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If the decision to Leave the EU is openly sabotaged, I would predict a division of the British people which will last for generations. How this will express itself in actions I cannot foretell, but I can foretell that the Leave voters will not file the open contempt for their vote under "no action taken"; though they may bide their time, because revenge is a dish best eaten cold. Oil refinery blockades are so "last year" but other mischief making options will be available.

Much more serious, people will disengage from the democratic process much more than they already have. Even if you are a Remainer, you will not fail to observe that the elected tribunes of the people are not serving their voters, but rather are serving others and working against their voters. That is actually a dangerous thing; these are the stagnant waters in which mosquito swarms such as fascism and communism once hatched out. Society will much safer and more stable if we live in a representative democracy; but in a genuine representative democracy, parliamentarians respect a referendum vote decision, and we have seen that here in the UK the parliamentarians have not respected the referendum at all.

Mrs May has shown herself to be weak, She really really should have stood down or been forced out after the dreadful performance of her 2017 General Election. The Tories were most unwise to persevere with her. All this time has been wasted before they even confronted the Brexit plan issue, and in the chaotic welter of ministerial resignations we have seen the reason why this vital step was postponed so long. It is because Mrs May runs a minority government and can't manage if a sizable body of MPs on her own benches decide to take away their support. The General Election was supposed to strengthen Mrs May but she made such a hash of it that she weakened her own government instead; with results we are now seeing.

Be damned if I would endorse a referendum ever again on any issue.; a referendum does not settle the question. But a General Election would be a much more intelligent way to resolve the current dilemma. It should be fought on the Brexit ticket. Mrs May was so intoxicated with her over-confident reaction to opinion polls that she indulged in a Tory-Boy wet dream of cutting essential services, scrapping programs which benefit ordinary people, such as free school meals, wanting to bankrupt and disinherit families if their old folks succumb to dementia, and even [Jesus on a bike] wanting to bring back fox-hunting. This is a key reason why she should go; she can't uninvent herself, having been the person who wanted to do all this malignant shit. If she leads the Tories into a future election these issues will resurface. But if she doesn't call an election, the parliament which exists today will fail to pass anything except a non-Brexit Brexit such as the government's present proposal; and might not be able even to pass that.

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