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bluehalo, thanks for your input!

1. Theres a broken link, No Screen 2 image. image down, needs a re-up.
sadly i don't have the original images of this tutorial, but i can tell that the missing image in screen 2 is nothing else than a repitition of screen 1 having the browse-button marked up red. i think people won't learn much more from this tutorial if i would recreate this screenshot. nevertheless, I've fixed it.

2. the "this post" link is broken
i've fixed that, too. especially when using imagevenue this "tool" is really helpful, cause the layout result provided by imagevenue sucks major ass if you're uploading a gallery based on portrait-sized images (see replaced example below tutorial)

3. Any posts made using an image host that does not support a gallery option are subject to removal without notice.
this rule was implemented after i've made this tutorial, honestly it's so new that i read about it today first time, lol. all i can say to this rule - some moderators love it to re-invent the wheel. too bad that p&h has such a gallery option... . Anyhow, I've changed the explanation for "Interlink Images" to emphase this new "rule".

"do not post short comments or short 'thank you' posts - use the button"
the point is : if you are a subscribed member to a content driven thread (like "short haired girls" as linked some lines above) you get a notification (somewhere) with each new post in that thread. and people who are subscribed really don't want to read your well meant and polite thank you messages. they want pics, movies or something worth for them to read.

you can send your polite thanks via visitor message or personal message to a specific member. please don't write it in a thread which would be like an email to all.
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