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The Old Hacker 01-24-2011 02:12 PM

Abby Andrews
Mod Edit: This thread is the result of a model id request from this member.

redstripe83 03-24-2012 02:02 PM

Mod Edit: This post was originally a separate model id request.

Any ideas as to her name?

effCup 12-02-2013 01:54 PM

[unfolded mystery]Abby Andrews

pornomilito's Brown 2

Shown in Darla Crane thread as Abby Andrews.

Abby Andrews @iafd.

Can't find a vef thread for Abby--is she perhaps known by another name?:confused:

lualua 04-26-2015 11:24 AM

[solved] Yes (Abby Andrews) Abby?

Originally Posted by kylegord (Post 622912)
Darla Crane with Abby Andrews -- please post more of Abby

is this realy Abby Andrews?
Image is from the magazine "schulmadchen #67", last story "Stylish In Ecstasy" as YVONNE.
full story here

thanks in advance

Pepper II 04-28-2015 12:53 AM

Well, this is getting interesting. Here's what I have of Abby Lynn @ TLI all in one place. So it seems her first appearance anywhere was in 1995. If we can agree the Mystery box posts are her we can tie up a lot of loose ends.

The Old Hacker 05-17-2015 05:13 PM

Still not fully convinced... The first image is Abbey Andrews [note spelling] from the Excalibur Films website and the second is from my collection of "Jackie McD".

The Old Hacker 05-22-2015 12:21 PM

Magazine appearances by Jackie McD
Magazine appearances by Jackie McD.
These are all from British magazines.

Ravers 1,5 (1995)
Scanned by sammyshirt.
Reposted from the Ravers Magazine UK thread.

Edition/date unknown, magazine had no cover and no copyright info inside.
Scanned by me.

Playbirds XXX
Edition/date unknown, magazine had no cover and no copyright info inside.
Scanned by me.

Pepper II 05-25-2015 02:50 AM

Jism Jim has posted a magazine set with good resolution and it seems from this these are indeed two different girls. At the very least there is sufficient room for doubt so what I will do is organize a [Mystery - Additional Info] thread for Jackie McD and keep this thread for Abby Lynn/Andrews.


Originally Posted by Jism Jim (Post 3288342)
Young Girls Flesh 25, published January 1996.

ponky 05-25-2015 07:53 PM

Yvonne from 1996 Silwa's "Young Girls Flesh 25"

Who is Yvonne from "Stylish In Ecstasy - Conquering A Juicy Cock" scene of January 1996 Silwa's "Young Girls Flesh 25" magazine?

Mag is fully posted here thanks to Jism Jim:

Thank you.

lualua 05-25-2015 08:05 PM

Abby Andrews here

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