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buttsie 10-11-2008 12:06 AM

Collection : Identified Models - Links to pics, scans, and useful sites
Imagebams bad server 101 went offline around 4.7.2017 - no recovery as yet

3.12.2017 - now appears 3 other servers 105, 107 & 113 are offline
- a lot of thumbs down - slowly replacing on another host

Classic Magazine Scans *Discussion* Thread

Has become ID central for magazines

Credit to all the OP of the images used in this index

Apart from a few magazine covers I've added the rest have come from images in the models threads so the index doesnt die through image inactivity

Disclaimer: I have no commercial interests in any of the external links I post
If I think their useful for identification of Models I will post them

This thread doesnt do REQUESTS so dont post them here

Any requests to be done here


Model ID (You need 150 thanks for your contributions to the forum to use)
No date restrictions as to who you can ask after

Movies (You need 150 thanks for your contributions to the forum to use)

Other Vintage - anything but Model ID requests

Modern Section Request Thread.1995- (No ID requests. These will be removed).

Biographical data courtesy of the Internet Adult Film Database or IMDB

INDEX PAGES showing most content in models threads - work in progress

(Videos wont be included with a few exceptions )

6.6.14 Due to the imagevenue malicious hack the indexes go from quite useless to still useful

Criteria for pornstar - any penetration - not where their threads currently reside

Most are works in progress and those with Finished merely means at that time they were 100%
accurate - as we've seen with filehosts dieing keeping up to date records is nigh on impossible so they should be seen as a rough guide only.

Classic Pornstars (4) 2 finished

Classic Softcore Models (12) - 4 Finished

Modern Pornstars (29) - 11 Finished

Modern Softcore Models (10) - 7 Finished

Category Thread Links

Asian models / pornstars links ongoing 23.6.16 -

Page Links

Vintage (up to and including 1995) Model Links

Page 1..Post 01-10....

Page 2..Post 11-20....

Page 3...Post 21-30....

Page 4...Post 31-38....

Page 5...Post 42-50....
- post 42-44 - one name alias models - see post 94 for those now with full names

Page 6...Post 51-57....

Page 7 useful links see below

Modern Model Links 1996-

page 8 useful links continued and British A to Z

Page 8 - start of modern IDs 1996 - 5 IDs per post - starting with current british models

Page 9 -current British models 87 - modern softcore magazine models

Page 10
- post 91,92,93,95 14 Vintage Models / Pornstars
- post 94 - one name alias identified models moved from post 42-44

Page 11 - Japanese Magazines
- post 101 - Full name Magazine Ids for 1 name alias models
- post 102 - variations on known models names

Before you go using any of the EXTERNAL links take the time to make sure your computer is as secure as it can be...remember prevention is better than removal

Comprehensive guide to securing your PC

How to Harden Your Browser Against Malware and Privacy Concerns

How to Surf More Securely - using reduced privileges with sandboxie/drop my rights


VEF A TO Z Lists & Useful Threads

FILM Databases,Vidcap & Resource Sites


OFF Forum NON-Vintage Databases & Links

OFF Forum Vintage links
dead link removed 29 1 2017

Tottytributes - most here appear in the first 20 posts
- the few that didnt have VEF threads have a few galleries added

Search Engines

If I remember to I will include which section their from

(V-CP) = vintage classic pornstar
(V-CS) = vintage classic softcore model
(VET) = vintage erotica talk magazine thread post/posts
(MP) = modern pornstar
(MMS) = modern model softcore

buttsie 10-11-2008 09:01 AM

Classic Pornstars Models
(V-CP) = vintage classic pornstar
(V-CS) = vintage classic softcore
(VET) = vintage erotica talk magazine thread post/posts

Diane De Koning (V-CP)

Christa abel / Abelein (V-CP)

Cindy Adams | Sandra Dean | Susannah Fields | Cindy Hopkins | Judi Lawson | Cindi Stokes | Cindy Stokes | Cynthia Westcott (V-CP)

Chaz Vincent (V-CP)

Christiane Buisson , Christine Beaussant ,Christine de B. ,Christine de Baussant , Christine de Beaussant , Christine Guerin , Christine Rogoler ,Janie de Groot , Kristine de B. , Kristine de Beaussant Kristyne , Kristyne Beausse , Kristyne Beausseant , Kristyne de Beausseant , Krystine de Beaussant Sheila Red (V-CP)

