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fmebree 08-04-2016 11:00 PM

Scanning Advice
Hi I found this mag an scanned the cover but not sure of the best way to scan the rest. someone suggested removing the staples, but I am afraid that I might ruin it. Any advice?

sandhunter 08-05-2016 03:17 AM

Some of your answers will depend on what type of scanner you have , a full scan bed or a 1 page all in one and which way the lid opens , but the most important is what software you run .
I think most agree the Epson scan beds are best , I use an Epson all in one single page scanner , I have tried different software and I like the Epson software that came with my scanner and here on settings the most important word is descreening make sure if you can turn this on , night and day difference , and scan at 300dpi or less any more is a waste of your time and you get pics that are to big and won't upload .
To destroy a magazine or not, me I'm cheap and after I scan my whole collection I will sell them , so I try to be careful and fold them to scan , but if you have a full scan bed you can flatten them out but make sure you weight them down to flatten them out .

Jism Jim 08-06-2016 09:40 AM

I think very few scanners remove the staples from a magazine. I don't do it for three reasons:
  1. Except for the centrefold, removing the staples will split pics that were spread over two pages
  2. It's a real hassle to keep the pages in order when they're loose
  3. Like sandhunter said, you can't sell a mag after removing the staples. Putting them back on is a chore!

I use a simple Epson all-in-one scanner. It will scan anything up to A4, the only problem I have is with 3- or 4-page foldouts. Because the lid is fixed to the scanner I have to fold those foldouts backwards.

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