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June 8, 1915
Western Front The French inch forward in the “Labyrinth”.
United States William Jennings Bryan resigns as Secretary of State. A pacifist, he objects to what he considers as a confrontational tone in Wilson’s protest notes to Germany following the Lusitania incident. Bryan believes that Americans have no moral right to endanger their nation’s peaceful stance by becoming passengers on ships operated by belligerent nations known to be transporting munitions. Robert Lansing succeeds him.

June 8, 1916
Western Front, Verdun At dawn, Nivelle, assuming that Vaux still holds out, sends a Moroccan brigade in a relief attempt. The Germans simultaneously launch an attack toward Fort Tavannes. Their artillery savages the Moroccans – the survivors retreat. Petain, appalled by the carnage in what he terms “the furnace of Verdun”, orders Nivelle to terminate the attacks. The French abandon their positions at the Thiaumont Farm during the night.
Eastern Front The Russians repulse attacks in the Vilna district. Brusilov’s troops take Buczacz in heavy fighting.
Italian Front Cadorna has sent troops forward to positions near Bassano and Valarsa, while shifting his headquarters to Treviso. His troops hold fast on Monte Cegnio and stymie the Austrians at Monte Meletta and Monte Lemerle.
Central Powers Diplomacy Conrad visits Falkenhayn to seek German help against the Brusilov offensive. Concerned that the Russian success threatens to destroy his chances for victory on the Western Front, Falkenhayn compels Conrad to redeploy two divisions from the Trentino and insists that he abandon the Trentino offensive. Conrad is offended at the Germans’ haughtiness.
German East Africa Following a skirmish with Lt. Col. Murray’s column, the Germans escape from Bismarckburg during the night. At the north end of Lake Tanganyika, a Belgian force occupies Usumbura. The Congo Force Publique, numbering 10,000 men under Baron Charles Henri Tombeur, has joined forces with British troops in the western region under South African Charles Crewe. Their goal is the conquest of the German colony of Urundi, but as the two commanders despise each other, the joint venture is strained by lack of communication and Belgian fears of suspected British territorial ambitions.

June 8, 1917
Western Front German counterattacks at Messines ridge fail. There are major British raids near Lens.
France The government confers upon General Petain the right to execute rebellious soldiers immediately. Widely liked and admired by the soldiers, Petain assumes the task of resolving the causes of the mutinies and placating the rebellious troops throughout the French army. Although arrests and courts-martial continue in order to enforce discipline, Petain halts all major offensive actions and makes a sincere effort to improve the troops’ living conditions, including provision of better food and quarters, consistent leave policies, and uninterrupted periods of rest and relaxation. The two Russian brigades that fought at the Aisne, where they suffered 6000 casualties, have also become rebellious – one brigade maintains loyalty to the Provisional Government; the other adopts Bolshevik precepts – and is sent into quarantine at La Courtine, in mid France.
Britain Pershing and his staff arrive at Liverpool and, following welcoming ceremonies, board the train for London, where the American commander and his staff will meet with Lloyd George, Smuts, Robertson, Jellicoe, Sims, Churchill, and other officials.
Italian Front The 10th Isonzo offensive comes to an end. Gains have been small and losses huge. The Italians have lost 158,000 men, the Austrians 83,000. Italian morale is sinking as Cadorna plans one more effort on the Carso, to be launched in August. The Austrians, too, are feeling the strain.
GreeceItalian troops occupy Jannina.

June 8, 1918
Western Front To protect the right flank of the Aisne salient, Ludendorff has ordered an offensive by Hutier’s 18th Army beginning on June 7, intended to push forward to a line six miles beyond the Matz River. Difficulties in assembling troops and artillery have forced Hutier to postpone the attack until today. His primary opponent is Georges Humbert’s French 3rd Army, but confronting Hutier’s left is the 10th Army of Charles Mangin. German deserters have informed the French that the German offensive will begin at midnight with an artillery barrage, so Humbert unleashes his artillery at 11:50 PM.
Russia The Soviet government orders Allied troops in the Murmansk region to leave the country. The Czech Legion captures Samara.
Arabia Arabs raid the Hejaz Railway at Toweira.
Caucasus German troops land at Poti.
Diplomatic Relations Georgia and Armenia sign peace treaties with Germany and Turkey.
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