of you; he said you were the best there ever was.
donnaedmondson : Thank you very much! Doesn't Playboy do a feature on women who are 40 and older? That is very sweet! Thank you very much! This must be the ego line, you're boosting my ego. {smiles}
joeymurphy : Yes, they do, and you would be perfect for it.
donnaedmondson : Thank you Joey. {smiles}

babyface69 : Have you posed nude for any magazine or movie lately?
donnaedmondson : No, I haven't since 1987. Playboy was the only magazine that I posed for. I was in two videos -- the Playmate of the Year Centerfold video and Lynne Austin's video. I was on jet skis. It was shot down in the Keys, and the funny thing about it was that I don't even know how to swim.
spacecase : I think you should be Playmate 2000. I love you!!
joeymurphy : That is a shame to deprive us of your beauty.

lestbart : Would you ever consider posing nude again?
donnaedmondson : Well, put in your vote!
joeymurphy : You got mine.
lovemonkey : You got one vote here!
babyface69 : You got a vote here.
donnaedmondson : Well, I thought about it, and Playboy asked me for the Revisited when they were doing them. The first time I had just had a baby, and the second time I was trying to get pregnant. So it has never really been a great time for me. But I would love to!

moderator : There will be a short delay...we were on a cell phone with Donna while she was driving home from the doctor's office. She has now arrived home and will be calling us back as soon as she gets inside her home. Sorry for the delay! There are LOTS of great questions! Keep 'em coming!
babyface69 : Let me tell you a true story, when I was in pre-teens in 1986. My friend and I would sneak in his dad's bedroom and look at the Playboy magazine. When I saw your picture, I fell in love with your beauty. My friend and I would call you Venus, the goddess of beauty. I do have the magazine with me, and it's my most prized possession.
donnaedmondson : Wow, well, I am very honored to be compared with a god. That is very nice. Thank you! Actually, you call my husband in about ten years and remind him. {laughs}

pbcollector : You are still very young, you would still blow away most of the girls today. A 33-year-old Donna Edmondson would still win PMOY in any year.
donnaedmondson : Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

lpadilla : Which of your Playboy pictures is your favorite? The least favorite?
donnaedmondson : I really like the one that was in my PMOY pictorial that is all face shots. I think I like those the best. it really reflects my personality. I don't have a least favorite picture. I think Playboy does a great job. I did have a Polaroid once that I really hated. They taped cardboard to my back to hold the dress in place. It was unbelievable!

spacecase : Do you log onto the Net? And maybe have email?
donnaedmondson : I don't have an email address. You can write to me at Playmate Promotions. But also keep in mind that I will be in Atlanta in March. I am currently working on getting my marketplace added to my Personal Page. So I will have a P.O. Box soon! Look for my update soon!

lovemonkey : Any plans for Valentine's Day?
donnaedmondson : Hopefully a nice quiet dinner out with my husband! My favorite food is still pasta and fish! I love getting salmon and pasta on the side.
robert0259 : Donna, somehow I can't see you slaving over a hot stove...are you a good cook?
donnaedmondson : {laughs} Yes I am, thank you very much! I love to cook Southern food. I make all that heart-stopping food, ya know all that high cholesterol food. Everything usually has a whole stick butter! My husband always yells at me about making this, he's always like, Where is the salad? {laughs}

robstewart : How many children do you have?
donnaedmondson : I just had my third child, and I am done. My youngest is five months old. I used to say I wanted six kids, but three are just perfect!

m_henderson : Is the scarlet fever something they can treat in a doctor's office?
donnaedmondson : Well, they gave him some antibiotics so I wouldn't have to go to the drugstore. Then a prescription to be filled in the morning. Hopefully that will give him an appetite, and he will eat something tomorrow. When your kids are sick it is the worst feeling, you feel so helpless!

chipwich : Playboy doesn't sell your PMOY video anymore. Why is that?
donnaedmondson : You can't get it anymore, I can't even get a copy of it myself. I only have four copies, and I would be happy to sell one of them. Look for it on my upcoming marketplace.

lpadilla : If you had your experiences as PMOM and PMOY to do over, what would you do differently?
donnaedmondson : I would probably take more pictures. I wish I would have taken a camera with me when I was traveling, especially when I was in Japan. When I was on the plane going to Japan, David Lee Roth was on the plane, and of course I didn't have my camera with me. I was with two other Playmates.

john1971 : Is it awkward to sign nude photos of yourself at events like Glamourcon?
donnaedmondson : No, it really is not. I don't think I could have ever posed if I didn't agree with what I was doing. It is a very special part of my life, and I would do it all over again!

pbcollector : I see you're not on the list to attend the Chicago Glamourcon, is there a chance you will make it to the Chicago show?
donnaedmondson : No. I don't like to fly, and that is the reason why I am going to Atlanta so I can drive. I hope to get over this flying thing!

