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hos 12-20-2007 09:58 AM

Useful Programs
Useful Programs

please don't post uploads to cracks/hacks of commercial software or give serials/license keys

if you like to recommend a software, a helpful tool or any other good application, please add the location (URL) where people can download it and further information is available. also leave a brief description about the software's purpose. a note on the release type (freeware, shareware or commercial) is also helpful. For Firefox Plugins/Extensions please use the Firefox thread.

please do not post thanks-messages or questions related to a software. also don't ask for software here. please use the Software Discussion thread for questions and requests.

Keep this thread as clean as possible so the focus on the fine recommendations won't get lost.

Gemini37 12-20-2007 09:58 AM

::: Browser Tools :::
Firefox v2.0.0.9 (freeware)
The award-winning Web browser is now faster, more secure, and fully customizable to your online life. With Firefox 2, we’ve added powerful new features that make your online experience even better.

::: Download/Upload Tools :::
7Zip v 4.42 (freeware)
7Zip is an open-source file archiver, that offers a the highest compression ratio, using the new f 7z format, which delivers compression results that are usually 30-50% better than standard ZIP. We tested it with a server log file, which compressed with ZIP had a file size of 18 mb and using 7-Zip was reduced to 8 mb (results may vary, depending on file type). In addition, 7Zip also supports 7z, ZIP, CAB, RAR, ARJ, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, CPIO, RPM and DEB formats, so it can be used with all popular archive files as well. The program offers a basic file explorer interface and also integrates into the Windows right-click menu. It can be associated with any of the supported formats and also offers commandline support. Interface and additional features are fairly basic, but the compression ratio is outstanding.

Free Download Manager v2.5.726 (freeware)
Free Download Manager is a powerful download manager with tons of features that help you organize, schedule and speed-up your Internet file downloads. You can choose between 3 different speed modes, either use maximum bandwidth or download files in the background with minimal impact on your other network activities. It integrates with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera and also offers a drop target where you can drag and drop files to that you want to download. Free Download Manager also comes with a unique features that enables you to check if a file is known to be malicious, by querying a community database for any known issues with the file before the download starts. You can easily contribute to the community by reporting programs from within the software. Other features include automatic mirror lookup, download scheduling and resume, integrated zip file viewer, customizable download categories, media preview, website explorer and much more.

HJSplit 2.3 (freeware)
HJSplit is a popular set of freeware file-splitting programs created by in collaboration with various programmers. HJSplit supports many platforms (Windows 3.x/95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP, DOS, Amiga, Java, etc.). All versions are compatible with each other and allow you to exchange files between these different platforms. E.g. a file split on the Amiga can be joined on Windows 2000 and vice versa.

Imagegrabber v1.3.5 (freeware)
ImageHost Grabber is a firefox extension that will download all images on a page that are hosted on an image host. You find this often in web forums where people will use a free image host to post a gallery of pictures. This extension will allow you to download all the images on the current page.
Currently, the following hosts are supported:
Babeshack (
Divshare, Dumpanimage
MonkeyMedia Image Hosting

IIIUploader - v.1.7.6(freeware) NOTE: You must have .NET Framework 2.0 installed
Upload pictures quickly to and others in bulk !
The following hosts are supported:
- **********.us
- *******.com

IIIDownloader - v.2.5.0 NOTE: You must have .NET Framework 2.0 installed
Downpload pictures quickly from and others in bulk !
The following hosts are supported:
- imagevenue,
- mediaupload,
- fireupload,
- fapomatic,
- paintedover,
- imagethrust,
- picturesupload,
- imagehigh,
- **********,
- dumpanimage,
- foto.radikal,
- imgloading,
- xxxloading,
- 10pix,
- imagefly,
- imagefap,
- zimagez,
- zshare,
- supload,
- hqbeat,
- imagebucks,
- shareapic,
- allyoucanupload,
- fileden,
- shareavenue,
- upper-elite,
- superiorpics,
- babes-board,
- imagehaven,
- prestoshare,
- upqt,
- imagereverb,
- keep4u,
- uploadem,
- keepmyfile
- imagebeaver,
- pussyupload,

PaqRat v2.42 (shareware)
PaqRat is a shareware program which will download all the binaries from any website. The user specifies the URL of the website and the extensions of the files he/she is interested in, and PaqRat automatically browses the entire site finding and saving all files with those extensions. PaqRat also contains an image viewer so that collectors of images can see what they are getting, and plays wav files for sound collectors. PaqRat also has slideshow capabilities and can follow webring links automatically. PaqRat also has real-time access to a live online database of URLs and grades given to those URLs by other PaqRat users, called the 'PaqRating' database, so that PaqRat users can recommend other websites or keep people away from them.

