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Default Can you recommend me some good quality (bitrate) videos from the 1980s?


I'm working on a very cool animation video, but i need some specific content.
I'm in need of some good quality videos from the 80s (The actors/actresses featured don't matter, altoughpopular performers are much appreciated).
The videos have to be between 1982 and 1988.

Both hardcore and softcore content are welcome.

Of course i'm aware of the fact most videos from the time were shot on VHS cameras or cheap gear in gereal, so i don't expect blu-ray full HD footage when i say "good quality".

What i'm talking about is the quality of the encode.
Too many times i stumbled upon very pixelated or low-quality footage, with awful bitrates.
I want to be able to see all the imperfections of the footage clearly.
I don't care about the resolution, as the video i'll be working on is at pal resolution.

Thank a lot.
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