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Originally Posted by Pepper II View Post
I wouldn't want you to waste your time; CC 171 was already posted here by hartwig. His links are no longer good but I have his archive which I could repost. You're free to scan and post your own, of course but if you have other mags which aren't already here I'd rather see you work on those.
Thanks for the suggestions. I did see that cc171 had already been scanned (although the links are on rapidshare) I have found online copies of 171 - not sure if they are copies of hartwig's previous work - which are missing some pages and the original source mag has some graining to it so I thought I'd have a go from a better copy. If you are able to repost that would be useful though.

My 'collection' comprises of 2 magazines in total, both acquired recently so I don't think I'll be able to add to the archive
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