chipwich : Are you still in real estate?
donnaedmondson : No, I keep my license active but I am not actively selling. I am actively mothering! {smiles}

robert0259 : Donna, do you ever get tired of "virgin Playmate" questions?
donnaedmondson : Well, it really isn't true anymore, so I think they can get rid of that question! {laughs}

m_henderson : Which of your "shoots" was the most fun? The train?
donnaedmondson : Let me think.... The trampoline was the most fun in the video shoot. I had a great time doing that. It was great exercise. I liked not having to stand in the same pose. That is very uncomfortable. It is very hard to stand there for hours on end.

joeymurphy : How do you stay in shape?
donnaedmondson : I walk regularly. I try to do aerobics every now and then. I did get a video for Christmas that I like. It's called "The Grind." {laughs}

babyface69 : Are you good friends with any Playmates?
donnaedmondson : Well, I know several Playmates from over the years. We do keep in touch with cards. I think you usually make the best of friends with the girls whom you pose with in the same year. It's hard because I am in North Carolina, so I really don't know a lot of the newer girls.
moderator : We have about 15 minutes left with Donna this evening. Get your final questions and your goodbyes in!

john1971 : Do you prefer the photos of you from the front or the back more?
donnaedmondson : The front. I like when you can see someone's face. I think you can see their personality more.

john1971 : How did your hometown react toward your becoming a Playmate?
donnaedmondson : Initially, they were very shocked. I'm in the Bible Belt. The Meese Commission at that time was banning all Playboys in 7-Elevens in the South. I think that was one of the reasons I was chosen, because I was from the South. The people and town were very conservative. I wasn't treated badly in a personal way, though.

wil : Hi, Donna. Will you have any new photos printed up to sell at Glamourcon next month?
donnaedmondson : I don't know at this moment. I just got a promo head shot from L.A. Promotions that I had never seen. I will have that to sell, along with some preexisting pictures that fans haven't seen.

robert0259 : Donna, what do you do for fun?
donnaedmondson : I sit! {laughs} I talk on the Playboy chat line! {laughs} I really look forward to my free, quiet time.

john1971 : When do you think will be an appropriate age for your children to see your Playmate photos?
donnaedmondson : Well, that is a very good question. My husband I just talked about that! My son is six, and I'm sure he will find out through his friends. When the time is right, we will sit down and talk to him. You know when you are 20 and posing, you just don't think about, "What am I going to tell my children someday." I will just explain to them that I am their mommy, and this is what I did before I was their mommy!

john4044 : Donna, what were you thinking of when posing?
donnaedmondson : Probably food or something. I probably didn't eat that day. I had never modeled before, so I was concentrating on doing a really great job!

john1971 : Donna, how long did it take to shoot your Centerfold? Were you happy with how it turned out?
donnaedmondson : I think they did that in a couple of days. It was really fast. It was the first time that I had my makeup done professionally. It was quite an experience. Everybody was very professional and very nice. After the first shoot, I sort of got my hopes up that it wasn't going to be that bad, because the first shoot went so well. The rest of my pictorial was a lot of work. It is hard to believe that it was 12 years ago, it seems like yesterday!

robert0259 : Donna, if I wanted to take my vacation in North Carolina...what sites would you recommend?
donnaedmondson : Bald Head Island. They don't allow cars on the island. Everything is on golf cars, no traffic lights! It kinda takes away the stress. It is very nice! You can take a ferry over from Southport!
bobafett : Why is it called Bald Head Island?
donnaedmondson : {laughs} I don't know, maybe my dad invented it! {laughs} My dad says grass doesn't grow in a busy street!
moderator : We will have three more questions for Donna tonight.

wil : Do you ever run into Playmate Marlene Janssen in Greensboro?
donnaedmondson : Yes, I do. Actually one of her friends called me for her 40th birthday, and I couldn't go, because I had just had my child. A couple of years ago for the Chicago Glamourcon, we traveled together! So I see her every so often. She is very nice!

pbcollector : Has the scar on your chin faded away yet? In your video you point out Playmates aren't perfect, you're pretty damn close then. :-)
donnaedmondson : No, I wish my scar would fade away. I think it has gotten bigger as I have gotten older. I think your skin loses elasticity as you age. I think by the time I'm 80 it might be down by my chin. {laughs}

robert0259 : Did we help ease your pain with this chat?
donnaedmondson : Yes! Like I said, it is very relaxing to do. It is nice to hear that you are still interested in us older Playmates. I appreciate it very much. It is very flattering. Goodbye everyone! Thanks so much for your support over the years. Remember Playboy wouldn't be Playboy without the fans.