Nathalie de bon aka Milly Savage (V-CP)

Vera lessing or Christa ludwig? (V-CP)

Pepper bond (V-CP)

Maxine Locke , Roseanne (FC) (V-CP)

Tiffany Towers (V-CP)

Dakota Kelly (V-CS)

Letha Weapons (V-CP)

Tracy/Tracey Gibb (V-CP)

Alison Howard (V-CP)

Louise Hodges (left) Linda Leigh (right) (Both V-CP)

Stacy / Stacey Owen (V-CP)

Debbie Jordan (left) Lu Varley (right) (Both V-CS)


Raven (V-CP) 1982-1993 (Started around 18 years old)

Cirsten aka Eleanor / Leonora St John (V-CP)

Jo hobbs (V-CP)

Judi / Judy Jaeger (V-CS)

Michelle Toolly / Michelle Tooley aka Mischa lee (V-CS) - on left as Maid

buttsie 10-12-2008 12:27 AM

Chesty Morgan (V-CP)

Monique Deveraux (V-CS)

Lillian Muller (V-CS)

Shelly Goodair (V-CS)

Pat Astley (V-CS)

Lorraine Paul (V-CS)

Sandy Sharleen Shalin Sharlene Woodsford (V-CS)

Charlotte Bainbridge (Mayfair) aka Melanie Larsen (V-CS)

Mina aka Barbara Mcdonald (V-CP)

Diana / Diane Foss / Fosse / Stevenson (V-CP)

Jayne Jane Melonie Melanie Wood aka Melanie Reeves (V-CS)

Greta Anne Wilmott Margaret Robbins Eve Denning (V-CS)

Gillian Nicole aka Nicole Curnow (V-CS)

Kelly Lords aka Kelly Janssen r*n H*rr*s(V-CS)

Lucie Kotalova (V-CS)

Anny Fields Vilma / Wilma aka Emy George (V-CP)

helen robinson aka helen wilkinson (V-CS)

Helen hanson aka Jacqui Goodwin (V-CS)

Abbey (mayfair) aka Abigail Olecksi (V-CS)

buttsie 10-12-2008 10:45 AM

patricia ford (V-CS)

Sabrina Mastrolorenzi , Eva Carlier , Sabrina Faucheray / Lorenzi / Mastrorenzi / mastrolorenzo (V-CP)

Olivia Flores , Claire Combier , Clara Mohanie , Moani Meunier ,
Moanie Meunier / Vallone / Wallone
Moanna ,Mohani , Monica Sanchez (?) , Monique Guru (V-CP)

Jordan Hart 1994-1996 V-CP

Alicia Monet 1987-1989 V-CP

Chelsey aka Candi / Candy Cripe (V-CS)

Juliann (DDG) aka Olivia estrada (V-CS)

Debbie Chalmers (V-CS)

Carmen Berg (V-CS)

Cathy St George (V-CS)

Lonny Chin (V-CS)

betty Dobson (V-CS)

Amanda king (V-CP)

Constance Money ... Christina Hoover ... Susan Jensen (V-CP)

Paula Kruger (V-CP)

Barbara Moose 1976-1980 V-CP

Cally Rush .. Cindy Cooper aka Chloe Jones (V-CP)

Karen Britton / Britain , Coral Burton (V-CS)

Kay Harvey .. Rebecca Chatsworth ... Elizabeth Rogers (V-CS)

Bel aka Belinda hall (miss south africa..P*enthouse pet,vi*thomas model )(V-CS)

buttsie 10-17-2008 09:43 AM

sara st james aka jacqueline lovell (V-CS)

Marella Inari (V-CP)

Delta Force aka Diane Talik (V-CP)

Catherine Volta (V-CP)

Brook Dunn , Brooke St. Lee , Nancy , Brooke Ann (V-CP)

Jennifer Jost (V-CP)

Antonia Laffitte , geraldine scott (V-CP)

Lorna Maitland (V-CP)

Ursula Stieglmair , Uschi Stiegelmeyer / Stiglmaier (V-CP)

veronika bella (V-CP)

jasmine emma rush (V-CP)

