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Good news! I finally got the package and can send the highest resolution pics of this which is attached to this post: Receiving it revealed to me that I had another source of pleasure that I forgot to tap into after a long time: onehanesplace catalogs and various scans! So with this I'm asking if anyone has any non-nude scans of petite women in full cotton or cotton blend briefs and any onehanesplace or lhbp outlet catalogs that they wouldn't mind parting with. There's nothing like a full-body scan from head to toe of a petite woman with sizable buns and a small waist turned around wearing something and cotton or cotton blend briefs. Back then, each time I was able to see the catalog was like having the feeling of Christmas Day for that moment. Again, appreciate anyone who is open to fulfilling my request. Here's the images! The package is from 1999 but I believe it was released back in 1996 so I hope the admins will allow it for everyone to enjoy.

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