µTorrent v1.7.5(freeware)
uTorrent is an easy to use, yet feature packed BitTorrent client, that enables you to download and manage .torrent files from the web. It features global and per-torrent speed limiting, simultaneous downloads, RSS auto-downloading, built-in scheduler, support for Mainline DHT and more. The interface organizes downloads by their status and a tabbed detail pane allows you to monitor download speeds, peers and other details of the active download(s). uTorrent bundles a ton of advanced features into a compact and clean interface that does not require much technical expertise to master. It can be associated with .torrent files and automatically take over whenever you open a torrent. Other features include skin support, file management, proxy support, UPnP port mapping and more. Standalone, no install required.

::: Security-Privacy :::
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0 (shareware)
Kaspersky Anti-Virus combines traditional antivirus defense methods with the latest proactive technologies to provide solid and dependable protection against malicious programs. This award-winning antivirus software includes protection against viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms and keyloggers and features our automated hourly updates.

::: Graphics and Photo :::
DPIC v0.9.2 (freeware)
DPIC (Digital Picture Index Creator) allows you to create a picture index (contact sheet) from a directory and save it as single JPEG image. You can customize the output in detail, specify the size, select color fonts, details to include and image quality.

Easy Graphic Converter v1.2 (freeware)
Easy Graphic Converter allows you to quickly convert one or multiple images between 10 popular graphic formats, including TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PSD, BMP and others. In addition, it can also resize the output images and optionally create smaller versions or even thumbnails from the originals.

Gadwin PrintScreen v4.1 (freeware)
Gadwin PrintScreen is an easy to use one-click screen capture tool, that captures the contents of your screen. The captured screen can then be sent to the printer, or saved to disk as a file in 6 different graphics file formats (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP,TGA and TIF) with optional drop shadow effects. Gadwin PrintScreen supports capturing the entire screen, the active window, the client area or a specified rectangular selection with optional inclusion of the mouse cursor. You can choose to copy the captured image to the clipboard or to auto-save it into a default directory of your choice (with auto-naming option). The hot key defaults to the PrintScreen key, but users may also define other keys to initiate a capture. In addition, Gadwin PrintScreen also includes a feature that allows you to e-mail the captured images automatically.

Image Renaming v2.0.0.0 (freeware)
Image Renaming is a small and simple program to add dates to your images. You can choose between creation date, file date, last modified and last accessed date and either append it to the file name, or add it as text overlay directly into the image(s). If you add it to the image, you can also select the font type, size and color to be used.

IrfanView v4.1 (freeware)
IrfanView is a fast and compact image viewer/converter. It is trying to be simple for beginners and powerful for professionals. Many supported file formats and features. Features include: multi-language support, Thumbnail option, Painting, slideshow, toolbar skins, fast directory browsing, batch conversion/editing, multipage editing, file search, change color depth, scanning, cut/crop, IPTC edit, capturing, lossless JPG operations, effects, ICC support, EXE/SCR creating, many hotkeys, command line options and plugins.

::: CD/DVD Burning Tools :::
DeepBurner v1.8 (freeware)
DeepBurner is a CD/DVD burning software that lets you create Data Cds, Bootable CDs, and Audio CDs as well as data DVDs. In addition, it lets you burn ISO files, create ISO images and includes a tool to create and print CD/DVD labels, and also lets you design an auto start menu to launch documents or programs from the CD. The interface is easy to use and organized in several steps and supports drag and drop of files into the burning queue. DeepBurner supports all certified formats for burning, as well as BurnProof and Overburning technologies (if supported by your drive) and should work with all Works with all IDE (Atapi), SCSI, USB and FireWare CDR/W DVD/RAM drives.

