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Sirch 07-11-2012 02:26 PM

Real Porn Titles That Spoof Hollywood Films
Real porn titles that spoof Hollywood films. I was bored last September so I made a list.

Nightmare on Porn Street
Who Killed Cock Robin
Quantum Deep
Great Sexpectations
From Holly With Love
Twilight Cowboys
The Last Temptation of Kristi
The Young and the Wrestling
The Return Of Indiana Joan
Dial A For Anal
Opening OF Misty Beethoven
Read My Lips, No More Bush
The Beverly Thrillbillies
The Bitches OF Westwood
Miami Spice
California Reaming
Missy Impossible
Bedtime For Bryon
Bonfire Of The Panties
Alice in Pornoland
Titty Slickers
Stiff Magnolias
Last Girl Scout
The Goddaughter
Some Like It Hard
For His Eyes Only
Gagney and Stacey
Make Mine Milk
Three Men and a Barbi
Total Reball
Wizard Of Ahh's
Fresh Tits of Bel Air
Cat On A Hot Sin Roof
Lust At First Bite
Genital Hospital
Licensed To Thrill
Driving Miss Daisy Crazy
One Wife To Give
Ball Street
Looking for Mr. Goodsex
One Way At A Time
Pulp Friction
Whore Of The Roses
Hello Molly
Breast Wishes
Intercourse With A Vampire
Lost In Lust
Lust Boat
Carnal Encounters of the Barest Kind
When Larry Ate Sally
Million Dollar Lady
Sex Wars
The Big Thrill
Black To The Future
Good Evening Vietnam
French Erection
Desperately Seeking Suzie
Shoot To Thrill
The Slutty Professor
Screw The Right Thing

tygrkhat40 07-11-2012 03:54 PM

Down and Dirty in Beverly Hills
The Sperminator
8 to 4
Backside to the Future
Barbara the Barbarian
Blame it on Ginger
Dick Tracer
Dirty Harriet
Dirty Shary
Down and Out in New York City
Downstairs, Upstairs
Flesh Dance
Good Morning, Saigon
Hannah Does Her Sisters
Hill Street Blacks
Hot Gun
Married With Hormones
Ball in the Family
Once Upon a Temptress
Pink Lagoon
Porn in the USA
Sex Boat
The Woman in Pink
Thrill Street Blues

huyg 07-11-2012 05:15 PM

ET the extra testicle
Jane Bond (4 movies)
10 1/2 weeks
Tracey Dick

lothian 07-11-2012 09:48 PM

The Cockfather
Lawrence of a labia
Eat me in St Louis
Star Whores
Bay snatch
Romancing the bone

exfarmer 07-11-2012 10:04 PM

Are we talking about classic, modern or both?
Just about every big or popular movie now inspires a porn spoof. There's tons of modern porn films titled This 'Aint ......

For example,

moreteavicar 07-12-2012 02:42 PM

A Clockwork Orgy
Dr Jeckyll and Mistress Hyde
House on Horny Hill
Mission Ass Possible
Night of the Giving Head
The Sex Files
Shaving Ryan's Privates
Spunk Fiction
Thighs Wide Open

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