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Sam Spade 12-24-2007 03:42 PM

Pan's People Babes
The gorgeous girls who would strut their funky stuff to the music when the artist was unavailable for a personal appearance in the studio.

lovegod 01-09-2008 10:23 PM

Pan's People Babes
Rosie Hetherington (Legs and Co )

Lets make this a thread, not just for "Pans People"
but for any female dance troupe that danced to pop records
on "Legs and Co..." Hot Gossip,
even "the Young Generation..." if anyone's got any pics !

Lets face it, any girl who can dance up on stage , in front of an audience , has got to be a bit special.
They have usually been training for years to be able to do what
they do, up there on stage, or in the TV studios.
They deserve all the fame and success that comes their way.

Pan's People were a British TV dance troupe who became a
feature of the pop show........." Top of the Pops."

In an era before pop videos, they danced to songs when the
artists were not available to perform them live. They were
not the first dance troupe to appear regularly on TOTP -
they were preceded by The Go-Jo's in the programme's
early days, before Pan's People replaced them in May 1968.
The original Pan's People line-up consisted of:

Louise Clarke
Felicity "Flick" Colby
Barbara "Babs" Lord
Ruth Pearson
Andrea "Andi" Rutherford
Patricia "Dee Dee" Wilde
Babs Lord ( Pans People )

At the end of 1972, Andi Rutherford left Pan's People to
raise a family, and was replaced by Cherry Gillespie.

In a 1976 edition of Top Of The Pops, Blue Peter presenter
Lesley Judd (a former member of dance troupe
The Young Generation) became a sixth Pan's Peoplette
for a one-off routine. The backstage rehearsals were
then shown on Blue Peter a few weeks later. October 1976 the dance group
" Legs and Co " got the gig at Top of the Pops

Lulu Cartwright
Gillian Clarke
Patti Hammond
Rosie Hetherington
Susan Menhenick
Pauline Peters

Rosie was a student at the Italia Conti stage school,
and Pauline, the first black female dancer to appear as
a member of a dance troupe on Top of the Pops, had
appeared on stage in various West End productions.

Rosie Hetherington ( Legs and Co )

Although Pan's People are more fondly remembered
by past TOTP viewers, the original Legs & Co. line-up
stayed together longer than any of the various Pan's People
Legs and Co made their first appearance on 21 October 1976,
dancing to the Average White Band's "Queen of My Soul".

Hot Gossip
Hot Gossip were a British dance troupe most notable
for their appearance on the TV series The Kenny Everett
Video Show, which aired on ITV in 1978.
Their overtly sexual dance routines were taking things
to a new level on TV .......and all before the 9 o clock
watershed !
It was created and choreographed by Arlene Phillips.
The sexually suggestive dance routines, moves, gestures
and costumes used by the troupe were considered very risqué,
especially considering the early evening timeslot.
Hot Gossip are often keen to claim that
these risqué dance routines were not simply a result of
the television programme and that they performed such
dances since they were formed, four years before
The Kenny Everett Video Show first aired.

Hot Gossip also made a couple of pop
records, featuring a "Sarah Brightman" on lead vocal.
They scored a hit with....." I Lost My Heart To a
Starship Trooper," a lightweight disco track that
cashed in on the media hype surrounding the original
Star Wars film.
They went on to record an album in the early 1980s................ "Geisha Boys and Temple Girls
........... The album was a commercial failure.

Dancers who performed with Hot Gossip
at one time or another before they disbanded in 1986
include Heather Alexander, Debbie Ash, Debbie Astell,
Bunty Bailey, Bonnie Bryg, Richard Bodkin,
Lindsay Cole, Titian Deakin, Lorraine Doyle,
Annie Dunkley, Penni Dunlop, , Donna Fielding,
Carol Fletcher, Debbie Fox, Judey Ford, Donette Goddard,
Nicky Hinkley, Laura James, Richard Lloyd King,
Sarah Miles, Sinitta Renet, Lyndsey Ward,

Carol Fletcher ( right )

lovegod 01-11-2008 11:22 PM
Cheryl Gillespie (Pans People)
Dee Dee Wilde ( Pans People)
Louise Clarke (Pans People)
Pans People

marlon 01-12-2008 04:36 PM

If it was Pans People v Legs & Co - Legs & Co everytime!

(Everyone outside of UK now totally confused!)

jjfox 01-12-2008 05:13 PM

Lulu Cartwright from Legs and Co was the greatest. Even when I was too young to appreciate girls properly I appreciated her! Started off c1976 very cutie-pie with a kind of 20s hairdo, but became raunchier later. Also I think appeared on the cover of Mayfair but not alas inside.

popmanstensgaard 01-12-2008 11:09 PM

Sorry to disagree. Sue Mehenick was THE best. She joined Pans People, albeit at the end, was a member of Ruby Flipper, the bit between the two legends, and reappeared in Legs & Co staying to the very end. She still looks fantastic today.
Mention also for Donna Fielding from Hot Gossip. God did I fancy her. Then she went off with David Essex who messed her about a bit.
Just the thought of Sue and Donna together. Colds shower time!

ordenstaat 01-12-2008 11:16 PM

Little poser for you all - was it this lot or Legs & Co that did a sexy piece to Diana Ross's 'I'm coming out'?

jjfox 01-13-2008 07:47 AM

Legs and Co. As this was hit in the early 80s Pans People were long retired by then

ordenstaat 01-13-2008 09:45 AM


Originally Posted by jjfox (Post 161607)
Legs and Co. As this was hit in the early 80s Pans People were long retired by then

Thanks for that! Next question -does anyone have the clip I'm talking about?

XA~TIVA 01-13-2008 09:52 AM

Legs & co-Pans People
Go to You-Tube loads of the above are there ,quality is not great though.

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