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Fred1001 01-01-2013 03:39 PM

Page 3 Daily Review
Page 3 Daily Review

Taking up an old hobby here, I used to many years ago write a weekly and then an annual review of Page 3ís in The Sun and the Daily Star for a website long since deceased and it was so long ago that I cannot even remember what it was!!

When I can, I am hoping to do this on a daily basis here and start from Monday 31st December 2012 and where possible include the images where they were available which in the case of the Daily Star can be a little hit and miss at times.

As other related items of interest appear in those papers (and maybe on occasion the Sport although getting hold of it in my area is very hit and miss, mostly miss!) then I shall add them as and when and hopefully conclude each week with an overall appraisal.

All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and feel free to join the discussion.


Monday 31st December 2012

Concluding what has been a good year for The Sun, the printed paper had a stupendous landscape format knickerless shot of Rhian Sugden by the pool from the 2013 Calendar shoot.

Does rather render the irritating 'News in Brief's' a bit inapplicable since she isn't wearing any!!! :D

On the website however the Rhian images (shown above) were available initially but were then later replaced by three images of Danni Wells for reasons unknown and the Rhian images disappeared, not even to be found in the Archive. The three Danni pics (I believe seen before) are however included below for completeness.

The Daily Star produced a lovely well printed shot of Jessica from Aberystwyth who, in this shot at least, reminds me a little of Adele Stevens.

Fred1001 01-01-2013 03:40 PM

Tuesday 1st January 2013

Firstly, Happy New Year to you all!! Kelly opens proceedings in the world of Page 3 for another year in The Sun with a typically unseasonal beach location shot.

Black mark for the Daily Star already!! Following their very disappointing Christmas Eve shot (boobs covered, mind you The Sun wasn’t much better that day with a weird red wig shot making for one of the most disappointing Christmas Eve’s for Page 3 for many a year) they went and did it again with three girls, Holly, Geena and Mel all with arms covering their assets. The printing quality of my copy was pretty poor as well and there was no online version to share either. :(

EDIT - I have scanned the disappointing picture direct from the paper:

Fred1001 01-02-2013 02:10 PM

Wednesday 2nd January

Careless and avoidable mistakes abound for both papers today. The Sun printed a lovely shot of the wonderfully named Lacy Banghard lying on her back which took up the top two thirds of the page in the paper. What a pity therefore that the online version was cropped very badly.

They can put the correct size/ratio online, they were doing it with the welcome but it would seem sadly short lived larger size pictures in December but sadly the online versions have reverted to the smaller size with no allowance for wider shots. :(

For completeness, I have scanned the far superior printed version for comparison. It has all the usual clutter (calendar ad, News in Briefs) that you always get with the printed version but at least you can see the full picture:

The Daily Star gave us Emma from Reading. There errors were minor by comparison, the printed version had been flipped so that she was facing away from the page spine and the placing of her name caption was sloppy where it partially overlaid the top of her head.

Fred1001 01-03-2013 03:59 PM

Thursday 3rd January:

The Sun seems to have gone on a bit of a Hollie fest today, no complaints here!! :D In the paper and online we had her posing in a nice little black number with the featured shot being a classic sexy back to camera with sideboob and nicely displayed posterior!

And if that was not enough, we also got a photoshoot of Hollie online as well which is the nearest we get to the much loved and long since deceased Lodge Shoots of old:

There is also a video (undownloadable sadly :( ) of the photoshoot on the site. It was disappointing however (and somewhat baffling) to see that despite all this effort, the images presented are tiny, smaller even than the everyday Page 3 images. Why?!?

The Daily Star had another image that had been flipped for publication, Rosy O'Brien smiling broadly in a good pic but they really need to consider a more generous page layout as their Page 3 printed images are looking a little cramped nowadays.

Fred1001 01-04-2013 06:08 PM

Friday 4th January:

Closing a decent week in The Sun was Poppy in another from the seemingly endless supply of sunny location shoot pics which in quality terms still have the edge over the Daily Star's studio shots:

The Daily Star continued its usual form with a nicely composed studio shot of Nickie Hedger. Unfortunately there is no online version today, at least no link has appeared on the Daily Star Babes RSS feed so it was onto the scanner with today's picture from the paper:

Fred1001 01-21-2013 10:15 AM

Note: The previous two weeks daily reviews have been temporarily lost in the great database disaster that has struck the site. Hopefully these should reappear in due course so in the meantime I am going to carry on from here as normal.

Monday 21st January:

Lovely nice shot of Courtnie gets the week off to a good start. The printed version did suffer a little from overcropping and poor placement of that daily pointless annoyance the 'News in Brief's' bubble...

Also in today's Sun a rather strange treatement of the annual Page 3 Idol Winner's Story article. Across the centre pages, there was just the one tiny topless shot, this being of Melissa Clarke's original competition entry image. The only new topless shot from this set was relegated to a tiny advert image at the bottom of the main Page 3 pic.

Fortunately it was reproduced full size online but it strikes me as very odd to have a big centre page article about the new Page 3 Idol and have no topless pictures on it!!! :confused:

The Daily Star had a poolside shot of Emma today (although I am beginning to suspect that may just be a backdrop) which once again had been flipped for publication. Wouldn't it be simpler just to have the Star's photographer have all the girls pose facing the other way in the first place?

Fred1001 01-22-2013 09:20 AM

Tuesday 22nd January:

You had to dig a little deeper into your copy of The Sun today for today's picture, all the way to page seven in fact but the effort was worth it to discover a large landscape format shot of a bronzed reclining Hollie and - joy of joys - the online versions were large size as well:

The online version of todays pic of Robyn Lambert in the Daily Star was the preffered version for them, the printed version was very badly cropped and the presentation was pretty dire:

Fred1001 01-23-2013 10:17 AM

Wednesday 23rd January:

Staci in The Sun today in a nice set of three pics. Hard to choose between the printed and online versions actually:

On the site another 'Lodge' shoot has appeared, Danni Wells making a welcome return with a nice shoot which has a lovely accompnying video but again spoilt by the online images being very small, especially the landscape format one:

Also on the Sun Page 3 site was a video of Melissa Clarke the new (and controversial?) Page 3 Idol which is of her first shooting session and contains a brief interview as well. Makes no mention whatsoever of her three or so years experience doing topless and nude modelling in lads mags etc, the evidence of which is on this very forum.

Unfortunately as per all Sun Page 3 videos, its undownloadable... :(

In the Daily Star we had Chloe Goodman in a picture that was the right way around for a change but the printed version suffered once again from some very tight cropping and sloppy presentation:

Fred1001 01-24-2013 11:23 AM

Thursday 24th January:

Rosie Jones in The Sun leaning against a tree:

Quoted as a 'New girl' (but I am not so sure) was Cat in the Daily Star in a very cramped printed picture so the online version was the one to see:

Fred1001 01-25-2013 11:16 AM

Friday 25th January:

The very rarely seen India made a once in a while appearance in The Sun today. Not impressed with the choice of picture, the one used had her with a very dour expression and the printed version was a bit cramped on the page as well, one of the other two from the set would have been a better choice:

(Also surprised to see no sign of the new Page 3 Idol this week - rather unusual)

New girl Sara from Barnsley made her debut in the Daily Star making two new girls in two days. Nice picture, online version again the one to go for with the printed one being flipped and cropped for publication:

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