pbcollector : There hasn't been a repeat Playmate since Janet Pilgrim, and her last Centerfold was in 1956. I believe you should be a repeat Playmate, I know this is only a dream, but if Hef wanted to make someone else a repeat Playmate, I wish it will be you. I hope you get over your fear too, the Chicago shows are the only shows I get to attend. :-( We have asked other Playmates this children question, and every one of them whose children know, are very proud of their mothers or really don't care. I'm sure your children will be proud. Me and Marlene are email buddies, if you see her tell her Joe said hi -- she will flip. Thanks for chatting tonight, you are truly one of the all-time greats.
chipwich : You don't need to give up your copies! I have two myself. Bye Donna, and Happy Birthday!
robert0259: Donna, take care of yourself...please chat again!
graydrake : Donna, I'll be glad to drive you to Chicago. Goodbye Donna, it was nice chatting with you, and I hope you change your mind about coming to Chicago this May.
babyface69 : I would pick you the best Playmate there was over Pamela Lee and Jenny McCarthy!
spacecase : Well thank you for taking time to chat! And PLEASE get an email address so we can write you! Kiss kiss kiss!
lpadilla : Thanks for coming by, Donna!
wil : I just flew back from the L.A. Glamourcon this morning, and now I can hardly wait to head for Atlanta. Needless to say, you will be one of the stars of the show. See you (and Marlene!) there, I hope!
john1971 : Goodbye Donna. I'll write Playboy and tell them to start up the Revisiteds again, and to feature Donna Edmondson in the first one.
john4044 : Donna, thanks for your time. Please take care of yourself.

donnaedmondson : Thanks again! I will post my video on my site on my upcoming marketplace, and I will take bids for the videos. See you all at Glamourcon! {waves, winks, kisses and hugs} Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
moderator : Thank you for attending this evening's chat! So many great questions too! Let's head to the E-Lobby....
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Found another:


02 February 2000

moderator: Good evening and welcome, everyone! Tonight we are lucky to have with us the beautiful Donna Edmondson, Miss November 1986, PMOY 1987. Well, I know that you are all anxious to chat with Donna, so let's begin!
donnaedmondson : Hello! I am really happy that you all remembered my birthday. Thank you for remembering me after all these years.
lpadilla : Hi Donna! Always a pleasure to chat with you!
rootnl2k : Saying hello to the ever-so-beautiful Donna Edmondson, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

tomyivko : Hi Donna. What have you been doing recently?
rootnl2k : I wish you were here last night so that we could sing: Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dearest Donna! Happy Birthday you! But we hope the husband treated you last night.
CharlieG : Happy Belated Birthday from Huntsville, Alabama!
yauleung : Hello, Donna, from Montreal, Canada!
wil : Hello, Donna. I trust your birthday yesterday was a happy one!

Ohuigins : Happy Birthday Donna! Hello from Louisville. You are a "Home Girl!" I'm originally from High Point/Guilford County. How much snow did Guilford County get last week?
donnaedmondson : Sixteen inches of snow! And then on Saturday, two inches of ice on top of the snow. We don't have the equipment to clear everything, so everything kind of shuts down. The kids are going back to school finally, so I am happy!

tomyivko : Happy Birthday from Croatia! (3AM)
donnaedmondson : Hey Tomy, why aren't you in bed? (winks) Thanks for being here! That is amazing!
puzleman : Hello from Garden Grove, California.
bdmmd048 : Hello, Donna, from Big Sky Country of Montana.
blofeldt : Hi Donna! How did you spend your day yesterday?
donnaedmondson : I went to the children's museum with seven kids and entertained them all day. It made the day go by really quickly. Then my husband came home around four, so I could take a shower and get ready for dinner. Then he took me out for dinner and it was SO nice and quiet. I could do that every night! I asked him tonight when he got home, "Could we please do that again?"

gigantormd : What has been going on in your world since you updated your Personal Page?
donnaedmondson : Actually that page was created by Playboy when the Cyber Club first launched. They apparently made a page for every PMOY. I was unaware that the page was even up until Katelynne called me and asked if I wanted to redo my page. So I am working on that as we speak. I will have pictures and lots more for you to buy.

rootnl2k : What do you recall about being Playmate of the Year?
donnaedmondson : I think it is always going to feel like part of my life. I just realized that when I took my husband to the Mansion for the first time for this past New Year's Eve party. He thought it was amazing. I hadn't been out there for so long. It's very heart-warming to know that I can always go there and feel welcome.

Ohuigins : Which high school did you go to? Paige or Ben L. Smith? I went to High Point Central.
donnaedmondson : Not Paige. I went to Western Guilford High School. Paige was our rival. They were deceitful. (giggles) But I know where High Point Central is!

MoonStone69 : Hi Donna! Did you really lose your bikini top while swimming, or was that poetic license while filling our your data sheet?
donnaedmondson : No, I really, honestly did lose that in the ocean. I never found it. I walked out with my hands over my breasts. It was a crowded beach. I was so embarrassed, to say the least. I was SO shy. It was the worst. I don't think, at that time, I could have imagined anything worse happening. I was somewhere between 15-17 years old. I was with my family.

