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buttsie 02-14-2014 08:00 PM

Japanese Magazines - variations on known models names

DICK vol.78 5/1991 , Dick 's Mate collection Kirsten Imrie Special vol 1 1993

Suzanne Mitcy (in cover above) aka Suzanne Mizzi (V-CS)

DICK vol.78 5/1991

Simone Hawthorne aka Sharon Hawthorne (V-CP)

Kiss me DICK , DICK vol.150 5/1997 , Blonde Freak Vol 2 1995

Up U 11/1994 , BACHELOR 10/1995 , BACHELOR 12/1995 , Blonde Freak Vol 4 1995

Mentioned in text - DICK vol.116 7/1994 , Extra BACHELOR 1991

Kate Riches aka Hewletson (V-CS)

up!U 11/1996 as shot by Jack Harrison

Michelle Morris aka Kaye (fiona-cooper) Michelle Arden aka Michelle Wright (V-CP)

DICK vol.153 8/1997 , up!U 8/1994

Emma Cesari aka Emma Caesari (V-CS)

DICK vol.122 1/1995 , Dick vol.105 8/1993 with Joanna Birch-Jones

Claire Butland aka Claire Green (V-CP)

up!U 7/1996 - Already posted in her thread by thomasde
up!U 12/1997

DICK vol.159 2/1998 ( except for the first three pics! )
DICK vol.163 6/1998

No pic just text as

Rachel TerHolst

up!U 2/1997 , up!U 11/1995 , up!U 2/1995 , DICK vol.167 10/1998

Rachel Dutch (Id provided by thomasde)

DICK vol.144 11/1996 , DICK vol.126 5/1995 , DICK vol.130 9/1995 , DICK vol.127 6/1995

Rachel TerHorst (V-CS) - small index of 19 sets linked

DICK vol.108 11/1993 , fancy DICK 1994 / DICK vol.113 4/1994

Mentioned in text - DICK vol.200 7/2001

Katherine Gibb aka Sammy Larkins (V-CS)

up!U 4/1995 - mentioned in text - pic above unrelated

Joyce Dueve aka Penny Simms (V-CS)

Susan O'Malley aka O'Mally (V-CS) - 7/8 appearances
+ 1 small Video with karin Whyte (karen White)

buttsie 06-22-2016 07:10 PM

Asians - from vintage to modern - soft models to pornstars
3 pic free sample galleries - names lead to bio pages with detailed descriptions of content they've made for the 10 main sponsor sites

By Nationality

Anonym zu

By Categories

Anonym zu

A to Z Japanese Adult Video Library database - detailed info

Anonym zu

85 pages 24 thumbnail Ids per page

Anonym zu

Classic Pornstars

Classic Softcore Models



Busty Asians (Modern) - a fair few Ids

buttsie 06-22-2016 07:23 PM

Asian - Modern

Irene Fah (Thai -2003/4 aged 19 breast 36) up to

simulated BG & solo toy mast pics

Harumi Nemoto (Japanese - soft model) up to solo video

Shion Utsunomiya / Rara Anzai , Rion - Japanese

AV idol 2013 -
Aged 22 - 105J-58-89 cm

Dana Pang 2003 Hometown: Hong Kong - solo soft & mast pics / soft video

Mai Nadasaka - Japanese AV actress 2007-2010

YoKo Matsugane - Japanese gravure (or bikini) idol - 2006

Nana Fukada - Japanese 2016-

buttsie 06-22-2016 08:19 PM

Classic Asian Pornstars (V-CP)

Kitty Yung aka Zana Sun , Kitty Young , Ashley Yung , Zana Que , Tia Son , Kathy Yung 1993-2003 Korean (started age 23 - 36C-22-26 5ft 5

Dallas Miko aka Miko Namura, Yoko Seti 1984-1987

Solange Hop 1989-1991 (French/Vietnamese - egafd d/b 1967)

Misaki aka Ming Song - up to bg hard pics - no bio info
as posted by Trip

China Leigh aka Sandi Browne , Tina Wong , Tina Orchid , Tina Austin 1977-1981

buttsie 06-22-2016 08:32 PM

Classic Softcore Asian Models

Satinder (V-CS) Indian

Suzee Pai (born America)

Ginny Li

Maggie Tan (Chinese)


Denise Michele (V-CS)

buttsie 10-17-2017 12:25 AM

Juliette Carelton 1996-1999
Sunare Cornell (playboy Video) Angela Cornell ( 9/94 Playboy)

From defunct site wicked web 1997

550x pics

A tall, shapely brunette, who only recently came upon the adult skin scene, Juliette is an asian breath of fresh air. Being half Thai and half English gives her that exotic look desired by so many, many horny guys!

9 titles - started age 28 Born: December 3, 1968

Anonym zu

For her first couple of sex scenes in the jizz-biz, Juliette worked only with her husband and other women, but plans to work with other studs soon enough. Born in Texas as an Air Force brat, Juliette has been swinging with her husband for quite some time. Usually they have long-term relationships with a girl who becomes their 'girlfriend'. Not bad, huh? Her husband is also involved with making porn and they met as co-stars on a shoot for a Playboy video.

Angela Sunare Cornell 1992-

Anonym zu

Juliette still loves mainstream acting and recently got a part in a series for Showtime. A model who's into martial arts, Juliette was already dancing nude before deciding to take the carnal plunge. Being bisexual, Juliette did a pictorial for Playboy about bisexual women. After one look at her it's hard to believe it when she claims she was an "ugly duckling" in high school...yeah right!

She's willing to try everything eventually and admits she's a bit of a voyeur who likes to watch others get it on. Details most guys will like to hear is that she prefers facials and likes the taste of a man's...well, you know!

So check Juliette out in these steamy Wicked releases:

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