::: DVD Utilities :::
DVD Genie v4.10 (freeware)
DVD Genie allows you to modify the region code for popular software-based DVD Players including such players as Software Cinemaster, PowerDVD and WinDVD (among a few). It also allows you to tweak these programs with undocumented features to better fit your system. You can also select which program runs when a DVD Disc is inserted into the drive and chooser fullscreen zooming on widescreen movies with certain players.

DubSalute 12-20-2007 12:04 PM

Mediaplayer / Archiver
Hi Gemini37,

Will ad my favorite basic freeware Mediaplayer that plays (almost) all mediafiles without the need to install codecs:

GOM Player (4.51MB)

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, 2003 or Vista
You can download it here:

Give it a try when you have problems watching movies because you don't have the correct codecs installed.
You can drag and drop a movie on the screen of GOM Player to make it play.

*Small added note on GOM Player: also plays partional/damaged downloads as long as the beginning of the media file is complete, i myself use it to preview P2P downloads, you can use the VLC plugin but i use GOM Player for it.

For info with screens on how to unpack .rar files with:

7-Zip (840 KB)
System Requirements
Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista. (There is a port of the command line version to Linux/Unix)
You can download it here:
(you'll need the normal 32-bit version for a non x64 windows computer)

have a look at this thread:
use this link when the other fails:

(ps. µTorrent is currently at version 1.7.5 my avatar is a part from my customised µTorrent toolbar ;))

donnalangtonukmode 12-20-2007 12:52 PM

Hi guys cool thread.

Gemini37 Imagegrabber v1.3.5 (freeware)

This imagegrabber sounds good.
Tell me! if you click on an image & up pops one of those small galleries with 10 to 15 thumb nail images of the model you want to down load.

Does imagegrabber just grab the thumbnails or does it grab the larger image the thums lead to or even both?

Plus what if behide one of these wee thums is an .exe & some shits stuck in a virus, does it warn you.

Plus utorrent, are you not hiding your ip before using this with the likes of PeerGuardian 2

Or are you usig something else

Gemini37 12-20-2007 01:22 PM


Originally Posted by donnalangtonukmode (Post 144188)
Hi guys cool thread.

Gemini37 Imagegrabber v1.3.5 (freeware)

This imagegrabber sounds good.
Tell me! if you click on an image & up pops one of those small galleries with 10 to 15 thumb nail images of the model you want to down load.

Does imagegrabber just grab the thumbnails or does it grab the larger image the thums lead to or even both?

Plus what if behide one of these wee thums is an .exe & some shits stuck in a virus, does it warn you.

You get the full size pics and not the thumbs...check out this visual demo.


Plus utorrent, are you not hiding your ip before using this with the likes of PeerGuardian 2

Or are you using something else

Steganos Internet Anon (shareware)

It is what I use when I need it. ;)

broxyman 12-20-2007 04:34 PM

And let's not forget the excellent free VLC Media Player, which will play pretty much everything there is, with a few minor exceptions. It will even play media files before they're completely downloaded:

DubSalute 12-20-2007 05:49 PM

Hi Gem here is one other favorite of me that i use on a daily basis.

Free top quality full featured antivirus program that i can advice to everybody:

avast! 4 Home Edition

Free for home users and non-commercial use.

You need to register to recieve a 12/14 months free licence registration key by e-mail, when that period has passed you have to reregister to recieve a new 12/14 months key. No spam or ads garanteed !!! top program i use it for years and it always served me well.

  • Automatic updates (very regular almost updated on a daily basis, incremental updates)
  • Antivirus kernel
  • Resident real time protection
  • E-mail SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 scanner
  • System integration
  • Web, Network, P2P* and Instant Messaging Shields
  • Support for 64-bit Windows
* I disabled the P2P Shield because i had some difficulty with it using my P2P programs.

