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Default Search for Vintage Erotic Paperback

Hello, I'm seeking a vintage paperback novel from the 1960s or 70sl. Unfortunately, the title escapes me but the details are as follows. Perhaps you know the title or have a copy for sale?:

Yellow cover
Rough, hand-drawn sketch in dark ink, somewhat abstract
Picture on front is vaguely reminiscent of a Conan the Barbarian-style cover. Sketch depicts the barbarian with a wench at his feet.
Storyline: Conan the Barbarian-style warrior kidnaps a haughty, defiant princess from a nearby kingdom. Bdsm ensues. Makes her into a compliant lover.
Explicit but fairly well-written.
Printed in late 1960s or perhaps 1970s.
Any information as to the title or availability would be appreciated.
Very interested in acquiring a copy.
Jamey.West at gmail Thank you!
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