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exfarmer 11-14-2005 09:37 PM

The Mystery Box (2009)
Welcome to the Mystery Box.
This box will collect every image driven, interesting request, which wasn't solved during it's regular living in the Model ID Request section (9 months) - including every halfway important information which was submitted by our members.

Each post represents an old request thread. it doesn't represent my subjective taste, i rather try to give models who don't attract me a fair chance in comparison to those models i appreciate. nonetheless i have to admit that those models i appreciate have it much easier to be part of this goodie. Sadly it's impossible to collect every unsolved request, impossible because of the amount and because of requests which are simply unidentifyable, so a preselection is necessary.

You can unfold a mystery? This is how it works:
Because this thread is closed for posting, you have to

1. Create a new thread in the Model ID Request Forum. Just klick:

2. Set the title of the thread: [Unfolded Mystery] Mystery Name
Instead of "Mystery Name" place the correct name.

3. paste the URL from the post number of the mystery babe into the textbox of the new thread:

4. Add a good reference to prove your given ID. all given references in this post have to regard the board rules. if you have a profile reference which is part of a membership-only website, please make a screenshot from that page. If you have a reference which is not allowed by our rules, please contact me via PM.

The requesting member receives a quick note if the given ID is correct.

If you haven't gained permission to start threads in model id request forum yet, please send me a PM.

You can't unfold but have additional content
If you have additional content, just create a new thread in Model ID section with the title [mystery - additional content], there you can add what you have. Don't forget to post a link to the mystery girl in question, so that i can connect the mystery girl with your post.

But first check if there isn't already a thread connected with her - if there is one, you'll see a "mod edit" at the bottom of the mystery post which gives you the related link. :)

If you haven't gained permission to start threads in model id request forum yet, please send me a PM.

You want to add a mystery girl?
well, then start a beautiful request here and cross your fingers that noone is able to solve your girl during the next 9 months. if this will be the case, your model offers some "standard beauty aspects" and you have added at least one good pic, then we can call her "a mystery".

good luck! :D

Are requests of yours stored here?
Because all mysteries are collected in one single thread, a subscription on your request would be lost. You can workaround this downside by adding the Post ID to the foldername which stores the images of your requested model (the post ID allways stays valid, no matter where a post will be moved to).

Or you can simply use the thread search / search by user name:

just type your username in the appropriate field and click "search now". this way you will find all your posts which are part of the mystery box.

Unfolded Mysteries:
The following sheets display all former "mystery girls" which are solved meanwhile.

A huge thank you to Hos for continuing to provide the Mystery Box sheets

If you want to collect the single profile cards, just check the Model ID Request News frequently. If you have missed them all, you will find them in the Update Logs (starting December 2009) of this section.

These sheets will be updated together with the Directory of Solved Requests at the beginning of each month.


slowdiver 02-03-2007 01:49 AM

Hoping someone will recognise this model/shoot
Hi folks, I posted the following image in another thread:

The original thread is HERE:,8841.0.html

The model in the picture appeared in a number of softcore shoots in the late 80'sl, appearing in magazines in the UK. As far as I knew she hadn't done any HC. I was wondering if any of the guys out there recognise the pic: A British mag said she was a C****C**** model, but I have searched over and over, and cannot find any other pics. Possibly Pleasure or Silwa from the late 80's.

Many thanks if anyone can help :)

11-14-2009 updates:
* it's still unclear if she is Amanda Barrington/Shrempton
* presumably she is not Louise Hodges


Originally Posted by dohupa

I'm pretty certain she's Tammy Reynolds, but what do you guys think? ;)


Originally Posted by she's not
Alexandra Ross

vell22a 10-13-2007 01:52 PM

Brunette yellow!
Any ID?


mod edit:

more content available in model id request section:

nunu 10-27-2007 12:13 PM

Help Identifying this Woman
Back in the day, I found this porn mag on a bus stop, so I kept it, it looked good, but I always wondered who was the girl on the mag.

So I came here to you guys for some help trying to identify this woman.

I didn't added more pictures from this set, it's late and I'm a little tired, maybe tomorrow I'll post the rest.

I hope someone can help me on this one.


still unclear: could she be Deidra Hopkins?

Rubinski 01-04-2008 03:54 AM

How Sweet It Is?
That's the title, featuring one of my favorite unknown brunettes.
Think it's from the late 70's.

Anybody know who it is?

I'm pretty sure this is not Tina Ross. She is similar, but I think a close look shows that it is not Tina.
I think the difference in belly buttons make it obvious that this girl is not Tina. Tina's waist also looks thinner and less muscular than this girl. Tina's tits seem a little smaller, and it looks like Tina had a mole directly above her right aereola, while this girl has a mole on the inside of her left breast. Noses look different, and eyebrows are different. Even the pussy lips look different to me.
I also think Tina looks younger than this girl.

Like to hear if someone agrees or not, or any other ideas who she might be.

Looks a bit like Stefanie Powers to me, but I don't think Stefanie ever did any porno, so it must be her naughty little sister.

I didn't see any dates on any of my mags, but this one listed for $12.50, which makes me think she started in the late 70's.
I've only seen her in hardcore stills.

In addition to a trade name for her, I'd like to find more scans, or some video of her.

Here's part 1 the mag, link to parts 2 & 3 at the bottom of this post.


Originally Posted by she's not
Tascha Voux
Loni Sanders
Tina Ross
Anna Veruska

mod edit:
Followup thread here

badyinmacfadyin 07-11-2008 08:52 PM

Rodox model - Anybody have more of her?
Anybody have more of her?

Can't find her anywhere

She's a R*d*x girl, but has anyone any more of her? Please, my nuts are hurting.

mod edit:

more content available in model id request section:

yefy 10-10-2008 02:19 PM

Gilette AKA ? [PS Pige-Special No. 7 July 1988]
Before I restore the scans and post the complete set, I would appreciate any help on identifying this model from the mag PS Pige-Special No. 7 Juli 1988. Thanks! :)


realny 11-16-2008 06:14 AM

Lucie (??) from Strip Poker Pro
can anybody hel me with IDing this beautiful woman?
I found her in a SP game along where she could be played with along with Julia Chanel and Nadine Bronx.
Any clue?
It's not Selen (many people suggested that..).

Help please!

There has to be someone who knows her name...

The Grizzly 12-16-2008 01:39 PM

[rodox model] Can anybody tell me her name?
Can anybody tell me her name???

26026, RO44.5, Black And White Fuck, front cover story!



Originally Posted by DrMotorcity
Also to be found here, at 13182,


mod edit:

more content available in model id request section:

rod.wets 12-18-2008 12:54 AM

who is this sexy lady?
from men only, vol 53


Originally Posted by Meglos;
Tina Holmes?

Mod edit: here is the full My Confession set from Men Only 53-01 (1988)

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