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Originally Posted by icu View Post
I opened this thread to collect IDs of the Hamish Scans Series
Contributions and corrections are very appreciated, feel free to add your posts to this thread.

I can take over your pics to the sheets if they include the filename and



The included filename is hs_an002_Zoe, hs_an002 Zoe or similar variants are also possible.

The sheets are sorted by filenames. They are reformatted during the sort to split the
sheets to different posts which can be reached via the 'Quick Directory' above.

example how to read the sheets:
Filename: hs_sl697
Girl____.: Zara Whites

Result in the sheets:
sl697@hs_ Zara Whites

This will be done with leading items 'hs_', 'hs1', 'hs2', 'hs3', 'hs' followed by 'bs'

You will find the updates at the end of this thread.
There is no need to resize the cropped pic, I can do that automatically. Please do not post double
IDs from a set which were already posted. A posted ID is ok if it is new in a set.

It is possible that the layout of this thread needs a little fine tuning over time, maybe not every letter is needed ...
I have just started culling thru some old jpegs pulled off the net in the mid 80s-90s. Many of these are scans just not found or posted anymore. A few are Hamish which I was able to ID. One in particular I need help with, but did not see it in any of your posts. The original files names are: hs1sx073-093. The man in the HC scene is never seen, and the girl is using the moniker Sissy. I have one of her original mag posts from years ago, one of the few I've scanned and kept, and I've collected in various places others of the same girl. Who is she?


Email directly as the VE forum can be cumbersome: I have no clue how to post on the web, but I can save in a RAR file and forward to you.

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