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I have to reply. I've just joined due to the Vintage Photographers and Artists thread as my Father was an erotic artist.

I grew up around both Pornography and Erotic Art in equal measure.
My Father was a real collector. His footage on 8mm reels and stacks of videos were all converted to BETA to assure higher quality.

I saw everything that made the rounds.

It was a HUB of sexuality in all forms, and I found it very confusing as a teenager why he delved into it so much. Then I realised it was because most of it was banned.

Returning from France he once ranted about a Manara comic that had been kept at customs....' had a beautiful scene where a woman gets tied to a toilet and her fella shaves her head...'.

I just didn't get it. It sounded like some German Extreme loop.

Years later I saw the comic.
The scene is beautiful, and I understood the difference in my mind between Porn and Art.

Porn is something the viewer has never experienced or investigated, creating an erotic effect, be that positive or negative. Outside of a your own experience, it's all porn.

I do think the immediate access to Porn via the Internet is fucking up generations though. There's a difference between your first sexual experience being a bared ankle or a page of HD teens, milfs and mommies in 5.1 Surround Sound.
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