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Originally Posted by Goodfella49 View Post
I'm not sure I completely understand. Are you saying that you met Donna and when she posed for Playboy she already had two sons? If that's the case, I don't doubt you. So much easier to hide things before social media was a thing.
Stipulating that PB frequently created a fiction for the bios of the PMs there a lot of compelling reasons to reject the suggestion of promiscuity and motherhood above. For one thing, the Donna Edmondson story is remarkably specific compared to most other PM bios. Greensboro plays a prominent part in the pictorial, text, and video. A newspaper search yields a lot of local North Carolina press for the story too; even in the absence of social media, such a sustained fiction seems unlikely. Especially after her well-deserved ascent to PMOY the gossip of a fraud would be too hard to resist. Then there's the consistency of the bio over the years. You can point to so many other classic married and maternal PMs that PB itself outed over the years (Alison Park for one) that it's hard to believe that Donna's bio would be considered to be different. Finally, social media and vindictive gossip have been around for decades now and still this claim has not risen until this moment. I readily grant that the PM image and the girl-next-door image are fictions but they are fictions based on a reality about America in the mid-to-late 20th century, and yes, there were any number of marvelous PMs that certainly lived faster lives than suggested in their bios or the GNS narrative but I sincerely doubt that Donna falls into that category. Finally, I suggest that it is absolutely impossible to prove the claim one way or another, barring a direct statement from the subject herself. Therefore any such claims are merely gossip and unworthy of all the delights this girl has shared with us over the years. We all have our fantasies and fantasy is what PM is all about.

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