  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows Me
  • Windows NT 4 (No Server)
  • Windows 2000 (No Server)
  • Windows XP (No Server)
  • Windows Vista

Available in the following language versions:
  • English version (length 17.64 MB)
  • Arabic version (length 17.44 MB)
  • Bulgarian version (length 17.48 MB)
  • Catalan version (length 17.74 MB)
  • Chinese (Simplified) version (length 17.29 MB)
  • Chinese (Traditional) version (length 17.29 MB)
  • Croatian version (length 17.45 MB)
  • Czech version (length 17.49 MB)
  • Danish version (length 17.47 MB)
  • Dutch version (length 17.46 MB)
  • Finnish version (length 17.46 MB)
  • French version (length 17.76 MB)
  • German version (length 17.46 MB)
  • Greek version (length 17.47 MB)
  • Hungarian version (length 17.49 MB)
  • Italian version (length 17.47 MB)
  • Japanese version (length 17.49 MB)
  • Korean version (length 17.45 MB)
  • Macedonian version (length 17.45 MB)
  • Malay version (length 17.45 MB)
  • Norwegian version (length 17.45 MB)
  • Polish version (length 17.75 MB)
  • Portuguese (Brazil) version (length 17.48 MB)
  • Portuguese (Portugal) version (length 17.48 MB)
  • Romanian version (length 17.47 MB)
  • Russian version (length 17.67 MB)
  • Serbian version (length 17.72 MB)
  • Slovak version (length 17.49 MB)
  • Slovenian version (length 17.45 MB)
  • Spanish version (length 17.69 MB)
  • Swedish version (length 17.45 MB)
  • Turkish version (length 17.46 MB)

downloadpage: (with links to the free registration page)

Give i a try when you want a good free anti-virus program thats not to heavy on the systems resources.

ps: they also have a very usefull and good free standalone tool: avast! Virus Cleaner for restoring infected systems.

broxyman 12-20-2007 06:27 PM

Here's another useful free program:

Works brilliantly well, and will enable you to find any file on your hard drive in a fraction of a second.

Fast – Easily search your entire hard drive in less than a second to pinpoint the right file, email, music or picture.

Fresh – New and updated files and new emails are indexed the instant they arrive on your hard drive.

Ultra-Light – Utilizes CPU, memory, and disk space efficiently to ensure continued high levels of system performance.

Easy to Use – Simply type words into the deskbar, and CDS finds all relevant documents in an instant.

Rock Solid – Fault-tolerant technology ensures that your PC is searchable at all times.

DubSalute 12-20-2007 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by donnalangtonukmode (Post 144585)
Gemini37 you know when you click on imagegraber you get this file
imagegrabber-1.3.5.xpi to download.

is that what's ment to happen i thought i'd be sent to a site?

For (install) info about the Firefox ImageHost Grabber (v1.3.5) plugin see:

Later Dub.

Leprechaun 12-21-2007 01:07 AM

Free multi-format and multilingual graphics viewer and converter.

Import about 400 graphic file formats
Export about 50 graphic file formats
Multipage TIFF, Animated GIF, Animated ICO support
Image IPTC, EXIF metadata support
EXIF auto rotation support
IPTC editing
Resize, rotate, crop support
Lossless rotate & crop (jpeg) support
Adjust brightness, contrast...
Auto levels, contrast
Modify number of colors
Apply filters (blur, average, emboss, ...)
Apply effects (lens, wave, ...)
Fullscreen mode
Slide show with effects
Batch convert, batch rename
Create WEB page easily
Screen capture
Create contact Sheet
Create or edit Multi-page file (TIFF, DCX, LDF)
TWAIN & WIA support (Windows only)
Print support (Windows only)
Drag & Drop support (Windows only)
Compare image side by side
Filmstrip layout
44 languages support (Windows only)

Free professional image editor for Windows and Linux.

