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Arrow Uploading and Posting Images with Bulk Uploader (Flash Uploader)

This tutorial replaces the old version which guides you to the uncomfortable basic html uploader. If you aren't able to use a Flash Uploader and need instructions how to use the basic uploader, go to this thread.

Uploading and posting images with
Imagevenue Bulk Uploader (Flash Uploader)

Website / URL:

Allowed / Restrictions each upload process:
Image Types: jpg only
Size per Image: max. 3 MB
Amount per upload: unlimited(?)

  • standard modern browser (Firefox, MSIE, Opera, Safari, Chrome .. )
  • Javascript enabled
  • Flash plugin
  • knowledge how to copy & paste text.

If you visit Imagevenue's website having all necessery requirements you will directly gain the tool to upload your images (Screen 1). It's easy to use and very organized. From top to the bottom you will find all elements you need to use in the same order each time you want to upload images (note: the upload-tool has slightly changed meanwhile, you will find additional buttons to sort or to change the display mode before uploading the selected images - those functions are not part of this tutorial.)

Screen 1
Imagevenue Upload Tool

STEP 1 : Browse your harddrive to select the image(s) you want to upload.

As soon as you click "Browse" (Screen 2) the familiar window to locate files on your harddrive pops up . I guess I don't have to tell you how you find the images you want to upload now. So go straight to the folder where the images reside (Screen 3).

Now select all the images you want to upload from this folder (Screen 4). You can do that by either holding left mouse button and markup all images you want, or holding STRG on your keyboard when selecting several single images. If you switch to a different folder in this step, the selections you've made will be lost. To finish the selection from this folder and to add it to the upload queue, click "Open" (Screen 5). If you want to upload images from multiple different folders you just have to repeat this step after you've added your last selection to the upload queue.

Screen 2 Screen 3 Screen 4 Screen 5
Start Selection Window File Selection Finish Selection

STEP 2 : Required and optional settings:

After finishing step 1, the selected images were added to the upload queue of Imagevenue (Screen 6). Here you can either remove a single image or you can click "Browse" again to select further images to be added to the queue, for example images which are located in a different folder you weren't able to select yet. Also you could click "Clear list" to remove all images from the queue if you want to start from the scratch or remove multiple selected images from the queue by clicking "Remove item".

If all images you like to upload are queued, you first need to adjust some required options:
  • [required] if you upload nudity or harder stuff, set "Image content" to "Adult content" (Screen 7)
  • [required] Keep "Interlink images" to "yes". Meanwhile the forum rules require that your chosen imagehost supports the gallery option so you have to use this option to gain the typical "gallery navigation" ("previous" / "next" / "show all") from any single image of this upload (Screen 8). Just click any image in the example post below to control how it looks like.
  • [required] Set "Thumbnail Size" max. to "180 x 180" for any upload to be used at VEF. (Screen 9)

If you've added all images you want to upload with this process and finished all necessary settings you can press "Send" to upload the images to the Imagevenue servers (Screen 10):

Screen 6 Screen 7 Screen 8 Screen 9 Screen 10
Queue Adult Content? Interlink? Thumbnail Size? Send Files

STEP 3 : Post the uploaded images to our forum.

How long it takes to upload your images depends on the amount and size of the queued images. Imagevenue performance is usually very good so it shouldn't take that long. You can follow the status of each upload in the upload queue until all images are finished or you can do something else meanwhile. Just don't close the imagevenue browser tab or refresh it with a different website. If you do so, everything is lost.

As soon as the upload is completed, Imagevenue responses with a new page. Now you eventually have to scroll down a bit until you reach the code section. All you need to do is to copy the entire code from the first forum code box (Screen 11) and paste it directly into your post (Screen 12) - or into the Layout Fixer Tool (see next post).
Don't use the "insert image" button () to add the code! Finally click "Post Reply" and that's it.

Screen 11 Screen 12
Copy Code Post Code

Easy doing, wasn't it? So good luck and enjoy posting your images with imagevenue

Related questions:

Register to imagevenue or not?

It's not required to register to imagevenue if you want to use this service, you only need to be registered and have to login if you want to organize your uploaded galleries later (to replace images, remove single images, a complete gallery or everything you've uploaded with your account). I've made the experience that registration isn't necessary at all. The images seem to be kept forever even as unregistered user, and if you want to change something it's nearly the same work if you just edit your post you want to modify - either by removing or by replacing images or a gallery. Keep in mind that you have to modify your post(s) as well if you replace galleries of your account, Imagevenue can't do that for you cause they don't know where your posts are located!

Layout of posted images

If you are familiar with bbcode you can easily modify the given code to give your post a different look. Just take care that you don't mess up the code-block for each single image, don't modify anything here it will just lead to a non-working image in most cases. Because Imagevenue gives you some code which automatically adds a line break after 3 images, i use a self-written script which replaces the linebreaks with simple spaces. This leads to a layout which takes care of the available width of a post. Check the following post for an example.

Testing image uploads and posting.

Use this tutorial and start a thread in our test chamber if you want to check out how it all works before you post to our regular threads. There you will find a sticky, helping with image related problems, too.

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