CharlieG : Why did you stop modeling for Playboy after your reign as PMOY ended?
donnaedmondson : I never wanted to model. I never thought I was modeling material. It just wasn't what I wanted to do because I was in real estate at that time. I guess I assumed that girls with big chests couldn't be big models. I was pretty full-figured at the time. (giggles)

puzleman : I'm sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday, but how could I remember when you never age?
donnaedmondson : Awwww, how do you know? You haven't seen me! (winks)

blofeldt : Donna, when might we see you at a Glamourcon again?
donnaedmondson : Well, Playboy asked me that. I might try and go to the Chicago show. It is very hard for me to get away, with having three kids and my youngest is only one year old. I hate to leave my husband all weekend with the kids. I really don't like to travel either. I am a homebody.I feel like I have already done that. When you have a family, that takes priority, at least with me it does. I hope you guys understand.

yauleung : What words of advice would you give to aspiring Playmates?
donnaedmondson : I would tell them to take a journal with them. To write down people that they meet, what they see and what they do. It is such an amazing thing to experience.

wil : Will you be selling current pin-up photos on your website? We fans would surely like those!
donnaedmondson : {giggles) No, I am not going to be doing any more nudes. After three kids, I don't know if my husband would like that. (giggles) They have gone a little lower now. Things aren't the way they used to be.

rootnl2k : Donna, where are you career-wise?
donnaedmondson : Well, I am a mom currently. I volunteer at the schools. And I am working harder than ever! Being a mom is so much work. You never really understand that until you have your own children. You get one chance at raising your children the right way.

blofeldt : Donna, what do you remember about your PMOY crowning? I've seen a UK show with you, when Marina Baker interviewed you in the pool the morning before.
donnaedmondson : Oh boy, you remember a lot more than I do. I just remember being very busy and very emotional. My parents flew out to Los Angeles to the PMOY party. Playboy treated them very nicely. It was their first time on an airplane. I remember crying when I gave my speech.
I remember when Marilyn Grabowski called me when I was on a promotion. She asked me if I was sitting down. Then she said, "You are not going to believe this. You are PMOY!" I just flipped because I had no idea that I was even in the running because there were so many beautiful girls that year.

lpadilla : Donna, did you really shoot your Centerfold in only one day, as you said in the PMOM article? How long did it take to shoot the whole layout?
donnaedmondson : Yes, we really did do that in a day. I think that was a record. The whole layout ... I would say that took about three weeks. Don't hold me to that, though. I have kind of forgotten. (laughs)

yauleung : What gifts did you receive for being PMOY?
donnaedmondson : A red 1987 Corvette convertible (which I still have and it only has 27,000 miles on it), $100,000 and all the promotional fees and traveling! I have had so many people try and buy that car from me, but I am never selling it! I told my husband that when we are 60 and 70 we will be driving around in that thing. (giggles)

hhefnerfan : Do you read Playboy once in a while?
donnaedmondson : I read it every single month. I got a subscription for my husband, my dad and my brother. So the whole family is kept up-to-date with Playboy! I think it is a great magazine. It is classy and the pictures are really only a small part of the magazine. I think more women should read Playboy. I think it would make them realize that it is good reading material. That is how I got into Playboy. I used to sneak my dad's Playboy's. I got the address out of there and sent in my pictures. When I told my dad, he thought I was kidding. I told them that I was flying to Chicago. It was my first plane trip.

rootnl2k : Do you still have a real estate license?
donnaedmondson : I do. I pay my $30 a year to keep it registered. If I were to get back into it, I don't think I would be able to jump right back in, I would definitely have to take some classes.

Ohuigins : Do you have a PO Box or another address besides Playmate Promotions?
donnaedmondson : PO BOX 39386, Greensboro, NC 27438-9386. I would love to hear from you!

yauleung : What is the most rewarding thing about motherhood?
donnaedmondson : There are so many things, it is hard to pick just one. That is a very hard question. I guess, knowing that you are doing everything the right way so you will have nice, kind children, who will turn into nice, kind adults. I think the best thing is that there is something new that you learn everyday, and it keeps you young at heart. For example, yesterday I was crawling through the playground at the children's museum. If I didn't have children, I would never be doing stuff like that.

wil : You have a full-page photo in the "Celebrating Centerfolds Vol. 4" Newsstand Special that was published a couple of weeks ago. Do you like that photo?
donnaedmondson : I haven't even seen that photo. Thanks for letting me know! I will run out and buy it. Can you describe the photo to me? I am so curious! Thanks Wil!

Ohuigins : I will definitely write you a letter!
donnaedmondson : Well, that is sweet! I will do my best to write back!

CharlieG : Where is home now for you?
donnaedmondson : In North Carolina.

yauleung : Did your husband know that you are a Playmate?
donnaedmondson : No, he didn't know when we met. He found out three months after we were dating because someone came up to me when we were out for dinner and asked me for my autograph. It was wonderful because I knew he was with me and loved me because of who I was and not because I was a Playmate. At first he was like, "Why do they want your autograph?" I told him that I would explain it to him later. When we left the restaurant, we had a nice, long talk. (winks and giggles) I was concerned, at first, about what his family would think. But they have all been wonderful to me, and my husband and I are very happy.

nordgren : Does Playboy retain rights to your pictures? Can the pictures be used at any time? Do you know how may pictures of you they have on file?
donnaedmondson : Yes, Playboy owns the rights to all pictures. I have no clue how many they have. I would guess thousands! They take an ubelievable amount of pictures.

