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andysmz 10-09-2007 07:39 AM

Benny Hill Show Discussion
There are some good excerpts featuring various Benny Hill girls on YouTube, but this fan site is probably the best place to see them in action on the show.

grdssdrg 10-09-2007 06:10 PM

Re: Benny Hill Babes
Jenny Lee Wright was a favorite ::) . . .as was Corrinne Russell who has a :love: thread here too.

slut-lover 10-15-2007 04:05 PM

Loads of pics here
Check out;

All4nothing33 12-05-2007 10:22 PM

Benny Hill!

Originally Posted by newfan (Post 105000)
great topic
great pics
brings back a lot of memories to this guy -- beeny hills babes were a prime draw for mee and here in the states i got the watered down version-- but still the babes and the suggestive humor were amemorable to me

Bought the book 'King Leer' its got some good pics in it of Hills Angels!

BigAl123 12-06-2007 09:30 AM


Originally Posted by lovegod (Post 121909)

...To have a babe like that chasin a fat
middle aged guy....Benny must have had
something that turned on the ladies....

Yes, he did. Benny could open the doors to a show business career & he more pounds in the Bank than he did in his gut. Two very powerful positives for any male!

I am from here in the colonies,Illinois to be exact, and used to watch Benny Hill over here on TV in the early 1980's. He was on one of the regional stations around 11:00 pm . I remember one tall brown haired bird who wore sort of big rimmed glasses and usually sang with the back up singers when Benny would do a singing sketch. I can't put my finger on it, but there was always "something" about her that made one want to a go with her. Do any of you knowledgeable gents know if she ever had any photos taken? Know what I mean? ::Knudge:: Knudge::
(couldn't resist that bit of Python. )


lovegod 12-06-2007 12:16 PM

sOUNDS like the woman of your dreams is
one of the Ladybirds, the backing group who were
often on the Benny Hill show

go here

BigAl123 12-06-2007 01:52 PM

Re: The Ladybirds
OMG! They were a real group?! I honestly thought it was just a few of his girls who could carry a bit of a tune. No idea they were "real" so to speak.
VERY interesting about the Dr. Who episode. I have all of the Tom Baker, ( The BEST Doctor) ,Dr. Who episodes on VHS tape having recorded them off the local PBS station when they aired
in the mid 1980's.

Oh yes, back to the girls, Yes,yes, the tall one with the goofy glasses. Just something interesting about her. Not ravishing nor especially sexy, but something interesting. Could have
been a mannerism, etc. , too long ago.

I DO thank you ever so much for finding that information, Sir. Very considerate of you. I have bookmarked it & will go through it sometime.

Much Appreciated.


scholes 01-22-2008 04:17 PM

The best benny hill sketch was the one wher he played the maveric snooker player who was about to wrap up the match against his opponent (Henry McGee) The latter's wife watching on the opposite side of the table decided to distract Hill by gently hitching up her skirt and flashing her stocking tops and suspenders in such an erotic way. The sound effect was Hill's ever increasing heartbeat until she pulled her skirt as high as she could to adjust one of her suspender clasps and Hill skewered his cue right through the material of the table.

sledge 01-23-2008 09:29 AM

Re: Benny Hill Babes
to be honest, there's only one woman who always got my full attention in this show: the incredible, sexy, gifted, nice, ... LOUISE ENGLISH
of course her best is "pour un flirt avec toi", but i also remember her singing "la vie en rose" live in the show and in another sketch with benny hill singing a greece(?) song in a white dress and in the end she's turning around and you can see the top of her crack on this very, very low cutted dress in the back...

R.I.P. benny hill

les1917lie 01-23-2008 06:15 PM

A little off topic, but one of my favourite Benny Hill "moments" was when he was being interviewed by Henry Mcgee, whilst playing the part of a chinese politician.
Question:- When was the last time you had an election?..............
Imagine the look that only Benny could give!

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