Ora hazen (V-CP)

baby / Beby Pozzi (V-CP)

Joanna Carpenter aka Joanne Birch-Jones (V-CS)

Credit to Bourschwa for the Magazine Covers

Charlotte Mulligan aka Lucia (V-CS)

Nicole Simmonds aka Nicole Simmons (V-CP)

Tessa Hankin aka Keera Ashton (V-CP)

Vida / Veda garman (V-CP)

Isabelle Golden (V-CP)

Chelsea manchester (V-CP)

Tina cream (V-CP)

Roxanne Rollann / Holland / Rolands / Roland / Rolland , Kris Smith , Kristie Lowe (V-CP)

pam Snyder (V-CP)

buttsie 10-18-2008 10:30 PM

from totty tributes

Alana ambrose 600x 43 pics 3 sets

her thread

Alison / Allison Colby aka Ali Sky

Amanda Chaler

Andrea Blackman

Andrea Clarke

Angela Brown

Angeline Harris

Annabelle Fairchild

Anne Letten

Antonia Dennison

Betty Spenser / Spencer

Bridget Tremayne

Camella Donner aka Camella Thomas

Carla Fernandez

Caroline Baker

Carrie Lorrimar / Lorrimer

Carrie-Anne Lucas ... Carrie Simpson

Cassy Hargrave

Cathy Patrick

Charlotte Hayes

Chloe Morrell

Christine Cooper

Christine Green

Christie / Christy lyons

Cindy Read (born in Zimbabwe - source astral blue video sample)

Claire Gray

Claude Carrefour

Corinne Gerard

Corinne Russell

buttsie 10-21-2008 04:06 AM

Debbie Cummins

debbie jackson

Debbie Quarrell / Quarry / Quorry / Quorrell

Debbie Ryan

Debbie tarrant

Denise march / marsh

Eleanor Chisholm

Elizabeth beckett

Elizabeth wakeman

Ellen james

Emma birchall

Emma Daley

Erica Watson

Eve Vorley

Evva Kawitzca

buttsie 10-21-2008 05:03 AM

Faith Adams

Felicity driscoll

Gail Thackray

Georgia King

Georgie / Georgina Wilson

Heather Waltham / .Elena Rosa / Helen Rosa / Helen Rose Simpson

Helen trask

Helen Underhill

Helena Fairchild

12 pics variable sizes up to 700x - 39kb-68kb in size


Her Thread

henrietta weeks

Isabelle Duncan aka Paula Ann Wood (ID by Mal Hombre - babe of the day)

24 pics variable sized - 25kb-78kb in size


Her Thread

Jacky Wright

Jacqui Cooper

11 variable sized pics up to 600x -33kb-59kb in size

jane reading

janet Johnson

janie Christensen

janis Moorcroft

Jeannine Oldfield

jenny barnes

jo Phillips

Julia hayes aka Lucy halloran

Karen Mifflin

karen / karin Westwood

karen White

Kathy Wheeler

kay griffiths

Kim Mills

Claire King Aka Kim Wetherby

Kim Williams Aka Rachel Garley

buttsie 10-21-2008 06:48 AM

Lara McEwan

dead image removed

Laura Heaton - Smith
dead vef link removed - source totty tributes

Lauren Lester

Leah Hoskins aka Leah Stewart

Lesley Poulsen / Poulson

Liana Hart - source totty tributes

Linda Lusardi

Linsie / Linsey Ward

Linzi Mansell

Lisa Bangert

Louise Atterby

Lucia George aka Angela Jay (ID by No chance)

Madeleine Ford

Mandy Jane Harvey

Maria West

Marianne Nash

Marlyn / Marilyn Lindsay

Mel Penny

Melissa Morgan

Michelle Collins

buttsie 10-21-2008 07:09 AM

Michelle Willings aka Michelle Williams

Millie Minchen

Milly Curnow

Mona peterson

Nancy Boughton aka Nancy Suiter

Natalie banus...Natalie Jay

Nicola Daventry

Olivia stringer

Pam Covey

Rachel Broome

rachel kelly

rachel Stevens aka rachel farmer

Rachel Sykes

Renee fern

Rosa / Rose tarraran aka Rosemary Lorenz

Ruth Longdon

Samantha Taylor

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