wil : In the "Celebrating Centerfolds" photo, you are standing on your knees on a bed, with a gauzy white nightgown covering one arm and draped down your back.
donnaedmondson : Wow, I have no idea what picture that is. I will buy it and take a look. Thanks again, Wil!

wddevoe1 : Your husband is so fortunate. You're sweet, caring, a good soul (and a knockout, too -- I have to throw that in).
donnaedmondson : {giggles)

johnny_boy : Does it bother you that Playboy has the rights to your "body" more or less?
donnaedmondson : Well, I feel very fortunate myself. Thank you very much. You're so sweet! But no, they don't have rights to my body, just rights to my pictures. My husband has the rights to my body. (giggles)

rootnl2k : Donna, do you have Internet access?
donnaedmondson : I do. I don't go online a lot. When I am, I am on and (laughs) My kids are online a lot. It is amazing.

yauleung : How do you think Playboy has helped you evolve into the person that you are now?
donnaedmondson : That is a great question! Well, I really feel that if I didn't do Playboy, I would have never had the opportunities to travel and meet the people that I have met. I think that everything you do has an effect on your life. But Playboy also had a huge effect on my self-confidence. I think it really made me come out of my shell. I watched what was going on around me.

Ohuigins : I hope there was at least one Southern Gentleman at Myrtle Beach when you lost your top.
donnaedmondson : {laughs)

wil : Donna, at the Atlanta Glamourcon last year, you looked great! You could certainly be a Centerfold model again, if you chose to do so!
donnaedmondson : You're too sweet!

wddevoe1 : Wish you had a sister.
donnaedmondson : {laughs)
donnaedmondson : I have a brother!

tomyivko : Bye and have a good time!
rootnl2k : Saying goodbye to Donna Edmondson, a lady with perspective, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Ohuigins : As a "Southern Belle" and a "Home Girl," I'm sure you wouldn't disappoint me. Thanks for chatting tonight. Of course, you are one of my favorite Playmates! I will write to you!
lpadilla : Thanks for chatting, Donna! Hope to have you back soon! Belated Happy Birthday!
blofeldt : Thanks for chatting, Donna. Do you have any messages for Bill 'The Arv' Arvola?
donnaedmondson : Yes, tell ARV that I said hello. I hope he has fun at Glamourcon.
hhefnerfan : Donna, thanks very much for taking time out of your busy life to chat with us. Wish you all the best, and hope you come back soon.
wil : Donna, it was a pleasure to see you again at Glamourcon last summer. Please consider attending the Chicago show in April. And please reconsider whether you might be willing to pose for new photos -- believe me, they would be best-sellers!
yauleung : Thanks for the chat, Donna! Best of luck with motherhood!
puzleman : Donna, may your children grow up to have your beauty and wisdom.
jlreid01 : Bye Donna, have a great 2000. Hope to hear from you again soon.
Magic_Fingers : Goodbye Donna. I didn't get to be on for much of your chat, but you are certainly a lovely Playmate, and you seem like a very sweet and special person! Hope you'll be back to chat again soon! Bye from Kansas City!
bdmmd048 : Thanks for chatting with us tonight, Donna. Love and success to you and your family.
yauleung : Live long and prosper! May love, joy, true happiness and success be with you and yours wherever you go! Bye from Montreal!

donnaedmondson : Oh, I am not good at goodbyes. I really appreciate you guys listening to my stories about my children and motherhood. Please keep in touch with your friends. Call them and talk to them in person! I think we are losing personal touch with one another. Remember that! Thanks for having me! I will certainly be back to chat soon! Bye guys! Look for my new Personal Page soon. (waves goodbye)
moderator : Happy Belated Birthday to the lovely Donna Edmondson, Miss November 1986. It was a pleasure to spend this hour with you and learn of your developments over the years. May you have a happy and healthy new year filled with lots of love and happiness. We would love to have you back to chat with us again real soon! Okay guys, let's head to the Members Lounge to continue chatting! And we will all see you here again tomorrow!
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Last one, always verbatim:


18 September 2000

moderator : Good evening Cyber Fans - welcome and glad that you could join us tonight! As we make our way through September it is hard to believe that this month is almost over and we have chatted with many wonderful PMOY...but this month would not be complete without our guest of honor tonight...the lovely Donna Edmondson -Miss November 1986/PMOY!!!
moderator : Welcome Donna!!! So glad that you could be with us tonight!!!
moderator : waves

donnaedmondson : Hi guys! Glad to be back! It is nice to be back again. I am always shocked that anyone remembers who I am.
donnaedmondson : smiles
donnaedmondson : waves hello
rootnl2k : Saying hello to beautiful Donna from Edmonton Alberta Canada!
wil : Hello Donna, it is always a great pleasure to chat with you, whether in the Cyber Club or (better still!) in person.
CharlieG- : Hello Donna... Welcome From Huntsville, Alabama back to the chat?
mikeb909 : Hello Donna, from Toronto! It's great to have you here with us tonight!
BacchusJr : Hi, Donna. Welcome from Sacramento, California.
lestbart : Hi, Donna from New Haven Connecticut!

