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Cool absolutely stunning Stacey Donovan as Ashley Britton from the steamy and enthusiastic shoreline sex scene in 'Panty Raid' (1984)

This is the sex scene Stacey told Video-X Magazine in June 1989 issue interview that she got sand up her pussy whilst being screwed by Ken Starbuck

Thanks to LarryO early in this thread for a brilliant but long time severely decimated imagevenue post here for the idea but not the pics

Full movie and interlinking post to other three movies in the quadrilogy here
Thanks to winebeavis

Originally Posted by Pickerel View Post
Hanky Panky. Provocative movie set in a secluded beach area, one of my 5 favorite sex movies. At the start of Bunnie Bleu's career. She & a fellow girl scout stumble on sleeping J Gillis in a field. Curiosity! They blow him, while he pretends to sleep. Later three lascivious lesbians (including Diva) chase down, hold down and cunnilick the screaming little Bunnie. High point of the movie.
There are 2 Russian babes w thick accents: Diva in the scene above, and a dazzlingly beautiful newcomer. According to the credits, Diva played an important role in the production and direction.
I agree with Pickerel that Hanky Panky is a first rate hardcore feature. Hanky Panky is part of the Hawaiian quadrilogy shot by Russian-born film maker Svetlana and her collaborator hubby, writer and director David I. Frazer. The others are Surrender in Paradise, Pink Lagoon and Panty Raid. All excellent films featuring a young and totally stunning Ginger Lynn, a very delectable Stacey Donovan (as Ashly Britton and Ashley Britton), a buxom and shapely brunette to platinum blonde Lois Ayres (as Sondra Stillman) and a blonde haired hunk Jerry Butler. These films are some of the last great films of the Golden Age of Porn.

In total agreement with Pickerel that Hanky Panky is early in Bunny Bleu's career. Just love the girlish, athletic and natural Bunny. Some missing details and differences follow. The other fellow girl scout is Jody Swafford (as Jacy Allen). Later the other two lascivious lesbians with Diva and Bunny are Lois Ayres (as Sondra Stillman) and Crystal Holland. The two imports with thick accents : Diva is Brazilian, and a dazzling beautiful newcomer is Renee Tiffany (as Rene Tiffany). I read recently that she was born and raised in France and was not Hungarian as I previously believed. Ginger Lynn and Bunny Bleu are the standout performers in Hanky Panky.

Please click the arrow inside the quote box and thank Pickerel. The post deserves more thanks.

As stated previously Stacey Donovan brings her talents to this quadrilogy. Hanky Panky is first rate, but of the quadrilogy Surrender in Paradise is my favourite and imho Stacey's best sex scene is on the shoreline in Panty Raid with Ken Starbuck.

Whilst discussing this quadrilogy I feel it would be remiss of me not to reference the Clem scan for Cheri Magazine May 1984 issue here which features Hanky Panky in Paradise spread. Brilliant spread with a few Cheri typos on Pages 28-33 inclusive. Clem deserves more thanks

More Diva here and here
More Lois Ayres here
More Crystal Holland here
Some Stacey Donovan covergirl magazine appearances here and some loops here, here and here

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