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Default Announcement: Porn cartoons by Tram Pararam

Very Important Notice

This is a quote from wikipedia which usefully summarises the legal position.

The legal status of cartoon pornography depicting minors is a unique issue which interacts with internet pornography, obscenity laws, and specific laws against child pornography.
Laws have been enacted to criminalize "obscene images of children, no matter how they are made," for inciting abuse.[1] An argument is the claim that obscene fictional images portray children as sex objects, thereby contributing to child sexual abuse. This argument has been disputed by the claim that there is no scientific basis for that connection,[2] and that restricting sexual expression in drawings or animated games and videos might actually increase the rate of sexual crime by eliminating a harmless outlet for desires that could motivate crime.[3] This is exemplified in a case involving a man, from Virginia who, while arrested after viewing lolicon at a public library, asserted that he had quit collecting real child pornography and switched to lolicon.[4]
Currently, countries that have made it illegal to possess (or create/distribute) sexual images of fictional characters who are described as or appear to be under eighteen years old include Canada, South Africa, Sweden and the Philippines[5]. Legislation to mirror this in the United Kingdom will be in force from the spring of 2010.[6] At the upper edge, this encapsulates pornographic depictions of even seventeen-year olds together, or adults where the predominant impression conveyed is of a person under the age of 18.
So you see, "it's only a cartoon" cuts no ice. The rules of VEF and the law of the land applies. Therefore:

No posts depicting characters under 18 (or even who might be under 18) involved in sexual acts. That would include Bart and Lisa Simpson, the kids from the Incredibles and from Family Guy etc. Let me repeat that. Note that if the character even appears as though he/she might be under 18, that's a no no.

No posts depicting intercourse between people and animals. This includes Daphne or Velma and Scooby Doo. Greek mythology notwithstanding, sex with a winged horse would count as bestiality. Sex between human and aliens (Futurama)/mummies (Lara Croft) is probably OK, I'll let you know if it isn't.

I know this is arbitary. I know it is surreal. But I am explaining now what is allowed and what is not allowed. The onus is on you, if you want to post porn cartoons, to abide by the rules.The onus is on me as your moderator to see to it that the rules are obeyed and to intervene if they are not.


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