breckdarva : Donna... Hi! I love your pictorial! I must ask do you like camping and fireplaces? Those are two of my favorite things!
donnaedmondson : Oh I certainly do. My family and I just camped in my backyard last weekend. We have discovered that we have some strange birds that live in the woods next to us. They make strange noises and that kind of spooked everyone for awhile. We finally fell asleep. Because my youngest is so small we are only camping in my backyard right now. Someday we will get up to the Blue Ridge Parkway Mountains. It is beautiful up there.

bobbmidnight : Hi from Beaverton, Oregon.
rootnl2k : Please update up since you were last here Donna?
donnaedmondson : During the summer I traveled a lot. I went to Florida, South Carolina, Atlanta, Virginia. It has been really nice. We took some vacation time and just got away. We just had nice family summer vacation. It seemed like the entire summer we spent traveling. Then school started and reality sets in and we are back to reality again. The best place I went this summer was called Turnberry Aisle in Florida. It is right between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. It is just a beautiful place to visit. We went to South Beach, I had never been there. It was a little wild for me, but it is a great people watching place and you can see so many people from all over. I am doing any modeling or right now.

lpadilla : Hi, Donna. Sorry I'm late, there's a little confusion over in the lounge!
wil : Do you have any free time at all these days, between minding the kids?
donnaedmondson : Well, I would say not... until this time of night... it is my chill out time. I like to sit down and take a break and have a bowl of ice cream. My day starts at 5:45 AM and doesn't end usually till 8 PM. The last couple of nights I have been watching the Olympics.

mvcoach47 : Donna, if you could be an Olympian, what sport would it be in?
donnaedmondson : Well that is a big IF...
donnaedmondson : winks
donnaedmondson : I would like to do the triathlons. I think that would be really neat to go from one sport to another. It would take a lot of endurance and the true test of fitness.

breckdarva : Donna. what is your favorite thing to do for fun?
donnaedmondson : Sleep!
donnaedmondson : laughs
donnaedmondson : I love to read. I just read the best book. Shes Come Undone by Wally Lamb. It is part of Oprahs Book Club. Does eating ice cream count?
donnaedmondson : laughs
donnaedmondson : I do enjoy eating ice cream though.

lestbart : Are you going to pose for Playboy again. Soon! PLEASE!!!
donnaedmondson : giggles
donnaedmondson : Well, probably not and I have just thought about doing an updated headshot and maybe a swimsuit shot but that is probably the extent of it for now. I am very very active in my kids school and I don't want to upset their education or cause any undue attention to them through me. Does that make sense? I would just like to get them through school. I am not ashamed of my posing for Playboy at all. I am not embarrassed about what I did, I would do it all over again. I just don't want to place anything on them without their approval. I will discuss this with them with their older. I think I will have to, because there are people in my hometown that do know. For example, there is a picture of me and my dad in Playboy that I have framed in my hallway. Someday, that might come up as to why I took that picture with grandpa. It is a positive thing for me and I will not hide it from them because I am not upset that I posed for Playboy. They just haven't hit that age of understanding yet.

BacchusJr : Were you shy or nervous the first time you posed nude?
donnaedmondson : I was really shy. I didn't even take off my pajama top the first time I as working with Pompeo. Finally, the second day I had to take my pajama top off and by the second day I had warmed up and I was very comfortable. Pompeo was great to work with. He was really wonderful, actually everyone that I worked with was wonderful. Everyone was so nice.

wil : We know your Dad always wanted your Mom to become a Playmate. Did she ever in fact do any modeling?
donnaedmondson : No she didn't. My mom was actually pretty short, not that it matters. She probably could have modeled. I wonder if he really would have let her if she could have...

hawabendsen : Which playmates did you hang out with when you started with playboy?
donnaedmondson : Katherine Hushaw, Lynne Austin. Lynne and I did a video together down in the Florida Keys. Ava Fabian, Julie McCullough, Marina Baker, Anna Clark I was living at the Mansion for quite sometime so I got to meet a lot of the playmates. Carrie Leigh was always so nice to me too.

meatbeat : Do you still hang out with other playmates or make any trips to the mansion?
donnaedmondson : Well, I was just there for the New Years Ever party last year and we had a blast. That was the first time I had been there since I did glamourcon in LA five or six years ago. I was also at the Mansion for a book signing for the Playmate Book. I talk to Marlene Janssen every now and then, but that's about it for now. Most of the other girls are in Los Angeles or spread out through the United States so it is hard to keep in touch. A lot of them are acting and modeling and I am sure none of them want to call me up and ask me how the car pool is going.
donnaedmondson : laughs

bobbmidnight : How did people in NC react to your pictorial in Playboy?
donnaedmondson : It was very mixed reactions. A lot of people were very supportive and a lot of the Playboys were being banned in the Seven Elevens. Where I was from was considered the Bible Belt - and it still is. The majority of people that I met were very excited and happy for me. I concentrated on that only and didn't listen to the negative things that I heard.

