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Tad Bond 10-25-2010 06:58 PM

Str8 Male Porn Stars Who Get Kinky
I started this thread to provide information about straight male porn stars who push the envelope and cross the line to something beyond your typical sex scene. This can be getting fingered, taking a dildo or strap on up the butt, having sex with a transsexual, a masturbation scene, having a bisexual or gay scene or implied gay sex or implied taking a dildo up the butt. Some of the most well known straight male porn stars have had atleast one kinky scene. I understand this topic will be a turn off for certain people and other people like me enjoy such scenes.

Lets start with Randy Spears, one of the hottest male porn stars of all time. It should be noted that Randy Spears posed for atleast three magazine spreads that showcased his nice physique. He still is a handsome man, and I think Playgirl was one of the magazines he posed for. Posing for a magazine isn't kinky, but most straight male porn stars don't pose nude unless they are paired with a lady. Randy Spears also had masturbation scenes in "Straight To Bed 1" by Catalina Video, and "Stud Squad" which was made in 1989 and distributed by Filmco.

Now onto some kinky scenes featuring Randy Spears. I would say one of Randy Spears kinkiest scenes occurred in the movie "Sodomania 28: Tainted Reputations" which was made in 1999 by Elegant Angel. There is a listing for this movie over at IAFD and there are some links to some reviews of this movie. Randy Spears is paired with Danielle Rodgers in the first scene of the movie. Danielle Rodgers played a teacher and Randy Spears had some concerns about his son. The teacher has taken a cast of Randy Spears son's asshole and penis. The scene gets progressively kinky and at one point Randy Spears screws the butt as Danielle gives head and then impales herself on the penis of the same cast. So this was a quasi incest and a quasi bisexual scene, and scorching hot in some aspects.

"Steal Breaze" was made in 1990 and Randy Spears played a guy who liked dressing in women's clothing. Randy Spears did a terrific job acting out this character. My favorite scene of the movie is when Randy Spears comes down the stairs to his lady of the moment dressed in drag with makeup on and a wig. The lady laughs and Randy Spears masturbates and this really was a hot scene.

There is a movie called "Biker Boys Out Of Control"which was made in 1995 by Control T. Studios. Randy Spears perhaps using another name is in the first scene. A guy breaks into Randy Spears' garage and strips nude, puts on leather jacket and sits on Randy Spears' motorcycle. Randy Spears catches the guy and gives the guy a thorough spanking. This scene is nearly half an hour in length. At no point in the scene do these two guys have sex with each other. But it still an interesting scene to see Randy Spears spanking another guy. There are two gay videos with an actor named Randy Spears them. They are called "Men On Site" and "New Meat" they were made by Adam Company in 1987. To my knowledge this is another actor that used the same name and had a very brief career with three titles at most to his name. I haven't watched these videos and can't report that for a certainty but the curly haired blond guy who is on the cover of the one video who has the name Randy Spears doesn't look like Randy Spears but it was hard to be certain from the small box cover I looked at over at the "Gay Erotic Video Index" which like IAFD is a terrific research tool.

A final note on Randy Spears. There is a movie called "Steamy Windows" which was made in 1991 by VCA. Rachel Ryan played a lady who was used by Randy Spears and cast aside when they were teens. At the end of the movie they hook up again and we see Rachel Ryan wielding a dildo and it is implied she stuck it up Randy Spears butt, we don't see this happen, but it is implied that it did. There are other videos with the same title, so if you decide to track this movie be aware of that fact. There is another video where it is implied that Randy Spears takes a strap on up the butt from a lady wanting to teach him a lesson, I ran across a review of it one day while researching, but I didn't make note of the title, but from the review it was an implied scene. So to sum things up Randy Spears has had a few kinky scenes in his career, and I appreciate this fact.

I will add more information to this topic over time. Feel free to add some information that you feel is pertitent to the subject. There is going to be some confusion because a Moderator was kind enough to move information that I posted in another thread in another subform here at the Vintage Erotic Forum. I am trying to get it all organized, and in doing so things are going to be mixed up for awhile.

