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Default Re: I really fancy wide-shouldered women!

Yes Michmach, good show! Sharon Davies also belongs here, and she is tall to boot. And the pictures with the kinky gear show her long legs to advantage. I wonder if she is into this PVC-leather-rubber thing?
I must say that her shoulder width was even more noticeable in her active years as a swimmer, because swimmers always have well developed deltoids which emphasize shoulder width.
Having said that, I preferred Sharon before she had her boobs enhanced, I have never been a fan of fake balloons. Also, Sharon (along with nearly every other female celebrity I know) has been guilty of jumping on the "let's have a diet" wagon, and consequently her weight has "yo-yo-ed". A few years ago, while working as a swimming commentator at the Olympics, she looked terribly skinny, with really bony upper arms. Whenever women reach that state, the fake balloon boobs look particularly awful. Of the pictures you posted, the second in which she sits, is the one where she is a bit fuller, and in my opinion she is more attractive.
I have had my suspicion that Sharon has also had her face cosmetically lifted, it has a somewhat different look to what it used to be, slightly taut.
Anyway, I am not slagging off our Shazz, she is an undeniably sexy lady, and your pictures in kinky boots certainly have given me a stiffy!
Keep up the good work, lads.
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