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starling42 07-16-2017 04:03 PM

Vicky in Bomber Jacket
Anyone have fuller ID on Vicky who appeared in Rustler 122?

fuzgrub 07-17-2017 04:45 AM

Vicky Holloway?

More from same set

effCup 07-17-2017 12:47 PM

I'm far from 100% on Rustler issue nos., but Rustler 138 was 1987, apparently, while 170 was 1989, so 122 I presume was c.1985-6? The style of the images (photog. & clothing/accessories) also doesn't seem modern. That would mean mystery is, alas, unlikely to be Vicki Holloway, whom the nude says was first seen in 2007?

fuzgrub 09-02-2018 04:23 AM

Vicky Ford?

Sixat 11-18-2018 08:04 AM

Possibly Vicki Lane?

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