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Originally Posted by deepsepia View Post
Interesting comment.

Looking at model sites you get a feeling for cultural norms. Girls who like being photographed are more often than not OK with topless or "artistic nudity".

I think there's a considerable difference between sexual content and nudity, lots of people are happy enough to get naked, but aren't going to masturbate for the camera.

But these lines change all the time. While I find everything out of their mouths a bit of brain damage, Lena Dunham and her Girls have moved the line on how many women see sexual content.
Sorry for my English and long blabla... I say that in the mind of most models I face, ART is a cover to shoot without sex visible, and this level of explicit nudity (sex visible) is where PORN starts for them (these two words shouldn’t be associated to the “degree” of nudity). While actually I pretend that all photographs are virtually ART and any nudity level is PORN, ie softcore nude, softcore explicit nude and hardcore (but this last category where sexual action is represented is generaly more strictly associated to Porn indeed).

PHOTOGRAPHY (which is an ART) goes ONLY with SOFTCORE (because it means NO ACTION, HARDCORE better fit MOVIE kind of media (…)), but softcore can include any degree of nudity. The step where the model simply POSES with her sex visible (explicit softcore) is difficult to make or get (misconsidered). Softcore has become synonymous of light nude/no nude. It’s like the shy models make excellent teasing but no nude (Onlytease…), and the others make hardcore...., just pure nudes (Met-art) or glamcore (Nubiles, Twistys, ATK…). (…)

To me the over-representation of the artistic component (creativity/originality…) into erotic softcore photographs (especially as far as model’s poses are concerned) may ruin the work (you can work on the thematic, the ambiance, the background, the accessories, the colors etc… but keep the glamorous poses that works the sexy bodies and outfits we like… HEGRE-ART is one website that has gone bad for this reason, it has forgotten that it should be EROTIC first!).
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