Tad Bond 10-29-2010 11:54 AM

The bisexual pictures featuring Craig Roberts can be found at this forum. The lady in the scene is Misty Dawn. The magazine is called "Teenager 43". I will do a search and see if I can find a link to that thread or post. Here is the link:

Tad Bond 10-29-2010 12:13 PM

The following refers to the other thread where I was posting at. The scene in question was from a gay movie called "The Light From The Second Story Window". I became very interested in Rick Lutz's scene after watching his scene in "Pro Ball Cheerleaders" and someone on another forum mentioned that Rick Lutz had performed in a gay movie as well. The "Gay Erotic Video Index" attributes two gay movies to having Rick Lutz in them from the 1970's.

I think Jim Cassidy is paired with David Allen in this scene. According to the "Gay Erotic Video Index", David Allen wrote, produced and directed this movie. He obviously had sex scenes in it as well. Rick Lutz using the name Richard Lindstrom has a role in this movie as well. If the Rick Lutz scene doesn't show up, Rick Lutz does have a quirky scene in "Pro Ball Cheerleaders" where a lady takes a strap on and plows his butt. That video may be in this forum somewhere. I will do a search for it and if I find a link, I will be post it.

I notice I am the only one who has posted here for the last while. I hope I haven't offended anyone, because I can just shut up and just read the thread instead of participating.

Tad Bond 10-31-2010 12:37 PM

This clip of "Nature's Man" does indeed have Paul Thomas having sex with another man and then a third man comes in and joins them. The third guy who wanders in resembles Dan T. Mann. It is not Dan T. Mann however. This third guy I saw in another gay scene, but I don't know his name. There have been some people that have said that Dan T. Mann had a gay scene at one point in his career; but as yet I have not found it. I think that someone got Dan T. Mann confused with the actor in "Nature's Man" and that is how that rumour got started. I would of been quite happy if Dan T. Mann had been in this gay scene or any gay scene, but that is not the case in "Nature's Man" and I haven't got any leads on any other gay movie that he may of been in.

Tad Bond 10-31-2010 01:17 PM

Peter North used the name Matt Ramsey for his gay films. There is also a bisexual film made in 1990 by Vidco Entertainment with Peter North in the cast. I suspect that by 1990 that Peter North had no need to do anything else on film of a sexual nature with another guy; his career in straight porn has been a successful one. Using his straight nom de plume Peter North he was in several Catalina bi flicks in the 1990's, but the roles were either a masturbating scene or paired with a lady.

The first gay video I watched with Peter North using the Matt Ramsey moniker was "Cousins" which was made in 1984. This was a tour de fource movie displaying Peter North in various scenarios involving gay sex. The first being his male cousin coming to visit and sharing a bed with Matt Ramsey. The cousin when Matt is fast asleep pulls back the covers to expose Matt in his briefs. He slowly pulls down the briefs and takes Matt's flacid equipment and orally manipulates it until it is hard. He gets a little too exuberant while giving head to Matt and Matt wakes up. Matt freaks out and takes some pillows and the sheet and sleeps on the floor. Later in the night Matt warms to the idea of having sex with his cousin and tops his country cousin at one point really enjoying himself while his cousin is atop his ****. The cousins share a quick kiss the next day and Matt tells his cousin about how he seduced the pizza delivery guy in the secluded pool area on his parents property. Matt once again topped. Matt's final scene in the movie is where he and a bunch of his buddies go camping and Matt ends up bottoming.

At no point has Matt Ramsey given head on film to another guy on film. I do remember where he licked a guy's neck in one scene and some kissing in some scenes, but no oral sex where he was the giver. I hope I wasn't to graphic in my description of Matt Ramsey's first scene in "Cousins". That movie is a gay masterpiece and we see Matt Ramsey in so many aspects, the shocked cousin who isn't as unfamiliar with gay sex as he first let on, the delectable hunk who just about any gay guy would fall for if they were in that backyard pool area with him, and the carefree buddy who takes part in an orgy with his fellow buddies. The final image of the movie is Peter North standing at the top of an outcrop of rock's having one of his famous gusher cum shots. Of course it was also hot to see him Peter North getting a no nonsense butt plowing by Rick Donovan's huge penis in "The Bigger The Better".

Tad Bond 10-31-2010 01:39 PM

Setting The Record Straight: Scott Irish

It has been mentioned that Scott Irish has had sex with a guy on film and even though he has some bisexual flicks in his credits over at IAFD, to my knowledge he has never had sex with another man or a she-male on film. I truly would of liked to been wrong and I have sought out and watched all the bisexual flicks in question and the she-male flick that eluded me for the longest time and he was paired with a lady in each of his scenes in the bisexual flicks.

