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Jism Jim 03-08-2016 08:00 PM

RIP Xxphd
I just got a message from outside VEF. Thanks to a coincidence and some detective work there is now confirmation that in 2014 Xxphd passed away.
This was of course to be expected, but it's still sad.

Mal Hombre 03-08-2016 08:11 PM

I never knew Xxphd,But the loss of a good valued member is a loss to Us all.

rotobott 03-08-2016 08:16 PM

A sad loss indeed.

We seem to be dropping like flies.

Greenman 03-08-2016 08:26 PM

I sort of knew him, we left messages on here from time to time and I am most surprised to hear of this news, another tragedy for a member of this forum such a sad thing to read.

Jeepster1973 03-08-2016 09:38 PM

Always sad to hear that we have lost a member. Did not know him as such but certainly picked up on some of his contributions.

pharoahegypt 03-08-2016 09:40 PM

We're dropping like flies.......................

Pepper II 03-09-2016 01:09 AM

I remember him as a Mod from my early days here. He was very knowledgeable and always helpful. His is a loss to VEF overall and, of course, to his family and friends. Rest in peace, Xxphd.

spicoli 03-09-2016 06:29 AM

May he R.I.P. - My condolences to all his family and friends

G-Type 03-09-2016 09:02 AM

Xxphd was a very special member and person - he was one of some major people who has helped to built up VEF as we know it today.

Not only was he an excellent connaisseur of Vintage Erotica, he has always been a nice fellow and a friendly, helpful colleague as Moderator.

He used to carry the title "Mod on a Mission" - yes, he was.

His signature is: "We got to let love rule" - how true.

Mate, wherever you are now, rest in holy peace, dear Friend. YouŽll be sorely missed and VEF has definitely lost an icon.

To his family and friends, I pass my deepest condolences and sympathies.

Estreeter 03-09-2016 11:07 AM

Xxphd was one of the those VEF members and former mod I'd call a VEF legend.

I wasn't acting smart, much, but at the time I'd seen his name around the place and he had to send me a friendly advise PM, I replied by asking him if he was someone important on here..... He replied simply with this...... :D

I liked that in my friend Xx, he gave very good advise when needed as a member and as a mod.

I've already missed him around and kept looking out for his return, sadly we now know of his passing.

Miss ya Mate and RIP Xxphd

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