lpadilla : Donna, if you could do it over, would you still have told Playboy you were a virgin at the time? And do you think you would still have won PMOY if you hadn't?
donnaedmondson : I would still tell Playboy the truth if they asked. As far as being a virgin...they didn't ask me. It was something that I was talking about and they put it in there. I am sure they thought it would sell the magazines and I wasn't upset about that. If I had to do it all over again, I would be honest about it. I wouldn't be embarrassed about it because I don't think being a virgin makes you any less sexy. I told the writer when he came to North Carolina and I guess I never thought the word virgin would have come out in black and white. The only thing that I wish wouldn't have happened was that people wouldn't have made a big deal out of it. I definitely am not anymore, I have three children!
donnaedmondson : laughs

meatbeat : Do you still have the car you received for being PMOY?
donnaedmondson : I sure do! I will have it until I die! I received a 1987 Red Corvette! It has 27,000 miles on it and it sits in my garage. It is in great condition. The Chevrolet people come out and fix anything that needs to be fixed on it. My husband and I drove it down to Florida last year. Someone stole my PMOY license plates off the car! I reported and everything and I can't get it back because it has been issued.

mikeb909 : Are you still making use of your real estate license?
donnaedmondson : No I am not. It is inactive and has been inactive since I had my children and will probably stay inactive until all my children are in school. I still have a big interest in real estate though. I will always enjoy the idea of renting property and I like the idea of all of that.

goldfinger : Donna, what would be the single most important piece of advice you would offer a young lady wanting to pose for Playboy?
donnaedmondson : I would just tell her to make sure that they would be doing this in the right order of their life. In my case, I would have preferred to have finished college before I posed for Playboy. I am really into education and I think that is very important. But, I do understand that a lot of girls pose Playboy because they need money to further their education. I would just hope that the girl would be nice to the people that she is working with, appreciate that it doesn't happen to everyone, appreciate the time and realize that she is very lucky. A lot of girls pose for different reasons.

hawabendsen : Did you travel a lot promoting playboy? What's your best memory of that time?
donnaedmondson : I traveled a lot, at least I felt like I did. I was traveling a lot with Nikon cameras and went to 54 cities in 52 days with Playboy. When the videos came out, I toured a lot with HBO and Playboy Home Video. I also did a lot of Playboy promotions. I went to Japan...many, many places I would have never went to if I wasn't a playmate. I traveled a lot. I would also tell a future playmate to get a nice camera and a journal so she could take many photos and write in her journal so she could go back and read later on in life.

wil : How did you acquire the trampoline experience we witnessed in your Playmate video?
donnaedmondson : When I was little my neighbor had a trampoline. Whenever my mom would allow me to go, I would. I always loved trampolines. It is so funny, because I now have a hard time letting my kids go on the trampoline and wonder how my mom let me go on the trampoline. I am sure they are dangerous. They are dangerous. I had no fear at that age though. I had a lot of fun on the trampoline for my video. Ron Howard was there while I was shooting that part of that video.

BacchusJr : If you don't mind my asking, is your figure all-natural?
donnaedmondson : It is a 100% natural, it always has been and always will be. I am too chicken to have any kind of surgery. I don't like pain, I don't want pain unless I have to.

rootnl2k : Do you view yourself as sexy?
donnaedmondson : If you guys could see what I am wearing right now. I am wearing sweat pants and a grey shirt. I just don't see myself like that and I never did. I am usually in sweats, jeans and/or tennis shoes. I don't have high heels on all the time or in a gown.

lpadilla : Do you consider being a Playmate the awakening of your sexuality?
donnaedmondson : In a way it probably was. I think it did help me somewhat come out of my shell. I was always tall and had a big chest. I always felt like an amazon woman so I never felt sexy, but I realized that some people might just like that.

lpadilla : Your parents seemed like pretty neat folks in your video. How are they doing these days?
donnaedmondson : Well I hate to say this, but my parents aren't together anymore. It was very sad and was a very traumatic time in my life. They got a divorce the year after my husband and I got married. My mom is married to the man that she left my dad for. I hate it. My dad is doing fine. He was devastated to say the least. I think he has just started to except being by himself and being independent. My parents were married for 29 years. I think they were just missing some kind of communication which I think is so important. You have to do that to keep things strong.