The she-male flick "Leilani: She-Male Nurse" features Scott Irish having sex with a lady. The only scene that he briefly shared with Leilani is when she was playing a saleslady and Scott Irish was not interested in anything she was selling. Earlier in the flick Scott Irish's lady had read him a story in which a lady had a penis and he couldn't believe such a person could exist. At one point Scott Irish looses his cool in Leilani's pitch to sell him something and he says "Lady, suck my **** and maybe I'll buy something". Leilani stands up pulls up her skirt and says "suck my ****" and Scott Irish is shocked and walks away saying "They do exist". It would of been hot if Leilani had went down on Scott Irish but that didn't happen.

If you are a Scott Irish fan you can see him in a scene where he is just by himself masturbating. Jeff Stryker produced a masturbation video called "10 Plus" in 1992. Scott Irish masturbates in a scene and at one point turns over to show his nice butt before turning back over to finish himself off. I did run across a box cover for a gay movie called "The Brig" which was made in 1982 and a guy resembling Scott Irish seemed to be in a scene. I watched the movie and it was definetly not Scott Irish.

To my knowledge no gay, bisexual or transsexual scene exists featuring Scott Irish. If one exists I would be more than happy to be wrong as I thought Scott Irish to be a sexy man and would of enjoyed seeing him crossing the line, but I do enjoy his straight scenes and that solo scene.

jocksock 10-31-2010 06:16 PM

Is there anybody out here who could post Marc Wallace's gay scenes?

Tad Bond 10-31-2010 07:02 PM

jocksock: "A Matter Of Size" which was made in 1984 by Matt Sterling is the name of Marc Wallace's gay movie. It is a threesome scene where Marc Wallace is paired with Brian Michaels and Scott Avery. Marc Wallace uses the name Don Webber in this movie. At one point Brian Michaels calls him Marc. Well anyway Marc Wallace goes through the gamit of sex acts in this scene. He gives head, and gets head, he rims and gets rimmed, he plows and gets plowed. He didn't hold anything back being both a top and bottom.

The hot tub picture posted earlier does look like Marc Wallace. This is a loop and I am trying to figure out from what movie this loop was extracted from.

There is a magazine where Marc Wallace is shown having sex with Steve Collins.

Tad Bond 11-04-2010 12:29 PM

I was thinking of starting a thread called "Straight Male Porn Stars Get Kinky" to get a discussion going on what are the most unique scenes where a guy might of pushed the envelope beyond your typical straight scene. This could range from being fingered, taking a strap on dildo up the butt, implied scenes where you are led to believe they took a dildo up the butt to something like having a masturbation scene where the attention if fixed entirely on them. This could also involve having sex with a transsexual person, or would the transsexual scenes be better discussed in this thread? What forum should I start the topic in? I don't want to offend anyone.

I have Tom Byron, Randy Spears, Jack Hammer and Dave Hardman in mind as the first bunch of guys to discuss.

Tad Bond 11-04-2010 01:04 PM

Randy Spears fans might be interested in a scene where he spanked another guy. There is a movie called "Biker Boys Out Of Control" which was made in 1995 by Control T. Studios. Randy Spears is in the opening scene and he catches a naked guy on his motorcycle in his garage. Randy Spears spanks the guy for nearly half an hour. I did a google search and near the bottom of the first page of results there is a link to a brief tube clip at "askjolene". At that website you can continue on to the "hotmovies" vod website and purchase that scene if you wish. I don't know what alias Randy Spears used in this movie as it would be hot if there were other videos featuring Randy Spears, but this most likely was a one time thing.

Randy Spears and Danielle Rogers shared a kinky scene in "Sodomania 28" that was qausi-bisexual in nature. This movie was made in 1999 and there are several reviews for it over at IAFD. The kinky part being that Danielle Rogers plays Randy Spears' son's teacher and she has made a cast of his butt and ****. There is a particular part of the scene where Randy Spears plows the butt of the cast while Danielle Rogers takes is impaled on the **** part of the cast. So this scene is quite kinky and very memorable.

Randy Spears also had some memorable scenes in "Steal Breeze" where he is a guy who likes to dress in lady's clothing. There is one scene where he dresses up in drag and masturbates a load off while a lady on a couch laughs at him. It is a uberhot scene and you really have to see that scene if you are a Randy Spears fan. "Steal Breeze" was made in 1990.

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