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JCat 02-01-2017 04:31 PM

Criteria for starting a new thread
I'm wondering what the criteria is for starting a new thread for a particular model. For example, I have 19 HQ pics of Tanya Mityushina. She already has been posted in several places of the Lesser Known Models section, and some posts elsewhere as well. There is a good chance she will continue to be a model of some renown (she's been in Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret) and the question of where her pics should be posted will keep coming up. Should I start a thread for her or just keep posting in Lesser Known?

31D1 02-01-2017 06:49 PM

I think you should go for it and just start a thread on her. I don't think there is an actual criteria (other than the basic, don't start one if one already exists, rules) for starting a new thread of a model, if it doesn't yet exist. Someone correct me if I missed it in the rules, please. Truth is, many of us on here just wing it, and go about starting threads however we see fit, or just continue posting in a miscellaneous thread, because it's actually intimidating (believe it or not) starting a new thread. You find yourself asking, should I have started this? But I like looking at it this way: If you like the model you're starting a thread on, and your hope is that if that model now has a central hub for other fans of that model to come and post their material on, then by all means start one. I ran into this a few days ago. I started this thread:
I did it, like I said, because she had no pre-existing thread, I like the model I was starting the thread on, and my hopes are other people will add to it, and I'll know where to look.

buttsie 02-01-2017 09:03 PM

Lesser known models seems to have come about to lower the number of models / pornstar threads with very little content so i'd be asking a Mod in Modern - bottom right handside - before starting one

She might actually be classed as a celeb - who knows

Modern Russian Celebrities Thread - Russian stars who do not have their own threads

Alternative for mine would be to post the content in topics like

Swimsuit Fetish & Bikini Babes [Merged] in General modern topics

Rather than starting threads I tend to post those with limited content here

babe of the day (maximum of 5 pics + rest in gallery link) in funnies

In lesser known models where I had a thread moved to I simply started an index
of everything posted around VEF - which is as good as a thread

You just edit new stuff in and link to the other threads

Moon Raker 02-02-2017 09:04 AM

This is always a bit of a dilemma on VEF - you are really being asked to anticipate what postings might be made in the future by other members. If a subject attracts a lot of posts then clearly a separate thread is the way to go. But if she is only ever going to get a few, then the better way would be to include her in a generic thread only. How to predict the future eh?

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