playboyvoyeur : I remember meeting you years ago at the Glamourcon in Los Angeles. I called you "the ultimate Playmate" and I believe it still holds true.
donnaedmondson : Thank you very much...that is very sweet because there are lots of playmates out there so that is a big title to live up to.
donnaedmondson : smiles

meatbeat : Donna will you be attending any Glamourcons?
donnaedmondson : Not this year I wont be. I am not saying no, I just don't like to travel. If they have one in Chicago again, I may fly up there for that. Going to LA is a little far. But if you want to write to me please do at Donna Edmondson P.O. Box 39386, Greensboro, NC 27438

wil : I understand why you would frame that Playboy photo of you with your Dad, but I would think you would have the engraving of your PMOY cover on prominent display in your home, too!
mikeb909 : Goodnight Donna from Toronto. It was great having you share some time with us today!
BacchusJr : Best wishes for you and your family, Donna.
rootnl2k : Saying goodbye from Edmonton Alberta Canada hoping to meet you again Donna!
lpadilla : Thanks for chatting, Donna! Looking forward to the next time. Take care until then!
hawabendsen : Good luck Donna. It's always great to learn that a playmate from the past is happy and doing well.
goldfinger : Thank you for being here tonight, Donna. I think you are still as sweet and classy as ever.
richardk36 : Bye Donna!
donnaedmondson : Thanks for being here tonight and for supporting Playboy. If it wasn't for you guys, we wouldn't be around. I hope to chat with you guys soon and please write to me I would love to hear from you. Lots of love to you!
donnaedmondson : waves goodbye
donnaedmondson : smiles

moderator : Goodnight Donna and thank you for participating in tonight's live chat! It was sure good catching up with and hearing how you have been these days and do hope that you come back soon! Take care Donna!!!
moderator : waves
moderator : Thank you to all of you that attended this evenings chat with the lovely Donna Edmondson - Miss November 1986/PMOY! Come back tomorrow night when we chat with Liv Lindeland!!!
moderator : waves
lpadilla : Another great chat, Cassie and Kate, or whomever the crew was tonight!
playboyvoyeur : Thanks for the chat, Donna. Please consider a 'revisited' pictorial in the future.
moderator : Thanks guys... For more chatting head on over to the Members Lounge! See you all there!!!
moderator : waves
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Default Donna Edmondson Career

She became something of a scandal because of her virginity-- and that created quite a stir. The anti-pornography report of the Meese Commission had prompted all 7-Elevens to pull the magazine from their shelves. Soon all the talk shows immediately wanted to book the virgin PMOY from the Bible Belt. Joan Rivers made a huge deal out of her virginity, and on Larry King's show, one caller accused her of not being religious because she posed nude.
She traveled all over the country as a Playmate (54 cities in 52 days!) After this all calmed down, she moved back home to North Carolina. She took a job as a tax accountant, and got married.
Today she is a wife and mother.

Hope ya'll like it. Peace!!!
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Post Foreign Appearances

Donna had many appearances in foreign editions:

1986-11 (PMOM) pgs 52-63
1987-07 (PMOY Pictorial) Cover and pgs 74-83

1986-12 (PMOM) pgs 59-68

1986-12 (PMOM) pgs 130-139
1987-07 (PMOY Pictorial) Cover and pgs 29-33
Japanese NSS "Pl@ymates Collection '89" pgs 18-21
"Voluptuous Pl@ymates" a Supplement which came with the October 2001 issue of the Japanese edition - pg 8.

1987-01 (PMOM) pgs 48-55

1987-01 (PMOM) pgs 62-65 and 78-85. There is a gap in the pages here that I think was for a large foldout poster. Whether Donna was on it, I don't know. It had been removed on the copy I have.
1988-02 (PMOY Pictorial) pgs 46-53

1987-06 (PMOY Pictorial) Cover and pgs 82-91

Donna was on the cover of the Italian magazine "Specchio" August 1996 and pgs 64-69.

Netherlands/Belgium: these two editions generally had the same content. The Belgium edition had the words "Belgie" and "Alles Wat Mannen Boeit" above the word "Pl@yboy". In the Dutch edition "Belgie" was replaced with "Nederland".
1987-09 (PMOM) pgs 63-71

1986-11 (PMOM) pgs 102-113
1987-01 (PM Review) Cover and pg 114

Hong Kong:
1987-08 pg 140. This is the last page of the issue, where the Next Month feature is usually located. So it is probable that the September issue has another version of her PMOY Pictorial.

Other possibilities: There is a Japanese version of the Pl@yb0y: 40 Years book. Since Donna is in the US edition, she is probably in the Japanese one as well. In France, during the late 90s a magazine or supplement (I'm not sure which) came packaged with certain of their VHS cassettes. I've seen it advertised that the French "Pl@yboy Video Mag #7" has some pictures of her..
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Default Donna's scar

In the above chats and in her video centerfold she spoke about a scar on her chin. From her hi res gatefold I took a few screenshots showing it clearly. I haven't noticed it in any other shot.

The entire gatefold is posted here

Post what you like. If others like it they will thank you.

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I hate the boy pushed her over a playground slide.
I very very envy the man kn××ded,ki××ed,ni××led and su××ed
her glorious breasts hard. Lustful treat may have made bruise on her
creamy breast.

I think that I will be in her care --especially,right shot--a lot in the future too.

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Goodness, she was so gorgeous and seemingly a nice person. I wish I could see what she looks like currently.
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Originally Posted by mike937;3844987[URL=
You don't see that type of NATURAL perfection in pinups nowadays......
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