Gimp forum with help, tutorials, plugins, art galleries:

# Painting

* Full suite of painting tools including Brush, Pencil, Airbrush, Clone, etc.
* Sub-pixel sampling for all paint tools for high quality anti-aliasing
* Extremely powerful gradient editor and blend tool
* Supports custom brushes and patterns

# System

* Tile based memory management so image size is limited only by available disk space
* Virtually unlimited number of images open at one time

# Advanced Manipulation

* Full alpha channel support
* Layers and channels
* Multiple Undo/Redo (limited only by diskspace)
* Editable text layers
* Transformation tools including rotate, scale, shear and flip
* Selection tools including rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, free, fuzzy
* Foreground extraction tool
* Advanced path tool doing bezier and polygonal selections.
* Transformable paths, transformable selections.
* Quickmask to paint a selection.

# Extensible

* A Procedural Database for calling internal GIMP functions from external programs as in Script-fu
* Advanced scripting capabilities (Scheme, Python, Perl)
* Plug-ins which allow for the easy addition of new file formats and new effect filters
* Over 100 plug-ins already available

# Animation

* Load and save animations in a convenient frame-as-layer format
* MNG support
* Frame Navigator (in GAP, the GIMP Animation Package)
* Onion Skin (in GAP, the GIMP Animation Package)
* Bluebox (in GAP, the GIMP Animation Package)

# File Handling

* File formats supported include bmp, gif, jpeg, mng, pcx, pdf, png, ps, psd, svg, tiff, tga, xpm, and many others
* Load, display, convert, save to many file formats
* SVG path import/export


The NoScript Firefox extension provides extra protection for Firefox, Flock, Seamonkey and others mozilla-based browsers: this free, open source add-on allows JavaScript, Java, Flash and other plugins to be executed only by trusted web sites of your choice (e.g. your online bank), and provides the most powerful Anti-XSS protection available in a browser.

AdBlock Plus

Firefox extension. Right-click on a banner and choose "Adblock" from the context menu - the banner won't be downloaded again. Maybe even replace parts of the banner address with star symbols to block similar banners as well. Or you select a filter subscription when Adblock Plus starts up the first time, then even this simple task will usually be unnecessary: the filter subscription will block most advertisements fully automatically.

Persistance Of Vision Raytracer (POV-Ray)

The Persistence of Vision Raytracer is a high-quality, totally free tool for creating stunning three-dimensional graphics. It is available in official versions for Windows, Mac OS/Mac OS X and i86 Linux.

Free professional document processor for windows and linux - the graphical version of LaTex.

# Graphical User Interface that gives access to all functions via menus and mouse, as well as configurable keybindings
# Standard word processor operations, like cut/paste, multiple open documents, infinite undo/redo, spellchecking (uses ispell in the background)
# Different textclasses allow you to type letters, articles, books, movie scripts, LinuxDoc, slides. Also included are some textclasses for scientific societies, such as AMS, APS, IEEE, or specific journals like Astronomy and Astrophysics.
# Numbered section headings, table of contents (with hypertext functionality), nested lists (aka "outline mode")
# Interactive WYSIWYG math editor
# Support for writing documents in most European languages, as well as Right-to-Left languages like Hebrew and Arabic, including multi-lingual documents. CJK support is now also integrated.
# Postscript® figures, with rotation, scaling, and captions
# Interactive WYSIWYG tables
# Footnotes and margin notes
# Labels/references and bibliography (including BibTeX support)
# Access to all LaTeX functionality with plain-latex-style
# Import LaTeX. Export LaTeX, Postscript®, DVI, ASCII, HTML or send a fax
# Change tracking
# Branches for having more versions of the same document
# Unicode support
# Latex source code viewer
# Outliner mode, in which you can move chapters and sections around in the Table of Contents dialog
# SGML-tools support (both LinuxDoc and DocBook DTDs)
# Literate programming support, via the "noweb" tool.
# Menus, error messages, and keybindings are available in many languages
# Extensive documentation, including a beginner's tutorial. Some docs have been translated from English.
# Quite fast and no memory hog at all.

FilZip is an archiving utility for Windows platforms.
It now supports about 15 archive types, like arj, cab, rar, tar, lha and many more.

ArtRage Starter Edition
ArtRage is the easy to use, stylish painting package that lets you get painting from the moment you open it up. ArtRage 2.5 Starter Edition gives you 8 painting tools and lets you create, save, and print as many pictures as you like and doesn't limit their size.

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