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@TheZip - the three images of your top heavy brunette are completed and ready below. No problems except that I didn't realize until I got to it that the last one was so large. That kind of size takes extra time but results in a clear image. Regarding your allowance to "slip them back," I always do everything in the order they were submitted to me except in rare cases when I decide to move things around (happened twice that I remember). Apparently you've created a new fan of ishy137, he seems quite infatuated with this doll. Let me know if you want anything changed.

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@ishy137 - your three images are next in line. Note that I always see the details of any picture, it's part of the job, and those heels just stood out even without any color. However, regarding your new requests, I think I recognize all three and can put names to two of them. The first, which you identified as Sheilagh Harrison is actually Hannah Viek, an eastern European model from the 70's and 80's who has a thread here:
The second, although I recognize her I cannot put a name to the face but believe I have several pictures I will look up later. The last I might recognize from an old 1980 movie called Taboo in which she had a sex scene with Dorothy LeMay and a guy while they were studing for school. I located the thread and found that her name in the scene list is Tawny Pearl. Another possibility for her is in a movie called Frat House (also billed as Tawny Pearl) where her breasts were distinctive, I believe there is a thread here that calls them Misslie Boobs. Taking that logo off the second is not going to be a problem, I do harder problems all the time.
@malakon - good work! I do however have a problem with the Elizabeth Montgomery image in that you let the color from the polar bear pelt stray over into her hair. There is also a distinct line where the pelt color ends and the background begins, it should be faded in. For your information, there are lots of posts here where I give some pointers on how to do some colorizing. Three that address the hair problem are as shown below: Mel Appleby Brigitte Bardot Recolor Visitor99
I would suggest you read these but be aware that correcting the hair is a labor intensive job and requires lots of patience.
@blondifan - hi guy, welcome back from the dark corners of the planet and thanks for the compliment. Your image of Miss Blondi Bee is in the pipeline and should be done in a day or two. Removing text such as that should be fairly easy, it's hard when it overlaps part of the image you want to save. And you're assuming the shorts are denim blue. Probably a good guess but I try to avoid automatic assignments such as that.
@polartrade - you've got two choices now, more of Sophia or shift your attention to Janet Omes. Make a wish!
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