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Let's wait one more day to see if anything else comes in on Jane Sikes.
We'll see where we are tomorrow, then find or start a thread for Jane Sikes. I'll wait until then and there to post the latest on identifying Jane.

On this thread for today, I would like to follow up on another possible AKA for Laurie.
One GG stars list says Miss GG29 is Laurie Noel, but a second GG stars list that says Miss GG29 is Marsha Malone.
I think it's pretty well agreed now that Miss GG29 is Laurie Noel, but this other list has been a strong contributor, so I think the name should be checked out.

So, who is Marsha Malone? Possibly an AKA for Laurie, or maybe another girl.

IAFD and Pat Riley have Marsha Malone listed in Bedtime Video #9.
Searched the forum, but could not find anything on Bedtime Video #9.
Anybody got anything on that one?

Update - Found Bedtime Video #9, and the girl firmly credited as Marsha Malone is not Laurie Noel.
Looks more and more like a mistaken ID to me.

If anyone out there has any videos or magazines with credits for Marsha Malone, Jane Sikes, or Laurie Noel, please advise.

I do have these stills of Laurie and Reggie, from a LL #1 Magazine, LL loop #313 titled Hot Marsha.
16 scans

Mirror gallery on Ibam

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